Enjoy Your London Vacation

When you book a vacation destination to London, you are setting out for a world of historical ambience coupled with modern, eclectic flavor. London is known for great music, high fashion, and comfortable accommodation. From tourist attractions to night life, there is always something to do in the royal city of London.

London Hotels

Carrying on the mix of the historic and the modern, the Zetter hotel in Clerkenwell is in close proximity to restaurants and pubs. Enjoy African or Asian cuisine before imbibing in drinks at the Atrium. Back at the hotel, you can kick back and read a book, listen to music, or take advantage of free wireless internet.

Located within walking distance to world-class shopping, Knightsbridge’s Beaufort is a small hotel tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, they offer tea and biscuits in the afternoon and a quiet, comfortable place in which to kick back and relax.

Looking for the ultimate in luxury and elegance? Stay at the Ritz hotel. Here, you will be treated like royalty amidst plush surroundings. At a staff ratio of two per available room, the Ritz can accommodate your every need, from transportation and beauty treatments to fine dining and activities for the children.

London Tours

There are so many landmarks and attractions to be seen in London that it may be difficult to know where to begin, but you can relax and enjoy your visit by taking a tour with one of London’s friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. You’ll find guides who will take you on walking, bike, car, or bus tours. For a stress-free tourist outing, check into some of the marvelously reviewed private and group tours available all over the city.

London Attractions

If a guided tour is not for you, the London eye offers the chance to see everything perched high above the city. You can see for 25 miles from atop this 440 foot Ferris wheel. See Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the houses of Parliament in full daylight, and then make plans to go back for a stunning night view of the city.

Westminster Abby is the seat of royalty. This gothic church has hosted coronations since the 10th century, but this beautiful building is more than a place to hold royal events. Charles Dickens, Chaucer, Milton and Austen are just a few of the well-known authors entombed inside the abbey and if history is what you are looking for, you won’t want to miss out on King Edward’s chair. It has served as throne to kings for over 700 years.

The Tate Modern will enchant you as you enjoy the paintings of such masters as Dali, Lichtenstein, Picasso, and Matisse. Call ahead to arrange a private tour of this renowned art museum.

The west end hosts the 40 finest theaters in London. Stop in and take in a show! With so many theaters to choose from, you can be certain finding something to watch will not be a difficult task. However, if you have a particular show or play in mind, be sure to purchase the tickets in advance.

London offers a range of experiences. Take it all in by booking a London vacation today.

Enjoy Your London Vacation is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see and places to eat in London.

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All Inclusive Vacation Deals

Everyone loves to take a vacation and most people are generally able to take at least one vacation every year. The only stressful part about a vacation or a holiday tends to be the actual booking procedure. As there are so many different holiday companies available today it can often be difficult to know where to look for the very best travel package deals. Fortunately, today there are a number of useful websites that can take all the stress away from you and book everything that you require for the perfect holiday including flights, hotels, car hire, tours and even transfers.

In years gone by when you came to book a holiday, no matter where it was in the world, you would probably have done so via your local travel agent. However, over the last decade or so there has been a huge shift in power, now almost everyone uses the internet to take care of all their holiday reservations from start to finish. The internet gives you access to all of the information that you require to make educated decisions on everything to do with your holiday.

There are a number of considerations that you will need to take into account whenever you are booking a holiday. The first and probably the most important decision you will need to make is what airline you will use for your trip. There are literally hundreds of different airlines available today and the quality of service can vary quite a lot between different carriers. It is important that you find the perfect balance between service and price so that your flight is within budget and comfortable too. Due to this fact it is important that you find a website that not only offers great travel deals but also travel advice. Some companies will simply be after your money, but there are numerous sites available that will offer you help and review the airlines and there service, these are the best sites to use when making your reservation.

Another important decision you will need to make when making your holiday is the hotel that you will be staying in, this is after all where you will be spending your entire holiday. It is important to have a clear budget set in your mind before you begin your search. Doing this will not only help you to narrow down your search but it will also prevent you from over spending. If you are on a very tight budget, as many families are during these tough financial times, an all inclusive vacation could well be the best way to go. These are holidays that include everything within one price so you know exactly where you stand, there are no hidden extras. This variety of holiday makes it extremely easy for you and your family to keep within your budget and yet still have an amazing time.

All inclusive vacations deals offered by onestoptravellershop.com. Affiliated with renown hotel search engine and air flight comparison sites, this portal can help you find good travel package deals. For more details visit onestoptravellershop.com.

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Vacation Holidays in Bradenton Florida

Bradenton is located on US 41 between Tampa and Sarasota. The area is surrounded by waterways, both fresh and saltwater. Along the Gulf of Mexico and into Tampa Bay are over twenty miles of Florida beaches – many which are shaded by Australian pines. Bordered on the north by the Manatee River, Bradenton is located on the mainland and is separated from the outer barrier islands of Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key by the Intracoastal Waterway. Anna Maria Bayfront Park located on the north end of Anna Maria island is a park overlooking Tampa Bay. The business district and community of Bradenton Beach on the southern end of Anna Maria island is oriented toward vacationers who come to enjoy the surrounding beaches. Longboat Key, the next barrier island south, is popular with shell hunters along its beaches.
Each spring the Hernando DeSoto Historical Society celebrates DeSoto’s landing with a month’s worth of events, including the SeaFood Festival, a homemade boating race at the Palma Sola Causeway beach, a fishing tournament, a musical and fashion show, a formal-dress ball, and parades. Headquartered in downtown, the Society also supports various local charities, visits local schools and retirement homes, and supports its sister organization, Conquistador Historical Foundation, and its student exchange program with Barcarrota, Spain – Bradenton’s “Sister City.”

Bradenton is served by Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport in nearby Sarasota, Florida and is connected to St. Petersburg, Florida by the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The Sunshine Skyway is a 5.5-mile (8.9 km) cross-bay bridge that rises 250 feet (76 m) above the bay at its highest point. Remnants of the old Skyway bridge have been converted into a fishing pier extending into Tampa Bay from both sides of the bay.

Bradenton is home to numerous businesses, including nationally known Tropicana Products Inc., the famous juice maker; Champs Sports; the corporate offices of Beall’s Department Stores and plays host to many fun, family attractions and events, including Winter Wonderland, Get Down Downtown, and other events on downtown’s beautiful, well-lit streets and Rossi Waterfront Park, which stretches along the scenic Manatee River and includes an outdoor amphitheater, playground equipment, benches and gazebos and a granite-marble memorial to the victims of the 9-11 tragedy and the local public servants who have perished in the line of duty.
Get started enjoying our warm, friendly atmosphere by touring the South Florida Museum, which is actually three sites in one: The artifacts displays, Bishop Planetarium and Parker Aquarium.
The white dome, one of the downtown skyline’s most recognizable structures, is the Bishop Planetarium, home to one of the world’s most advanced planetarium projectors. Its state-of-the-art projector can take visitors on a visual journey through the galaxy while they relax in reclined seats and gaze at the theater’s eye-popping graphics. Stick around for an evening show: Spectacular light and graphics set to ear-piercing rock music.
Snooty, the oldest living manatee in the world born in captivity, lives in the Parker Aquarium, and the museum’s artifacts section takes visitors up close and personal with the creatures that once roamed the area, the tools used by ancient man, and more. A few years back a visiting member of the Smithsonian described it as one of the best small museums in the country.
If you’re looking for more history, swing by the Manatee Village Historical Park, 1404 Manatee Ave. E., for a step back into time to see how Manatee County’s early pioneers lived. The village features the restored, 1913 train engine known as Old Cabbage Head. Also among the many pieces of history?here are the Wiggins Store, built in 1903 as a general store and gathering place; Manatee Burying Ground, the final resting place for many of the county’s pioneers; First Courthouse, built in 1860, the oldest remaining building built as a courthouse in the state; Old Meeting House, which opened in 1889?as one of the first?Christian churches; and more. Not bad for free admission!
For an exciting vacation adventure or a lifetime of relaxed living, come see how Bradenton has become increasingly cosmopolitan in character while retaining its small-town charm. The City is home to the Village of the Arts, a growing neighborhood of renovated cottages just south of downtown that provides homes, studios and galleries for dozens of local artists and other small businesses, including three restaurants. The businesses all open their doors on the first Friday evening and following Saturday afternoon of the month during the ArtWalk.

In a nutshell, the City of Bradenton is a wonderful, safe and growing place to live and visit, and we hope you decide to make beautiful Bradenton your next vacation destination!



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31 Vacation Homes

Planning your Tour and Identifying Your Vacation Home

Planning your tour around the globe to reserve for a vacation home can be arranged with your travel agency. Though most times travel agencies are connected with hotels and lodgings, you can request for vacation homes.

In Europe, you can opt for pension houses or small houses located in the outskirts of the city. In Asia, it is advisable not to share an apartment with a person you do not know, even if he or she appears friendly. This is for your safety. In Asian countries there are vacation homes. It is advisable to ask help from friends to spot the right vacation homes.

North America Vacation Homes is available; it is good to read on reviews before reserving. You may also ask friends to help you decide which vacations homes are good ones. Commercial Vacation Homes are good ones in North America. All you have to do is ask your travel agency or better yet hire an experienced broker. There are also vacation homes in the rural areas which you can rent for several months.

Different Types of Vacation Home Around the Globe

There are different types of vacation homes around the world, there are castle vacation homes, mostly these are places where service staff is available to serve you. Rates are cheaper when it is off season. Usually during very hot summer months when the constituents are out of the country, or during winter days, when most people are refrain from travelling. But if you are planning to visit Europe and America these days, you might get massive discounts. Vacation homes are really cheaper.

Reserving Vacation Homes Around the Globe

When reserving vacation homes around the globe, you have to be sure first which place you want to visit. Then navigate the net, and list all addresses, and check which vacation homes you want to go. Vacation homes differ in different places, all you have to do is know where you want to go.

Modes of payment

There are different modes of payment when reserving for vacation homes, you can pay through your credit card. You can pay bank to bank if the vacation homes are accepting advance payments. In Asia, most vacation homes prefer to be paid in cash upon arrival. This will give the owners a free hand of renting the vacation homes for ready service buyers.

Most vacation home rentals have auxiliary services on the side. You have to specify which ones you will need, like a daily housekeeping or a twice a week housekeeping. You can also request for laundry services for pick up and delivery. Now if you are extremely busy you can request a household staff to cook food for you. The cost of services will vary in cost depending on the place where you are staying. There are also other expenses like parking space, cable tv and internet services. Vacation homes usually still comes out cheaper, because after adding all the auxiliary services it is still worth it.

Vacation Rental Homes and trusted vacation rental managers. For more details visit http://www.vacationhomes.net/category/holiday-homes

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Las Vegas Vacation Tips

With world class dining, entertainment, shopping and attractions, Sin City is at the top of almost everyone’s travel list.

Whether you plan to stay for a week or a weekend, make sure you have your trip planned well before you touch down in Nevada with some great tips.

Take some time to talk with your fellow travelers and come up with a tentative itinerary that you can all agree on to make the trip one to remember.

You first order of business should be booking a hotel room. Keep in mind staying Sunday through Thursday will be less expensive than the weekend, so if your time permits you can plan accordingly. Booking at least 30 das in advanced will probably get you a better deal. Once you’ve found your hotel room you can start looking into flight deals. There are a variety of discount airlines that fly daily to Vegas from most large cities, and if you don’t mind stopovers you can probably save on your airfare.

Once you arrive in Vegas there are several options for getting to your hotel. Shuttle buses are the cheapest bed, averaging $ 5 to $ 7 per person, but be aware that it could take up to an hour until you finally arrive at your stop. A taxi or limousine on the other hand will run from about $ 15 to $ 65. Public transportation is also available in the form of monorail lines, bus and trolley service which are a prefect way to get around on the cheap.

You can also stay entertained for free in Vegas with a number of attractions like the fountains of Bellagio, the volcano at the Mirage, lions at MGM and a free circus performance at Circus Circus.

While you’re spending your time taking in the fun of the Vegas strip, make sure you keep a few things with you. The sun is quite strong in Nevada so be sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses no matter what time of the year you are visiting. The strong desert sun is also known to dehydrate tourists, so be sure to drink lots of water. Hotels and casinos will take advantage of thirsty travelers with expensive water bottles, but if you stock up at a drugstore and keep the bottles in your hotel room you can avoid inflated prices. Comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen are also a good idea any time of the year. Don’t forget you are in the middle of the Mohave Desert after all!

Above all else have a budget before you leave. Las Vegas is full of incredible things to see and do, but you won’t want to come back regretting all of your frivolous spending. Take into consideration the amount of days you will be there to ensure you will have enough to cover all of your meals, transportation, as well as budgeting in whatever forms of entertainment you will be taking advantage of while on vacation. Decide what you are willing to spend the most money on during your stay and then budget all of your other necessities accordingly.

Then get ready for an unforgettable stay in Sin City.
Viva Las Vegas!

Looking for the best Las Vegas Vacation Packages? As a top Canada travel agency, they have services ranging from disney world vacation Packages to Disney Theme Park tickets. Check online to find the best CAA deal for your next vacation!

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Guidelines For Disney Vacations

A vacation to Disney World is a dream come true for any child. Even parents enjoy themselves thoroughly here, revisiting their childhood. It is also more convenient now to obtain tickets for this theme park. A recent survey of American travelers revealed that online booking was one of the top three favorites when they were asked about differences in travel in 2011 versus 2010. The survey was conducted by Orbitz.com.

You can buy theme park tickets online, from a specialist website, because you are likely to get special deals then. Check whether the website is reliable, by finding out how long they have been in business. Also read customer testimonials on their site, so that you know about the quality of service that you can expect.

Contact the travel counselor of the site so that you can plan your trip to the theme park. You should know the best route according to the rides you want to enjoy, where you plan to eat, and other essential information.

Ask whether sales tax is included in the price you have to pay for the tickets. This will help you to be prepared and plan your budget accordingly. Shop around online for a few options before you make up your mind. You can also ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Check whether the website has a price guarantee, so that you can avail of it in case you find a better price on a competing website.

Disney vacations include the seven lands of make believe which are part of Disney Magic Kingdom. The Disney Hollywood Studios will give you a flavor of your favorite movies. Epcot will transport you through time and space. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will give you access to the world of both real and fantastical animals.

Research online beforehand for the places you want to visit in these theme parks, so that you can use the limited time you have to the fullest. Remember that your family may get tired if you try to pack too many activities in a short period of time.

Disney vacations are looked forward to by the entire family. Involve your children as well in your decision of what sights to take in at the theme parks. This will ensure that they feel important and cherish these memories for the rest of their lives.

KnowBeforeUGo.com is most reputable theme park ticket agency in Orlando offering Disney vacations packages at discount prices

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Cheap Vegas Vacation!

Las Vegas, the vacation destination with bright lights, flashy shows and never ending action. Many believe that the only way to have a great Vegas vacation is to spend a lot of money. True, many people go to Las Vegas to gamble and part with their money playing games of chance. But just as many make the trip for the fabulous food, shows, and fun! So how can you have a great trip to Las Vegas without breaking the bank? It is easy – just follow these tips!

Don’t stay on the strip. The strip is where you will find the hottest shows and all types of great entertainment. It is also where you will find most of the people! The large hotels along the strip know this is where people want to be and so room rates here are fairly high. True, you may be able to find a package deal or a special, but most of the time you will be paying a far higher rate for these hotels. You can find many clean and well maintained hotels that are a few blocks or miles away that have rates that are less than half of the price of the strip. Never fear, you will still have access to all the action. Most of these lower rate hotels have shuttles that will take you right to the heart of the action and bring you back when you have had your fill of fun.

Join players clubs. Even if you don’t plan to gamble, take advantage of the casino players clubs. With these clubs, you can get discounts on food, shows, and more! Most are free to join so make sure you sign up even if you aren’t going to drop a nickel in a slot machine.

Buy half price show tickets. There is no reason to pay full price for a Vegas show. You can buy tickets for almost any show you want to see for half price at the Half-Price Shows booths spread along the strip. You can get great seats for incredible discount prices. Most tickets are for that day or the next so be spontaneous and flexible. If you want to see Donny & Marie, you will want to buy those tickets in advance online or through your hotel. They are usually not available at the half price booths.

Think outside the box for entertainment. You don’t have to buy tickets to a big show to be entertained in Las Vegas. There is plenty of free entertainment all over. From street performers on the strip to wonderful art galleries in the luxury hotels. You can have a great time without hitting the expensive entertainment. Sometimes just watching people is entertaining on its own!

You can have a great Las Vegas vacation without spending a fortune. Plan ahead of time what you really want to spend your money on and then save on other things. You will have fun and go home with more money in the end!

Cecil enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. He enjoys the cozy warm offered by an infrared heating system. Cecil spend time writing in his free time and uses an electric wall heater keep his den warm all day long!

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Munnar -vacation


Munnar tucked away amidst the picturesque Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala is a beautiful and mesmerizing tourist destination of India. The hill station enjoys great popularity among the tourist circle, attracting tourists from not only various parts of the country but, also from various corners of the world. The hill station adorned with rich natural beauty like the mystical mountains, dense forest cover and undulating landscape, lush greenery along with the serene and peaceful ambience, allow tourists to relax and refresh along with adorning the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life offered. 
The right blend of fun and relaxation makes Munnar the apt destination for tourists’ looking to combine both relaxation and some light entertainment. Munnar (moonu aar – meaning 3 rivers) is believed to be named after the geographical confluence of three rivers – Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala.
This scenic beauty enjoying temperate weather serves as a popular summer getaway for the millions of people living in the plains of the state. Munnar also offers plenty of interesting sightseeing destinations present in and around the hill station. Some of the popular tourist destinations of Munnar include Eravikulam National Park, Atukkad Waterfalls, Mattupetty, Pallivasal, Blossam Park, Pothamedu View Point, Kundala Lake, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Mathikettan National Park among others.
Along with sightseeing the rich and natural surroundings of Munnar offer tourists the perfect opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities like nature walks, trekking, hiking, mountaineering and much more. Tourists can also opt to explore the local markets famed for its tea, coffee, varied spices and homemade chocolates. A must do in Munnar is gorge on the famous fish curry, spicy cashew nut and chili bhaji with hot tea. 
Being a popular tourist destination, the hill station is not short of good Munnar hotels offering quality lodging facilities catering to the accommodation needs of the multitude of travelers visiting the region. The hotels in Munnar are also present across all budget segments thus, catering to varied tastes and preferences.Munnar enjoying salubrious weather is fit to visit all throughout the year and is also well connected to the rest of the state and also rest of the country. The nearest airport lies in Kochi, approx. 135 km, while the nearest railway station lies in Aluva located approx. 120 km away. In addition to that there are plenty of state and private buses easily available from various regions of the state and neighboring areas for Munnar.


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Brazil Vacation

Tourism in Brazil is an increasingly expanding sector with more and more people deciding to travel around the country every year, and when you take a closer look at the country you know why, with its tropical rainforests, immense wildlife, varying cultures and perfect beaches coupled with local friendliness and colourfulness.

Brazil is a vast country covering over 8 million square kilometres of land; it also has the world’s fifth largest population with over 187 million residents. The pure vastness of the country means the climate is very different in different areas of the country; some areas even have their own eco systems, for example the Amazon Rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most visited city in terms of tourism and is the second most populated city in the country with around 7 million residents. Rio de Janeiro beach villa rentals and apartment rentals are very popular, especially those with stunning views which are quite common in this amazing city. Corcovado Mountain is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular tourist attractions because of the monument of Christ which looks over the city and is instantly recognizable throughout the world, traveling up the mountain can be an amazing hiking experience with some of the best views in the world available from the peak.

If you are lucky enough to stay at a Rio de Janeiro vacation home rental, you are free to explore the city’s amazing music, sporting and carnival culture, as well as relaxing on the scorching beaches and taking part in some exciting water sport activates. Rio de Janeiro literally is a dream vacation destination which will stay in the memory forever.

Another beautiful area of the country which is also favored by tourists is Pernambuco, its coastline stretches for 187km, along this enormous coastline, visitors can find some of the best beaches in the world and take part in awe inspiring scuba diving and water sports activates.

The beach of Porto de Galinhas is a particular highlight with its white sandy terrain and crystal clear waters. Pernambuco beach villas are very beautiful as well as the available Pernambuco apartment rentals.

Brazil offers such a wise choice in culture, activities and significance when it comes to the choice of tourism, this is why millions of people each year opt for its colourful and flamboyant cities for their dream vacations.

Author: Boris Grosu

Hello everyone who’s planning a trip and hasn’t made up his mind on where to travel, yet! If you need advise, suggestion or simply eager to find out more about travel destinations and vacation rentals by owner, find my reviews posted here. They are based on my own experience and my mates’ recommendations and impressions, thus I strongly believe you’ll find them useful! Take care and have a happy travel!

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Florida Vacation Review – Ocala Inn, A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Florida

I visit a lot of hotels that are more than 50 miles from home. After all, living in Florida, why stay in a hotel when it is cheaper to drive home, right?

Since I broadcast and record conferences, I had to drive to Ocala (a 45 minute drive when traffic is heavy) Thursday through Saturday for a conference I was filming for a product I am creating. Upon first glance, the Ocala Inn – a Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites Conference Center, was just another big boxy looking hotel in an area crowded with hotels for a town so far from a major airport.

Surprise! Looks Are Deceiving!

During the filming of the conference and the preparations prior to the event, I had an opportunity to spend time with the staff and management of the Ocala Inn, and every time I asked for something, I would wince in anticipation of the inevitable “it is an additional $ 175 for that” or “that was not part of the package.” Instead, I would be greeted with a flurry of activity and it would be done. An extension cord? “Here you are, sir!” How about a screen, projector and table? “Want it plugged in?”

I was amazed! Especially after having spent some time in the Disney Dolphin Resort where they wanted $ 1k per day for using their sound system, another $ 1k for a screen and $ 1k per day for internet access (which they blocked the signal from the rooms so you could not use the room internet that you paid $ 10 a night for). The Ocala Inn included Internet with the price of the rooms, the event halls allowed free Internet access and they supplied everything you could have asked for. I have been to hotels where they charged $ 50 a day for extension cords, they offered theirs to us for no charge.

Rooms With A View!

The lobby was spectacularly decorated with pottery and a swamp-like area had the outlines of a gator in among the lily pads where ceramic frogs sat waiting for clay flies…

A huge ceramic vase as tall as I am had an endless flow of water coming out of the top and running smoothly down the outside of it in a relaxing, quiet stream to a pond surrounded by more ceramic frogs on ceramic lily pads.

The lighting was just low enough to allow you to see the two flat screen TV’s in a large wall mounted entertainment center between the four conference rooms on the far end of the lobby. The two glass elevators seem to come up out of the swamp, among the cat-o-nine-tails sprouting from it. You could see them going up and down in an erratic dance as guests went to their rooms or to the Sky Asian Fusion Restaurant on the top floor.

Hope You Are Hungry!

My appetite was pretty huge by the time we took a break for lunch and went to eat at the Sky Asian Fusion Restaurant in the top floor of the Ocala Inn. The place was decorated in a shogun gone futuristic, with shiny black leather chairs surrounded by statues of dragons, warriors and various artifacts. The waitress immediately asked if we were familiar with the restaurant, and when we told her no, proceeded to explain what everything was and how the restaurant served the food.

The Sky is a fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino and Japanese cuisine served in a family style with a progressive kitchen that brings out food as it is ready, instead of waiting until everything on your order is ready. The huge bowls that we ordered came out in succession and we each tasted each other’s food as the waitress brought them. By the time the last bowl had arrived, we were getting pretty close to full, and were ready for “to go” boxes.

What About The Rooms?

The rooms in the Ocala Inn are rather large and very well furnished with a large television and a lounge chair and ottoman to relax in after a tough day in a conference. Wireless Internet is included, which really made my day, because I get irritated by hotels who overcharge for their rooms and then ask you to pay another $ 10 a night for an Internet connection. But then, when you lay down on the bed, that is when you feel the tension slip away like the water in the clay vase in the lobby!

Every bed in the Ocala Inn has a Tempurpedic mattress, not just a mattress topper, but a genuine Tempurpedic brand mattress that just sucks your body in and holds it in a warm embrace until you wake up in the morning. This is worth the price of a suite, yet even the regular rooms (if you want to call them that) have these boxes of pure sleeping heaven). I was sort of miffed at myself for not having brought my queen size suitcase along with me, because I ended up having to leave the mattress at the hotel when I went home on Saturday afternoon!

When the event was over, I had to tell my new friends Tirsa Haynes, Melinda Tobin and Alden Dickson (the people who made sure we never had any problems with the conference) goodbye, but that I would most likely come back just to get another good night’s sleep on those mattresses! The banquet supervisor, Alden, had a crew of 3 people who did everything from set up a ballroom for a conference to serve food and iced tea for a banquet, and they did so without losing their great attitudes.

If you are looking for a location for an event in the center of beautiful horse country, Ocala Inn is the place to hold it. They even have an entire room devoted to weddings and receptions, you can look through their catalog of different options and if they are even half as good with weddings as they were with our conference, you will be delighted with the outcome!

I usually find a few things to complain about when I visit a hotel, but it was really hard for me to come up with any in this location. First, the restrooms are located out of the way, although not as far away from the conference rooms as the Tampa Airport Hilton Westshore. But inside the handicapped accessible stall, it appeared that the sinks were not very well anchored to the wall, because they were leaning enough to cause the caulking to crack open – almost as if someone had climbed on the sink to change a light bulb. This was also evident in the family restroom, although both restrooms were very clean and had some amazing features. It just seemed like the contractor used the wrong type of anchors to secure the sinks.

Ocala is closer to the Gainesville airport, if you are planning on flying in, but you might want to check on the pricing of a shuttle from Orlando airport, because the flights are definitely cheaper flying into Orlando than Gainesville. If the long shuttle drive doesn’t turn you off, Ocala Inn is the place to stay in the heart of Florida!

Micheal Savoie is the chief editor of Florida Vacation Review where you can write your own reviews of your Florida Vacations! Come visit and tell us how you liked your stay at some of Florida’s Resorts! You will also find amazing travel deals and a chance to join Micheal and his friends on the FV Review Cruise.

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