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Oct 07

Enjoy the thrill of Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

Tunisia has a unique place in inviting foreign tourists to visit the region. Among them is the Underground House Matmat in Tunisia. In the village of South Tunisia these locals living in a home in a subway at this location. The reason, many communities who prefer living in a cave to avoid the heat. It …

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Sep 22

Tourist Attractions in New Zealand Must Be Visited


New Zealand is known as a destination offering a variety of adventures, beautiful surroundings and the friendly locals. New Zealand offers a chance to experience the lifestyle and a quiet atmosphere and differently. New Zealand is a world tourist destination that offers a variety of riveting adventure. Not only that, the kiwi country also has …

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Sep 20

Five Ways To Enjoy Dubai


There are many ways to enjoy Dubai. The city always welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world with many unique ways. With multicultural identity and the cosmopolitan feel of belonging, Dubai shows various different sides in every corner of the city, and if you want to find out more, you’ll get an interesting …

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Jan 05

Explore The Ahe Island In Papua

beautiful ahe

Back to explore the island of Irian Jaya is endless indeed in addition to the famous tour of the Raja Ampat, Papua has over many wonderful destinations, but also there are many destinations that have not been elucidated that awaits every tourist who wants to try to explore it. The Ahe Island is the one …

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Sep 19

The Bog snorkeling

Bog Snorkeling Championships1

Some time ago, the world’s best athletes gathered somewhere to throw themselves into the swamp. This is not talking about the Olympics, but it talks about the World Bog Snorkeling Championships, which have become a tradition and persist for decades. Bog snorkeling is a sport of diving, it’s just different from diving in general. If …

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Aug 22

Seeing Tradition Whale Catch On Lamalera


Lamalera is a village, located on the island of Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara, known as the village of whalers. Habits hunt whales in this village have existed since the 17th century. Pope or in the local language known as Baleo can occur anytime during the year, but not all whales to be hunted Lamalera society. …

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Aug 04

Burma, Beauty State With The Golden Temple


When you set foot in the land of ‘magic’, Burma, you will be enchanted by the colors of life there. Take 5 years to 8 trips, senior photographer David Heath perpetuates the Asian country nicknamed the land of golden temples through photographs are beautiful. For David, to immerse themselves into the rhythm and culture of …

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Jul 09

The War Water in the Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival1

Songkran Festival, is an activity that Thai tourists awaited. The Songkran new year white elephant country is enlivened with fun activities, namely war water or wet every April 13-15. This water war was one of the activities that make Songkran popular in the eyes of the world. The new Thailand following the international new year …

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Apr 21

The Beauty Of Garut In Indonesia

sampireun_in_the_West Java_garut

Garut is one of the areas in Indonesia, located in West Java. In Garut is a lot of wonderful attractions, exotic, enchanting and of course a pity if you do not visit to Garut in order to spend time with loved ones. Some of these attractions are many tourists visit from various regions and even …

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Mar 10

Erau East Kalimantan Cultural Traditions The Stay Alive

East Kalimantan Cultural2

Erau is an Indonesian cultural tradition that is held every year with activities in the center Tenggarong, East Kalimantan.¬†Erau derived from Kutai, Eroh which means crowded, boisterous, noisy, joyful atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively, boisterous voice in the sense of the many activities of a group of people who have good intent and meaning is …

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