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Mar 24

Kayangan, The Most Clear Green Lake in Southeast Asia

kayangan lake

Philippines has become the pride of the lake, the Lake is called Kayangan. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the Lake of Kayangan when visited it. The Lake is being looks beautiful, because it has water look like a crystal green jewel. No wonder if the Lake is said to be one of …

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Mar 22

In This Place, Two Oceans Divided Into Amazing Views

The borders of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea

The Glass Window Bridge is one of the few places on Earth where the borders of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are seen clearly. The blue of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean green Sea Turquoise is only separated by a line delimiter as wide as 30 feet. Reported by the Amusing Planet, The Glass …

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Mar 21

Kaminoko Ike, a Beautiful Lake In Japan

Kaminoko Ike

If you have a planned vacation to Japan, you must visit to Hokkaido, where there is one of the tourist attractions in the form of a very beautiful Lake. The Kaminoko Ike or the pool, children of gods is a small lake that became one of the Prime attractions of Hokkaido. This beautiful place is …

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Feb 10

10 Best Tourist Attraction In Canada


Canada is the largest country in North America. Spacious country reached 9.97061 million square kilometers. With an area of ​​such a huge country, the country of birth of David Foster This of course has places that can become a superb holiday destination. Listed below are 10 best attractions you must visit in Canada: 1. Rocky …

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Jan 04

This is a cheap tourist destination Countries in Asia

adventure traveling

Visit the various tourist destinations, both local and foreign tourists can help refresh your tired mind after work. In the tourist attractions, you can enjoy a relaxing time with no deadline should be prosecuted. You can also spend time to gather together with dear ones. However, in reality, many people fail to plan a vacation …

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Dec 29

10 Popular Tourist Destination In Hong Kong


In this article I try to provide information about 10 attractions that exist in Hong Kong, and I hope you enjoy it and can provide useful information for you. 1. Victoria Peak Tourist attractions in Hong Kong Victoria Peak Mountain are located in the western part of Hong Kong Island. With an elevation of 552 …

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Dec 22

Fun Activities While On Holiday In Hawaii

Feel the heat of the Lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Fine weather, beautiful landscapes, hula dancing, beaches, and surfers favourite spot are an exotic depiction of Hawaii. For those of you who love the atmosphere of the tropical climate and extreme water sports such as surfing, Hawaii could be your vacation destination of choice. The country is also dotted by thousands of cluster of volcanoes …

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Dec 21

This Hidden Travel Destination Waiting for Found

Fenghuang, Tiongkok

When travelling on vacation, most of you choose a place that is always the same. Even you have visited the site more than once. In fact, there are still many destinations that are much more beautiful. But the existence of these sights, hidden and unspoiled. The attractions will look more natural and challenging when still …

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Dec 18

The Holiday has already started, visit the best tourist attractions in this world!


Have you been planning a year-end holiday travel? Offered from the lonelyplanet, Friday (18/12/2015), following the recommendations of some of the world’s best tourist destinations for the holidays end of the year you. 1. The best city, Montenegro Located in the middle of the mountains and corners of the Bay, this city views perfect as …

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Dec 17

How To Travel From Bangkok To Koh Tao

Koh Tao

Koh Tao literally means Turtle Island as more than a century ago the only inhabitants of the island were sea turtles. In the early years of the 20th century, a prison house for political prisoners stood on the island. In the 1930s, these prisoners were pardoned and released, took their stakes of land on the …

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