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Dec 19

6 Places For Who Likes Adventure

adventure traveling

Traveled to various places you’ve never visited before certainly a challenge. Especially if the many tourist places reviewed in various travel sites. However, it takes special preparation to be able to explore the tourist attractions presents a variety of challenges. Here are some of the tourist spots in the world that are reserved for those …

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Oct 30

The Most Haunted Beaches In The world

Kaupoa Beach In Hawai

The beach is a place that is synonymous with the beauty and joy of its visitors. But who would have thought, besides the beauty of its fine white sand with it there are some beaches that are famous because of the haunted. Starting from America to Singapore, following four the haunted Beach which is famous …

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Aug 14

Best Destinations Exploring the State Of Kangaroo With Driving Cars


One of the exciting and fun way to spend vacation time in Australia is driving the car. You can venture into many states, enjoying the variety of beautiful natural scenery and diverse. Starting from the coast, the mountains, tea plantations, desert, to the countryside, can be found in Australia. Rules and regulations highways in Australia …

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May 24

Cenote Angelita, Underwater River in Mexico

The tree at the under of the sea

Before getting into Cenote Angelita, we must understand the meaning of “Cenote”. The word “Cenote” is derived from the Maya Word D’zonot “” which means “a hole/cave has underground water”. While “Angelita” means “little angel”. So Cenote Angelita means “Cave of the little angel”. The term Cenote was used to refer to an existing hole/cave …

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Apr 23

Tumpak Sewu waterfall Is a New Tourist Destination

tumpaksewu waterfall

TumpakSewu waterfall is a new tourist destination located in the Sidomulyo village, district of Pronojiwo Hill, East of Malang. Because it was new so still a little info-info about this waterfall tour and not much is heard among tourists. Coban Sewu now began to be discussed and became a local tourist destination. Originally granted by …

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Mar 04


bangka belitung island

Bangka Belitung Island is a young province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bangka is derived from the word vangka that means tin, because there are a lot of tin contained on the island. In addition, Bangka Belitung is very appropriate for tourists who love the natural panorama beach. The beauty of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung …

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Feb 14

Sightseeing Tour Of Raja Ampat, Papua’s Most Exotic

raja ampat

Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most attractive travel destinations have been documented in the documentary film entitled “Edis Paradise 3? With its premiere in Switzerland. A documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in …

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Jan 01

10 Preparation Tips For Beginners Hiking


For those of you who make up the mountain or hiking as a new hobby, here are some important notes that you should prepare before hiking. 1. Prepare the physical Mountain climbing or hiking is strenuous activity. So that the body is not too surprised by the changes in the body’s metabolism and changes in …

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Nov 23

5 Preparation Traveling to Inland Area

inland area

Avocation gives us an idea for a trip to remote places. In addition to relieving stress, traveling to Inland can present its own adventure. Traveling to Inland does sound exciting and challenging. However, he could not any done, because the relatively greater risk than the general traveling activities. As such, it also requires the preparation …

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Apr 29

Most Famous Volcanoes In Japan

fuji mountain

Japan Has the country’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji, but in addition to Mount Fuji. Japanese have Mount Fuji mountain besides there are other famous mountains in Japan and is still active. There are 109 active volcanoes in Japan, or about 10 percent of all active volcanoes in the world. And with more than 70 …

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