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Most Mysterious Places and the Exotic World

Our world is full of mysterious places that hide their secrets in the dust existing civilization. Ancient castle, sculpture or porters sacred, hidden land, and a variety of places that deserve more attention than those who love adventure. Let’s begin mysterious adventure from one place to another.

The Easter Island

1. The Easter Island, the island is located between Tahiti and Chile, and achieved international popularity because of the remarkable colossal statue shaped the human face. Each statue is 14 feet (4 meters), weighing about 14 and made of volcanic stone, and is the work of the people of Rapa Nui. Until now not known how the statue was made with primitive technology that is owned by the community. There are various theories about the origin and meaning sculptures, including one of them is a fantastic theory which says that the statue was made by UFO. But, until now the truth of the theory that there has not been revealed. Will you be one who can reveal it?


2. Egypt. One of the most mysterious and magical places on the planet. There Is located in North Africa, the country has more than 80 pyramids scattered along the Nile. Masing2 approaching 100 meters high, and is made of giant stones, each weighing 100 tons. Until now the legend of the pyramid still invites new rumors, myths and new confidence are also emerging. Of all the pyramids, the highest is the Pyramid of Cheops. All the pyramids were built simply by piling one stone on another stone. Not found glue, nails or any adhesive used in the manufacture of a pyramid. All the stones somehow fit each other, so it is very hard to find any cracks or gaps. Issues concerning the construction techniques used are also unanswered until today. So if you are really looking for mystery, pyramids of Egypt will continue to provide a mystery to you.

The Bermuda Triangle

3. The Bermuda Triangle. In the western Atlantic ocean, lies the Bermuda Triangle. Within this triangle there are 7 major islands and 150 smaller islands are actually a cluster of coral. This triangle is also known as the devil triangle – all high-tech tools and all the navigation tools do not work correctly in place. Often, even communication with the world outside this triangle becomes a problem. No one knows why and how to prevent it. So, if you are really brave, who knows you to be the first to solve this mystery.

The Antarctica

4. The Antarctica. Antarctica is a very unfriendly place to live. So many changes and phenomena that until now a big secret for most of us. Antarctica also has many mysteries, from 14 million kilometers continents covered in snow and ice with a thickness between 2000 to 4800 meters, there is also a dry island in total, and the so-called “dry valley without snow”. Be a living witness to this phenomenon!


5. Xinjian. In this city, there is a neglected area called “Moguicheng” or devil town. Several castles in Moguicheng cause strange noise is not clear where it came from. If you approach this devil town on a hot day with a gentle breeze, you will listen to the sweet rhythm, like a 10 million small bell or 10 million guitar playing along with beautiful sound. But if winds approaching, the voice that would arise like the roar of a lion, a baby crying or howling wolves.


6. Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a mysterious stone structure suburban England. No one knows what purpose the building, whether a palace, or a place of worship, or temple or perhaps a sign of UFO? Try to visit, who knows, you can solve the mystery!

bingbing bei

7. Henan. In Henan, China, you will find a geothermal anomaly area called “bingbing bei” or the back on the ice. All regions of China have normal seasonal changes, the population in the western area of ​​Liaoning Province, China, has remained warmer temperatures. But when summer comes, then start this miraculous phenomenon. When the air temperature reaches a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and the sun shone brightly, major changes occurred, and the temperature at one meter under the ground reaching -12 degrees Celsius, so that the ground freezes and all the water turns to ice.

Niagara Falls

8. Niagara Falls. Niagara is famous as a tourist destination. This natural wonder is located on the border of Canada and the United States. This waterfall covers an area of ​​250,000 square miles and the water flow can reach 250,000 cubic feet per hour.


Feb 12

Brisbane Beautiful City In Queensland

brisbaneBrisbane is the capital of Queensland state in Australia, which has a population of 1.820 million people with an area of ​​4260 km2. Because of its subtropical climate, natural beauty became very famous in the world, let alone supported by a strong economy and a high standard of living that makes the city of Brisbane to be one of the fastest growing cities in Australia.

Brisbane is a small city located on the banks withdraw the Brisbane River. This city has a bustling central business, called Queen Street Mall with a row of shops that offer goods from Paris. Cafes clean look along the eye can see. City beach, promenade on the banks of the river and weekend markets of South Bank Parklands are some of the most famous alternative places in the city.

Coot-tha Forest.

Not surprisingly, the Brisbane City more appropriate as a resort town for the people who want to spend their retirement. It also can be visited serenity of the landscape beauty of the city of Brisbane, when climbing a mountain or rather the hill named Mountain Coot-tha Forest.

Mountainous area of ​​1,500 hectares is to have an open area with a view of a very beautiful city. To enjoy closer, binoculars facilities are available free of charge that can be used in order to see details more clearly corner of the city.

To roam the forest area in the mountains also provided a pedestrian path that connects the various areas such as Brisbane Botanic Garden, Gold Mine track, and a picnic area.

Brisbane City Center surrounded by rivers with the shape similar to the letter U. From the right angle in the curve of the Brisbane River stretches clear streams that pass between tall buildings typical of the metropolis. But Brisbane is retaining heritage buildings so that the main attraction of the magnificent and modern buildings there.

Brisbane offers all the facilities and services expected of a modern big city, but still maintains a relaxed and quiet life without traffic congestion and pollution. With the diversity of cultures and ethnic backgrounds are broad, Brisbane also offers a high degree of personal freedom that exists in a true multi-cultural society. Brisbane people are friendly, fun, and will make you feel right at home.

Feb 09

Here’s 5 Best Cities for Women

traveling womenIf Elizabeth Gilbert in his book Eat, Pray, Love, chose three countries to seek pleasure (Italy), balance (India), and love (Indonesia), Loren Chidoni, editor of Women’s Health magazine selected five best cities for women. According to him, the city has five secrets to be healthy, happy and fit.

Generating mood in San Jose, California

If you want to look fresher with positive feelings, come to San Jose, California. The city is noted to be in the second position to the lowest levels of depression in America. Positive messages obtained from this town is because 30 percent of the women there work out twice a week. According to Women’s Health survey, this figure is quite high compared to other cities in the United States.

Sudeepta Varma, MD, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center, said that exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that trigger positive feelings. Even light activity such as walking and weight training can reduce depression, he said.

San Jose is also a city with a sunny climate with an average of 300 sunny days annually climates. Impact, locals often absorb serotonin (mood plant hormones) and vitamin D. Drying the body with warm sunlight for five to 30 minutes it takes the body twice a week, a source of natural vitamin D intake.

Healthy with organic food in Seattle, Washington

Formerly, the women in this town are often a heart attack. Diseases will be the “killer” many women in Seattle. The effect now, a healthy lifestyle more entrenched. It would be very easy to find stores that sell organic food in Seattle. Not surprisingly, 28 percent of women claimed Seattle eating fruits and vegetables five times a day, as a snack.

Sharonne Hayes, MD, Director of Cardiac Clinic for Women (Women’s Heart Clinic), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota suggests, a number of heart-healthy foods can be added in the diet such as oatmeal, almonds, walnuts and salmon.

Jogging lovers paradise in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The city has 929 lakes and 13 miles of paved roads at the seaside (jogging track) named area Minneapolis St. Paul. No wonder, if Minneapolis is listed as the fourth largest city with a number of women jogging enthusiasts. The city is also labeled the city with the lowest death rate from breast cancer.

Jennifer Ligibel, MD, oncologist at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute explains women with high physical activity had a tendency to 30-40 percent less likely to suffer from breast cancer. How, by exercising regularly will reduce levels of estrogen and other hormones, which trigger the formation of breast cancer tumors. Should do regular exercise 45 minutes, five days a week, he added.

Finding a mate in Fargo, North Dakota

The ratio of single women and men in Fargo is 79 women for 100 men, so the chances of finding a partner in the city is very open. Of course, this offer applies to you are the kind who likes foreign men.

Ageless living in Lincoln, Nebraska

The average age of living in this city is 80 years, this figure beats several American cities. The secret, fresh air typical of Lincoln. Dirty air was never detected in this city from 2004 to 2008. The number of people back and forth is also only 17 minutes, which means reducing the density and stress levels.

“The lack of equal stress levels by reducing the rate of blood pressure, this is one of the secrets of living longer and healthier,” said Nieca Goldberg, MD, Director of the NYU Women’s Heart Center.

Feb 07

Paris Syndrome, You Will Be Shocked At Been To Paris

ParisMost Japanese consider Paris as a romantic city, suave, warm and very friendly, so the city of love has always been the main objectives traveled. Unfortunately, when he arrived in Paris, the shadow was not as expected, as a result every year many Japanese tourists hit Paris Syndrome.

The term Paris Syndrome, first appeared in a publication in the journal of psychiatry Nervure in 2004. At that time, dozens of Japanese tourists repatriated from Paris with symptoms of shock or suffered mental shock.

The Symptoms just like the loss of memory, for example, raved and claimed as the Sun King or incarnation of King Louis XIV. A female patient admitted even hysterical and attacked by someone with a microwave when in fact there was nothing.

The fact that Paris is not as friendly as one might imagine making a lot of shocked tourists. The style shop assistant who often yelling at customers who are not fluent in French, while the taxi driver who likes a lot noisier when the last passenger had to scramble with reckless driving make Japanese tourists stress.

This condition is the opposite of the famous Japanese culture is maintained decorum. I was so polite, Japanese people do not raise the tone of talk despite being angry, so easily stressed when faced Parisians stern character or temperamental.

Paris Syndrome as a result of disease, most of whom must be returned to their home country, even on the plane must be accompanied by a doctor and nurse to make sure the condition does not worsen. The cost of repatriation of tourists borne by the Embassy of Japan in the city of Paris.

Embassy of Japan in Paris estimates that each year there are 12 Japanese tourists who were returned because of Paris Syndrome, most women aged 30 years. As anticipated, the embassy open for 24 hours a complaints service for Japanese tourists who stress need help.

“A third of patients improved in a short time, a third and the rest suffered another recurrence of psychosis (mad) that had to be immediately repatriated,” said Yousef Mahmoudia, a psychologist at the Hospital Hotel-Dieu Paris as quoted by Reuters.

Mahmoudia believes, the shock experienced by the Japanese tourists This happens because the conditions of Paris is not as expected. Conditions contrary to the culture of the Japanese people.

If you interisting to visiting Paris trouver mon hotelcan help you Find a great price for your next Holliday’s.

Feb 05

Want Vacation To The Milan? 13 Interesting Places in Milan

Basilica churchThere are several things you can do while in Milan without having to spend a lot of money or a penny. Outside dining and transportation costs, the following 13 things presented by a citizen named Ales Bonaccorsi Milan who happened to work at the Scientific Museum when talking with wolipop recently.

1. Duomo

This iconic cathedral entrance fee is free, but if you want to get a special tour of the deeper, still have to pay off the 1 euro. In addition to free, the Duomo can be a great place to take refuge from the heat or cold outside.

2. Castello Sforzesco

Old castle is now home of several museums and art galleries. Lantar a walk around the base of the castle is free of charge, but if you want to enter the contents one by one then applies its own rates.

3. Park

Milan city not known for its green park, but actually a lot of beautiful gardens and spacious in the city. For instance Parco Sempione which is behind Castello Sforzesco. Sometimes many musical performances that take place in it. Haus as many runs? Many drinking water faucet that can be directly approached.

4. Window Shopping

If shopping is not your sightseeing agenda, then simply do window shopping in key areas. Here you can see the view of the store displays designed by the renowned visual merchandiser to the fashionista who paced with the latest fashion trends.

5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The building is located next to the Duomo contains many fashion stores and others. Although the products are sold expensive, you can just walk around in it while enjoying the stunning architecture of the building.

6. Rotate upper body in mosaic Bull’s Balls

While in the Galleria, do not miss the opportunity to rotate the body with one heel over the bull’s mosaic ball. There are four mosaic in the center galleria, but a mosaic that is known to bring good luck and you’ve undoubtedly come back here in the future.

7. Palazzo Reale

The royal palace is actually the administrative center of Milan. Still in the area around the Duomo, this building could be an option streets of historic buildings you.

8. Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte Museum

The building that was once home resident is now the home of several historical works of art from the 18th century and 19. The name itself is taken from Napoleon Bonaparte Bonaparte and his family who had settled in this villa.

9. Monumental Cemetery

Located near Garibaldi train station, this place is a cemetery famous for the beautiful gravestones.

10. Milan Aquarium

Though it cannot be juxtaposed with other well-known aquarium-aquarium in the world, this place could be the right choice for your search for ‘free’. Not only that, the building is also located in a large building which is used for large exhibitions.

11. Horse of Leonardo Da Vinci

Milan is known in Da Vinci’s painting titled ‘Last Supper’. In addition to this painting, there are works of art creations can be seen the statue of the horse. Being in the city center, this statue is the largest horse statue in the world. Made of bronze material and was made in the 15th century.

12. Santa Maria delle Grazie

The church may not be as popular as other churches in Milan, but did you know that this church is a church that became the location of the painting ‘The Last Holiday’? Yes, you may have to pay to see the paintings in a museum, but to see the church where the painting was made, for free!

13. Church

If you walk along the city of Milan, which you see may only banks and shops. But among them there are many old churches with architecture and stunning scenery. Call it the Basilica church in Sant’Ambrogio (one of the oldest churches in Milan), San Simpliciano (in this church are the remaining damaged buildings from the Roman times), to San Bernardino Alle Ossa (small church with unique interior structure).

Feb 02

This is Best Island For The Holidays

beautiful islandDo you love the holiday on the island? Of course, you will be covered with a tropical beach scene with soft sand, swaying palm leaves are lined up along the beach.

No matter the vast island, or even a small island, you will surely feel like having an incredible place that is away from the crowds. A beautiful island with the cool air away from the pollution. In addition to the Caribbean, there are three islands more interesting. This is it!

1. Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

The island is often touted as the most beautiful island in the Asia Pacific region. Its popularity is well known by her foreign tourists. Boracay is the most amazing place in the world. You can truly relax while adventure here. Guaranteed not to disappoint.

2. Galapagos, Ecuador

Galapagos, Ecuador

Galapagos could be called as a gift of nature to us. The most amazing thing, you can play with many species of animals, penguins, sea lions, iguanas, turtles, and giant turtles. No less diversity of green vegetation that adds beautiful this island.

3. Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitsunday Island, Australia

Located off the coast of Queensland, northern Australia, the Whitsunday Islands consist of a collection of 74 small islands. The main island itself, surrounded by white beaches that make you amazed at the charm of beauty. Whitsunday has also chosen CNN in 2010 as an eco-friendly island recommended. On the islands, there is a national park with a broad measure that supports marine life ecosystem.

Jan 29

This is the 9 location in London Travel Guide

United KingdomMany places of interest can be visited in London, England, at no charge. All you need to do is just visit it. Curious? You can visit the following places:

1. Museum of Science (www.sciencemuseum.org.uk)

Sains Museum UK

Very informative and entertaining, Science Museum, which has seven floors filled with interactive exhibits. Energy hall, for example, where you can see the first steam locomotive from the early 19th century, while the children can get to the third floor with a variety of exhibits including old planes, air balloons and a flight simulator.

2. Serpentine Gallery (www.serpentinegallery.org)

Looks like a 1930-style tearoom, the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens are lush is a wonderful place to see one of the most important collections of contemporary art London with the works of Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and the like. The exhibition was illuminated by natural light that poured through the large windows.

Every year in the Summer Pavilion (May to October) which is located near the gallery to host open-air cinema and reading. This could be additional entertaining, of course.

3. Sir John Soane Museum (www.soane.org)

Soane house in the West End is filled with personal effects of the architect of the early 19th century, making it one of the sights of London’s most easily recognizable and attractive.

The house is mostly still as the original. Same with the condition after his death in 1837. It can be seen from the pictures of Christopher Wren, hall lanterns and slave chains.

4. Tate Britain (www.tate.org.uk)

Older half of the duo Tate, Tate Britain, which is an art gallery can be found in Milibank, London. Here, the exhibition focuses on the work presented England from the 16th century until the late 20th century. As a suggestion, look for thematic tourist for an hour and talk for 15 minutes with the painter.

5. Tate Modern (www.tate.org.uk/modern)

Being in the Bankside Power Station near the River Thames, the Tate Modern is one of the city’s most beloved attractions. Special exhibits usually charge between 8-10 pounds, but you can still spend a lot of free time saw 60,000 collections of works of Pollock, Warhol, Rodin, Matisse encased in an exhibition entitled “Poetry and Dream.”

Tate Modern is also available in the cafe which was on the floor with a beautiful view of the River Thames and the building itself is a stunning art.

6. Temple Church (www.templechurch.com)

Fans of the Da Vinci Code make this church (with the origin comes from the 12th century) is the place to be seen in London for his role in a key scene. Temple Church is a special place that was built by the monks of evangelism.

7. Victoria & Albert Museum (www.vam.ac.uk)

Open since 1852, 4.5 million objects that are here make it the best in the world museum of decorative arts. On the first floor, you can see an exhibition that focuses on Asian (Japanese sword, ancient Chinese ceramics, and others) and some European art, including a plaster cast of Michelangelo.

There is also a photography collection in the form of half a million images collected over 160 years. There is also Ardabil carpet in the Middle East-focused Jameel Gallery. This carpet is one of the oldest in the world and from Iran in the 1500s.

8. Wallace Collection (www.wallacecollection.org)

It can be said the best small gallery in London, Wallace Collection contains an alluring collection of aristocratic life in the 18th century. Works of art from the 17th century and the 18th century was safely protected in a restored Italian luxury house.

9. The Whitechapel Gallery (www.whitechapel.org)

Being home to 10 galleries in an art nouveau building that first opened in 1899, combines Whitechapel exhibition of established artists and emerging artists. Picasso’s Guernica was first shown here in 1939.

Check for musical performances, readings and films on Thursday and sometimes Friday, or go to the cafe uber designed to break.

Jan 26

Got Vacation Plans? Top 10 Cities in the World Decent Visited

beijing,chinaLonelyplanet prioritize cultural festivals and sporting events as the main attraction of the Cities that are worth a visit in the coming year. San Francisco is rated as the most worthy place to visit next year, According to the latest Lonely Planet’s list of 10 Cities in the world that must be visited.

As one of the most Populous city in the United States, San Francisco will host the America’s Cup yacht race in 2013 which was first contested in 1851. Amsterdam is in second place in the list. Capital Netherlands Also will be festive in the next year because of the festive celebration of the 400 anniversary of the construction of the canal ring icon of the city. In addition, there will be a celebration of the 160th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh.

Although a list of the latest Lonely Planet is not much different from last year, there are some countries that it is surprising to entry in this list.

Hyderabad is one of the Cities in Asia, which occupy the third rank. A historic town in India is currently undergoing repair many monuments in order to return to its former glory.

Interestingly, the inclusion of the City Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, to this list. City famous Iguazu waterfalls. The city is said to be the best for families and adventure in 2013.

This is the 10 Cities that are worth to visit:

  1. San Francisco, United States
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Hyderabad, India
  4. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  5. Beijing, China
  6. Christchurch, New Zealand
  7. Hobart, Australia
  8. Montreal, Canada
  9. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  10. Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.

Jan 23

5 Ways “Traveling” Easier and Cheaper

travelingNews about rising ticket prices, travel cost, to the room rate, make travel plans are increasingly complex and increasingly costly. But with the advancement of information technology, access to cheap deals and recommendations may change all that.

With the advent of new innovations can make it easy for travelers to plan their trips. Starting from a cheap ticket, search for suitable accommodation budget, until a tourist destination can be visited alone, to save money during the traveling never seemed easier.

The next question, however, is the ease with which it can be cheaper to shut down a conventional tour operator business? Here are five ways to change the way easier and cheaper.

1. The growth of the concept of the Sharing Economy.

The concept of Sharing Economy or economic sharing is when people use personal assets or their time to earn extra money. This makes people can travel without depending on tourist hotels, taxi, tour package even the conventional ones, which tend to be more expensive. Call it like Airbnb sites for accommodation, food, and EatWitth to Vayable for package tours.

Although this site has been around since long, surprising is their growth so drastic. Airbnb for example, has a list of accommodation that is generally up to the private apartments, rooms of approximately 550,000 list in 2013 and in 2014 that number rose to one million. In 2014, it is seen how the great loss in how growth “Sharing Economy” is. Also the average of individual comfort level in the use of these sites. Of course, this trend will continue to increase with the passage of time.

2. The emergence of many new search applications.

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Jan 05

Tips “Diving” For Beginners

diving tipsSEE natural beauty under the sea, becoming an attraction for some people. See various kinds of biota in the bottom of the sea, such as coral reefs, fish-other fish, and gives a different sensation if we see sights such as the beach and the beauty of the mountain.

But Diving has difficulty levels and dangerous for novices. How to tips for diving or diving is good for beginners. The main thing to note that security.

“Make it a habit there is always a Divemaster (scuba divers expert) at the time of dive discovery (explore the sea) that do not have a license. Because prior to acquire it, we will receive a lot of information about safe diving. ”

If you want to dive does not have to be able to swim. But, according to him, it was back to the choice of each person.

“If my advice anyway, preferably can swim first. Accustomed in the water at least wrote. Because the reply is already comfortable in the water, certainly back again with regard to security, “he said.

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