Oct 18

Overnight Sensation Behind the Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison YHA

Fremantle, a small town located at the mouth of the Swan River, Perth, Western Australia presents a range of interesting tourist spots ranging from culinary to visual streets scattered along the walls of the city.

However, there is a tour not to be missed if you visit Fremantle jail visit i.e. in Fremantle. Standing in the middle of Freo, Fremantle, Fremantle prison into the cultural heritage of Australia who became a must-see tourist destination if come to town.

Fremantle prison provides a tour around the prison would spark the adrenaline rush of visitors. How does? The jail which was built since the year 1855 has become a silent witness of all the tragedy, local prisoners. Prison spaces, basement up to the execution room is still arranged neatly in each corner space. However, Fremantle prison is no longer operating since 1991. For those of you who don’t want to miss the unique experience the moment pop over to Fremantle, Fremantle prison now provides a place for the night.

Fremantle Prison YHA

Reported by Dailymail, in 2015, the Government of Australia in Fremantle prison inaugurating a section of the prison for women in transforms as an Inn called the Fremantle Prison YHA. The transformation of any room created in such a way without removing the hallmark of the prison itself. Seen from the wall thickness as well as the trellis that fills every space.

To stay at Fremantle Prison YHA, the visitor can make a booking in advance via the website or book directly on the spot. However, visitors are advised to book via the website related the number of rooms is limited.

Regarding costs, offered from the price listed on the website, visitors can YHA charged A$22- A$179 with different room types. Visitors can choose a variant of rooms from dormitories to the cottage with customizing to your needs.

Fremantle Prison YHA

With these prices, visitors can enjoy amenities that are provided ranging from wifi available in the wifi zone, shared kitchen, to a playroom equipped with a super large chess board. For lodging facilities, visitors are equipped with adequate facilities. For the family room, every room is provided with a private bathroom with amenities. As for dorm rooms, shared bathrooms are provided along the aisles making it easier for visitors to avoid being snatched away.

For a shared kitchen area, every morning from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. pancakes is provided free of charge to visitors. Cookware also provided from the Fremantle Prison YHA so visitors need not be confused if you want to cook.
Right outside the kitchen, hammock and chairs garden available for those of you who like to relax. Table tennis and volleyball courts are also available at the Park next to the prison.

The sensation of the atmosphere at Fremantle Prison YHA will make you feel scared at the same time glad because the experience of sleeping in the prison. When else can you sleep in prison without doing criminal?

Oct 17

Iron Man Comes in Hong Kong Disneyland


For fans of Marvel, the figure of Iron Man must be one of the highlights. Now, the Iron Man fans can enjoy the first Iron Man rides in the world located in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Iron Man Experience, so the name of the vehicle. Although themed superhero and Iron Man, this vehicle can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Visitors have the opportunity to directly meet with Iron Man. You can also try Iron Man armor virtually.

At the end of the rides, you can get an exciting ride on a special Iron Wing Expo that can fly with Iron Man in the Hong Kong sky. You also have the opportunity to see panoramic views of the sophisticated Hong Kong Stark Tower, then fight against the evil forces of Hydra in multicensor attraction.

The planning, design, and development of the Iron Man Experience takes three years. More than 70 animation experts from Hong Kong created this rides. They work together with international animators, and of course Marvel’s team to create world-class rides.

The planning, design, and development of the Iron Man Experience takes three years. Complete with battle simulators, 3D projection, surround sound effects and a variety of other amazing effects.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, you can also enjoy Iron Man themed foods and beverages such as Waffle Iron Man and Iron Man Desserts. This meal is located in the Chef Mickey area, while Iron Man-themed drinks can be found at the resort hotel.

Oct 10

4 Places For Honeymoon

JustMarriedWhether you have just become a couple united in marriage, we wish you a new life. And as a new couple does you plan to celebrate the honeymoon. Choosing the right honeymoon spot becomes a must for a new couple. Included in determining the cost to be able to enjoy the honeymoon without burdening the financial.

Quoting Asiaone, here are 4 cheap vacation spots for a honeymoon:

1. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang located in Laos has an interesting tour. Because some attractions in Laos is a world heritage set by UNESCO. Like Luang Prabang in Laos that is almost similar to Disneyland in Singapore. Moreover, there is a beautiful beach with a Mekong direction. It also has a romantic French restaurant and beautiful temples.

To travel to Laos did not cost too much. Approximately  US$ 300 . To further save money, by ordering two separate flights, one from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Luang Prabang.

2. Ko Lanta, Thailand


As far as a honeymoon destination, Thailand is famous all over the world for its beautiful beaches. The problem is that if you choose the wrong beach location, like Patong Beach, will drain your finances while spending a honeymoon.

Well, for that, Ko Lanta beach is one of the islands with low cost. Being in Southern Thailand will be many tourists who enjoy a relaxing time honeymoon. You can stay in the beach bungalow. And do not find it difficult to find a long stretch of sand and quiet without interference by other tourists.

Ko Lanta is within easy reach of Krabi with cheap flights, where it costs to go and go for 100USD. You can then take a bus to Ko Lanta for your next trip.

3. Dalat, Vietnam

DalatVietnam Valleyoflove

Everyone might think Paris is a city of love, but that’s because they’ve never been to Dalat. One City in the South Central part of Vietnam is filled with French colonial architecture, blessed with the cool weather. Like Genting Highlands place thanks to its height, and has become famous in Vietnam for being a romantic city where people spend their time there

Stay at a lakeside resort and spend your days wandering through the beautiful flower gardens. As well as visiting the Valley of Love which is a favorite place in Vietnam. To go to Dalat for a fee between USD250 to commute by choosing an airplane between Scoot, VietJet Air, and Jetstar.

4. Lijiang, China


Going to China does not necessarily mean jostling in some overcrowded metropolises. Lijiang is one of the many beautiful destinations in China. The city located in Yunnan Province is famous for its beauty. But you also have to choose a time that does not coincide with the Chinese day that will be dense and disrupt your honeymoon.

Not only that, the popular destination here is to stay at the traditional Chinese guesthouse. With views of the well-kept old town. You can also enjoy the magnificent peak of Dragon Snow Mountain. You will soon begin to feel like a character in some Wuxia movies.

Oct 09

7 Amazing Amusement Parks in the World

The amusement park became one of the tourist destination to spend your family vacation time. There are many amusement parks in various parts of the world complete with facilities and advantages of each.

Here are the 7 most amazing amusement parks in the world

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

There are currently two Harry Potter theme parks, both located in Orlando (Florida, United States), in the first park, Hogsmeade Village inspired by the Harry Potter novel and has been recreated in stunning detail: In the second park, you can find additional locations such as Diagon Alley and Gringotts Wizarding Bank Universal Studios has promised to immediately open a third park, which will offer the opportunity to see the fantasy version of King’s Cross Railway Station and the famous 9 platform.The author of Harry Potter novel JK Rowling is directly involved in the creation of this park.

Hobbiton Movie Set

Hobbiton Movie Set

Every Tolkien book lover dreams of visiting this park. The world of this magical hobbit was created especially for the filming of The Lord of the Rings and can be found in New Zealand. This small town was built in 1999. Director Peter Jackson flew over New Zealand spaceship in a plane as he spotted a landing spot in the wilderness that seemed to be the perfect place to create an important location for the film.

The Little Prince Theme Park

The Little Prince Theme Park

In France, you can find an entire park dedicated to the hero of the famous novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This one park offers special features that make it unique compared to other theme parks. Here, the landscape has been designed to depict the various fairy worlds found in the Saint-Exupéry book.



Legoland encompasses the entire series of Lego-themed family parks. The park is built entirely of Lego bricks. The first and largest park opened in 1968 in Denmark. There are five other Legolands in the world today: in Germany, England, Malaysia, and two in the United States. It’s amazing how amazing the construction is made entirely of Lego bricks. There’s even a Las Vegas reconstruction made of 24 million bricks.

Prehistoric Valley

Prehistoric Valley

The Valley prehistoric theme park is located in southeastern Cuba. There are over 200 dinosaur models here along with other prehistoric animals, each of which has been carved to its original size.



Efteling is an amazing and magical amusement park. This stunning place is located in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands. The park consists of a central area and four different ‘universes’ namely the Fairy Nature, Nature of Adventure, Alternative Nature, and Nature of the Journey.




Another interesting place dedicated to the wonders of dinosaurs is located in Munchehagen, Germany. This is actually the largest amusement park in Europe. There are more than 220 dinosaur models built in accordance with what is known as true size.

Oct 08

Nanjing Green Tower, Forest Tower in the Middle of the City

China made two towers named Nanjing Green Tower, an artificial forest that stands on top of the city with 1,000 trees planted.

Nanjing Green Tower

After successfully presenting the highest glass bridge in the world, China again presents another unique building that can suck the attention of tourists. This building is two towers that transformed into a city forest.

Reported by Travel And Leisure, this forest is made vertically as high as more than 200 meters. Named Nanjing Green Tower, this artificial forest stands above the city and successfully grows more than 1,000 trees and 2,500 other small plants.

In addition to being a tourist attraction, the urban forest is also functioned as a city decorator that works against air pollution that can cause various health problems. With an area of ​​6000 square meters, the city forest is also expected to absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide annually and produce 60 kilograms of oxygen every day.

Interestingly, not just a building wrapped with green plants, city forest designed by renowned architect, Stefano Boeri will also be equipped with museums, green architecture school, and rooftop private club. While right at the bottom, will be filled with a variety of shops, culinary centers, restaurants, meeting rooms up to the multipurpose hall. The city forest will be completed by 2018.

Oct 07

Enjoy the thrill of Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

Tunisia has a unique place in inviting foreign tourists to visit the region. Among them is the Underground House Matmat in Tunisia.

Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

In the village of South Tunisia these locals living in a home in a subway at this location. The reason, many communities who prefer living in a cave to avoid the heat.

It is done by the Berbers of the Matmata. The tribe also live in a small village in southern Tunisia. Underground House is named after Matmata, built on the side of the mountains.

Quoting Amusingplanet, underground House it looks like a cave. In this case, there is open space. Open space serves as a page to relax.

Moreover, the increasingly popular Matmata to visit. The reason this place ever made for a film shooting location Troglodyte House, which serves as a hotel i.e. Hotel Sidi Idriss. As well as being the location of the fabrication of a few Star Wars film series, The Phantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones.

Oct 06

5 Cities In Asia With The Most Expensive Cost Of Living

The holiday is the dream of many people. With the culture and the scenery is interesting of course presents its own sensation while on vacation. However, in some countries particularly Asia, often more expensive cost of living.

In fact, the 5 cities in Asia including in 10 cities of the world’s most expensive version of The Economist of the year 2017. Where these five destinations listed as the most expensive city in the top of Paris, New York, and Copenhagen. The following five most expensive cities in Asia as reported by of Skyscanner.

1. Singapore


During the last 4 years, Singapore defends his achievements with tops the list of most expensive cities in the world. Based on the data, Singapore recorded a 20% more expensive than New York and 5% more expensive than Hong Kong. With an area that is only of 718 square kilometers, Singapore has limited natural resources so it has to import many commodities from other countries and making the selling price surged.

As a tourist destination, Singapore has great potential. For accommodation, the price of three or four-star hotels in this area could be even more expensive than five-star hotels in Jakarta. For transportation, it’s good you don’t use a taxi and save on budget holidays in Singapore by utilizing public bus or MRT.

If planning on filling up the holidays with a visit to Universal Studios Singapore, make sure you have prepared a special budget. As the first Universal Studios being built in Southeast Asia, USS noted as one of the top attractions in addition to Asia’s most expensive day tour at the Great Wall of China.

2. Hong Kong


During the last 2 years, Hong Kong in as the world’s second most expensive city. 303 with skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a city which is not only expensive, but also sparkling. According to Oxford Economics, home prices in Hong Kong are listed as the world’s most expensive property prices.

Not much different from Singapore, Hong Kong also sets a high price for accommodation and transportation. The cost of living soared more on moments of the lunar new year. The increase in the number of travelers as much as 14.1% bandwagon effect on this hike.

To get a cheaper price, you can stay in Mongkok area. As for the culinary affair, make sure you have prepared enough budget. Even though it offers a variety of food options, from five feet to restaurants in five-star hotels, the price of food in Hong Kong include high. In comparison, the price of a bottle of wine in Hong Kong is more expensive than the price in New York. Meanwhile, the price of bread in Hong Kong is higher than the price in Copenhagen.

3. Tokyo


As a place of residence, Tokyo was ranked the fourth most expensive city in the world under the Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich. Whereas as tourist destinations, the cost of traveling in Tokyo (includes lodging, meals, drinks, and entertainment) is the highest in Asia. Taxi fares in Tokyo are the second-highest rate in the world under the taxi fares in Zurich.

If you are a Hunter of delicious food, Tokyo will make you fall in love and at the same time potentially make Your bag of broken hearts. As a side note, Tokyo has more than 160,000 dining and premium restaurants get Michelin Star. If planning on spoiling the tongue and stomach while in Tokyo, you should plan a special budget.

4. Osaka


Not much different from Tokyo, you need to prepare your budget if you want more roads in Osaka. Known as the culinary center of Osaka, promised a more colorful place to eat. The number of places to eat in Osaka city has made the slogan Kuidaore meaning ‘ eat until stuffed ‘. The price of bread in Osaka is more expensive than the price of bread being sold in Sydney.

5. Seoul


Seoul became the last city ranked sixth on the list of most expensive cities in the world. A lot of things to consider when traveling in this place. First, the Inn. Not much different from other expensive cities, hotel prices in Seoul are pleasantly high. If you don’t want to throw millions of dollars per night, stay at the hostel is the best choice.

Second, the food. A lot of food in Seoul who entered into the list of the most expensive foods in the world. The price of wine and Starbucks in Seoul is more expensive compared to the price of similar products in New York.

Third, the clothes. Not much different from Singapore, Seoul sets the high price for fashion products. If planning a vacation while you shop, make sure you have set up a special budget for shopping.

Sep 15

The Market in Yacht Sales is Very Strong and Should Continue to Thrive

The Market in Yacht Sales is Very Strong and Should Continue to Thrive

Image By : yachtregistry.net

Even though summer is beginning to wind down with the fall season approaching, activities in the boating world continue to be vibrant. As cooler and more inclement weather creeps its way closer in the north, some boaters are getting their last leisure and fishing expeditions in before thoughts of winterizing their watercraft arise. One activity that boaters participate in throughout the year, something never contingent on weather, is the participation of buying and selling new and used yachts. Whether it’s from around the country or all over the world, the market in yacht sales is very strong and should continue to thrive in the upcoming year.

Florida annually ranks right at the top of the list in boat registrations in the country. With such an astounding number of boats in the state, it stands to reason that boat sales by independent sellers, boat dealers, and Florida yacht brokers is a huge, profitable market here.

Where there’s a strong market, more businesses and industries will locate there to be a part of the action, and boat manufacturing and sales in Florida is certainly no exception to this. Customers looking to buy a new or used yacht from a dealer or yacht broker in Florida will find that a terrific number of options are out there in the market. So it really isn’t a matter of finding a dealer or yacht broker in the state, it’s which one offers the finest stock of inventory at the most competitive prices in the industry.

What with yacht sales in the U.S. having gone global via the internet, experienced and leading companies in the yachting industry are taking advantage of this burgeoning trend in yacht sales from sellers all over the world. One such highly respected leader in new and used yacht sales, Yacht Registry, is a terrific example of a company that has an extraordinary number of yachts for sale, and one that offers beautiful watercraft from sellers regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

Industry leaders want the world to see and read about in great detail what fine watercraft they have for sale, both in their showrooms and online. To best do this, they have comprehensive, extremely user-friendly websites that customers can access that will enable them to view photos, get a full listing of specs, and learn additional information about each individual yacht for sale. New or used, site visitors can use such filters as Type, Class, Make, Length, Year, and Price ranges to narrow down the field. And quality sites by the premier companies will offer such areas to view as boat videos and News & Events, which may just further help the customer look in the right direction.

Dec 19

The Best Tips You Need To Know Before Going To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, Papua Island (Indonesia)1One of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially in east Indonesian is Raja Ampat. Have meaning as “Four Kings”, Raja Ampat are considered as the best diving spot in Indonesia, even on earth. Raja Ampat located among two oceans, Indians and Pacific Oceans that suitable for coral growth and accelerated the growth to maximum. With great coral reef, the beauty and the diversity of ocean life make Raja Ampat the best place for diving. This beauty are added with the warm of local people, therefore Raja Ampat becomes the best place you need to visit before you die. Today, I will provide you a several tips before you decide to backpacking to Raja Ampat, make sure to read this article!

The first tips is how getting Raja Ampat Properly. You may need to take several means of transportation before you can reach Raja Ampat. Generally, you will need to take flight from Jakarta to Sorong and fly for 5 hours. I recommend you to take separated flight, which means you will need to stop in Makassar, then you can take flight into sorong. This way, you will be able to save a lot money, you might be able to save more than $50 at one go. Don’t forget to plan your return flight and plan your vacation properly.

The next step is plan your transportation around. There are several ways to go on Papua, however, I recommend you to take Ojek or you can rent a car for $20-30 per day. Using a car, you will be able to carry your luggage properly and you can stop anywhere you want for simply take picture or taste local cuisine on warung or local restaurant.

The next step is make sure that you are determine where to stay in Raja Ampat. You can stay from Homestay that budget friendly, or you can get resort for the most comfortable options. You can spend $80 for 4 person in the resort or bungalow or you can get Homestay for $20/person that includes 3x meals! Some Homestay even located right infront of the sea, which means you can jump off directly into the sea.

The next step is determine the location for diving. There are several Island you can visit for diving spots, however make sure to ask local or your guide for the best places for diving spot at the moment. Generally, you need to contact diving operators in resort in Raja Ampat and pay for equipment and dive operators that will accompany you. I recommend you to get them to ensure your safety during diving. For more information, check raja ampat islands website.

Nov 05

Hunt Whitetail Deer Without the Risk

Whitetail deer hunting

image By : www.cedarknoll.com

Whitetail deer hunting season arrives in mid-November when the buck rut is nearly over to ensure does are bred to produce the spring fawn crop. This is also the time when deer are in good condition after a summer of grazing and browsing in the local corn fields. Since the bucks are focused on competing for and breeding the females, they can be relatively easy to harvest. Since the gun deer season begins early on a Saturday morning and extends to sunset on Sunday nine days later, literally thousands of hunters are out with their firearms. This sounds like a dangerous situation, and it is considering fatal accidents happen every year.

The annual deer hunt is not the only way a hunter can bring home some venison for the freezer. Cedar Knoll is one of the best options available for SC deer hunting with 3000 acres of managed low country habitat. The whitetail deer living in the area benefit from supplemental feed to ensure the herd produces the highest quality animals. Hunts are scheduled strategically during prime hunting times with alternate down times. Since only 10 hunters are accepted at one time, their safety and success rate are very good. Cedar Knoll hunters have a 100 percent buck kill rate with 70 percent of the bucks having a 15 inch wide rack with eight points or more.

While hunters traveling to South Carolina for a controlled hunt are focused on bagging a trophy buck, the visit also qualifies as a great vacation. Guests are taken on two hunts each day with the first one scheduled at daybreak. The hunters enjoy a continental breakfast before they are driven to their stand. They will hunt for about three hours before returning to the lodge for a hearty brunch. The hunters are then free to relax a couple hours before returning to their stand another three hours for the afternoon hunt. The day ends with a bountiful dinner and evening activities of their choice.

While traveling to a hunting lodge for a controlled hunt is more expensive than purchasing a license and hunting at home, this experience could be considered a very enjoyable vacation. Three and four-day hunts are available with hunters being allowed to bag two deer each day. This means a hunter could bring home several hundred pounds of venison for the freezer which could make the hunt quite worthwhile.