Jan 01

The Importance Of Making Travel Arrangements

Travel ArrangementsFor most people making the trip has become something common in his spare time. Travel is no longer a luxury thing into something that has a price of expensive thing to do. Even some people have made sightseeing trips or traveling as usual routines performed with due time.

In addition to the importance of having the reference travel destinations to be visited. Planning a good trip also becomes something deserving priority, when we were about to start a tour. By doing a good trip planning, then the purpose of travel activities we do will get its full potential.

In a simple way be construed as an activity of a person, who move from one place to another in which the top of the movement. While the trip may be interpreted as a trip activities undertaken by a person to a place with different origins, to enjoy the attractions and tourist attraction in a while.

Planning itself is the first step that is carried out by a person, as a preparation before starting an activity. Planning a trip can be done when the purpose of such activities can already prescribe, so someone could prepare whatever needs that may be needed in such activities.

A few things need to be done in planning your tour is as follows, Continue reading

Jan 03

10 Travelling Destination In Europe With Minimum Budget

europe destination Europe is the continent’s most expensive for foreign tourists. However, there are few cities in Europe that is very affordable in terms of budget.

The website of USA Today analyses the cost of staying in hotels, meals, airfare, and tourism attractions in cities that are affordable for the working class. In those cities, travellers can find cheap hotels, activities, and affordable goods.

It is one of the city of Rome, Italy. The city is not only the title of the most affordable major cities in Italy, but also one of the most economical travel destinations in Europe.

The following 10 cities that “friendly bags” for tourists with minimum budgets:



Rome is one of the most visited places in Europe. But unlike Paris or London, it is an amazing getaway from the side of the budget. Average hotel rates per night US $ 190 a night, more cheaper than places of other major tourist destinations in Italy.

Because Rome is the largest international interchange Center, airfare to the city is often much cheaper than fares to other cities in Italy. According to the page, Like the price of airline tickets from New York to Rome in October starting at US $ 688 round-trip. Compare with New York-Venice (US $ 740 round trip), New York – Florence (US $ 934 round trip), or New York-Naples (US $ 753 round trip).


The city of a thousand years, this is one of the European tourist destinations that are more economical. According to TripIndex, the page is still a parent site with TripAdvisor, Prague was in the 20th position is the most visited city in the world and fifth in Europe. The average price for a stay of one night, according to TripAdvisor, about US $ 248 for two.

The town also has quite a lot of free sites so it is not guaranteed to make the bags deflated. Havelsk flower market, Charles Bridge, and the 10th century castle towering above the town of Vysehrad is a number of interesting attractions. Like to smell the aroma of the Europe of the past? Just come to the Old town square.


Very easy to find a budget hotel in Dublin. Average hotel there offers a two-night stay package includes accommodations and breakfast for two people with a price from 75 euro per person (approximately US $ 94). The website of The New York Times mention Hotels offers a nicer price US $ 150 per night. In addition, Dublin was filled with attractions that cost is affordable, even for free, including the National Museum of Ireland, the National Botanic Gardens and the Museum of Modern Art in Ireland.

At Ashford Castle, visitors can peek a glimpse of Ireland’s rich past. Because it is the center of Europe, flying to Ireland pretty cheap. For instance, the ticket price round trip for us to Dublin under US $ 500 and US $ 1000 at the busy season, usually during summer.


You can save money in the cities of Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. Of all the cities in Eastern Europe, Warsaw is a haven for travellers seeking luxury accommodations at a bargain price. According to the Hotel Price Index from Hotels.com, the capital of Poland offers the most luxurious to the lowest price in the world. Taris average five-star hotel in Warsaw, US $ 130 per night in 2011.

Other hotels offer rates below, although services and rooms on a par 5. For example, the price of the Polonia Palace Hotel on weekends only 65 euros per night. Whereas, Polonia is a luxury hotel built in the early 20th century and is the only hotel in Warsaw defenders during World War II.


Portugal, on the whole, the cheaper places to visit than its neighbour, Spain. The nation’s capital, Lisbon, for example, offering no less exotic than any other European country right: view of the sea, the beach of cosmopolitan chic, the ancient cobbled streets, and the Cathedral Gothic. The cost of one night’s stay at a four star hotel on average US $ 130, according to TripAdvisor. The New York Times reported many cultural attractions are served free on Sunday, including the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia and the Torre de Belem, a fortress history.


According to the annual survey Trip, TripAdvisor price comparison Index for accommodation and activities, Budapest is the city’s most affordable for travellers across Europe. According to TripAdvisor, the cost to stay one night in a four-star hotel, one cocktail per person, dinner both with a bottle of wine, and transport round trip using taxis US $ 194.

At Hotel Palazzo Zichy, the number-two popular property of 333 hotels in Budapest on TripAdvisor, the fare is € 59 per night.


London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists, at least for now. The 2012 Olympic Games which take place in the capital city of the United Kingdom this made prices skyrocketing lodging. According to the survey, TripAdvisor Trip Index stayed one night in London with two activities could spend more than $ 500.

But try to shift to the historical city centre of Birmingham, with the beautiful canals and pub United Kingdom classic. The birthplace of William Shakespeare offers attractions that are more sensual than London, but the price is affordable. In the city the hotel rates are cheaper than Liverpool, Oxford and Manchester, with prices around US $ 94 per night.


On the Hotel Price Index, Berlin is one of the most affordable to luxury hotels in the world. The average price of a luxury hotel in Berlin in the year 2011 is US $ 198 per night. A survey conducted Hotels.com shows the average hotels in Berlin cost 76 euro per night. Compare with New York (171 euros), London (134 euro), and Paris (114 euros).


Such as Warsaw, Brussels is one of the best cities in Europe to look for luxury lodging at affordable rates. Hotels in the city rank seventh in the Hotel price index from Hotels.com for a low price but luxurious. And flights to the city the price is also competitive.


Although Austria is known for expensive, the price of package tours to the cities is quite affordable. General travel agencies offering package tours to Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. A six-night package to the cities (two nights in each city) price starting at US $ 1.499 for travel in September or October, including flights to Budapest and back from Prague and accommodation as well as breakfast.