Oct 25

Trekking and Meet directly with the Gorilla

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Usually, see the gorillas could only in zoos. If a tour of this one, it can make you see gorillas up close!

For the traveler who likes animal primates in particular Gorilla trekking tours, try this one. In the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, a country in East Africa there are tours that can accompany a traveler and meet a gorilla directly.

Is a Gorilla Trek Africa, a travel agent who can take a traveler get around and see the giant Gorilla primate. Any place is located in a mountain range, its natural habitat.

The traveler can get around the national park area where gorilla habitat by reaching it for 30 minutes. In certain areas, gorillas will approach and pass by your surroundings!

The tour is divided into several types, from tours 1 day, 2 days, even 11 days includes various destinations around Rwanda.

There are approximately 10 gorilla family groups who are accustomed to the presence of humans. Because usually, they will be distracted and stress if not accustomed to humans.

Gorilla-gorilla also had passed the trial period for 2 years to get used to the full State of man.

Although can be seen closely, tourists are encouraged to keep a distance of approximately 7 meters. This is to avoid some health problems. Traveler also must maintain the attitude and do not do various activities that disturb the gorilla.

To be able to enjoy this Gorilla trekking tours, travelers have to spend about US$1,500. Simply fantastic for trekking, but an equivalent experience cool!

Oct 24

Santorini island is the most romantic in the world

Santorini Greece1

Thousands of couples getaway to Santorini is not without reason. The island’s landscape is unique and romantic as the Sun sunk impressed seen Golden add romance vacation traveler.

Santorini is a volcanic island that lies between the islands of Ios and Anafi, Greece. Just imagine you were in the middle of a white building that sits on a cliff. Plus more while enjoying a beautiful sunset with the person you love.

Santorini Greece1

Santorini’s main destinations often couples or newlyweds. A wide array of hotels there offer a romantic experience. There are some villages that could be chosen to spend an unforgettable holiday.

One of the most famous villages is Fira. The village is also the capital of the island has the most beautiful landscape in between the other villages. In the village, there is also a most fitting spot to enjoy the sunset.

Because this place is also famous for, so one of the most densely populated destinations. Don’t worry, there’s one spot that is not too crowded yet still has a spectacular sunset view. Just come to Firostefani and enjoy views of the sunset against the backdrop of a mountain fire.

If you’re looking for a building native Village, come to Santorini Karterados. There in the House with a traditional style of Santorini. White House with blue roof decorates this area. Tempted? The village is situated 2 km to the North of the village of Fira.

While the Santorini also has some beautiful beaches. Kamari Beach one. This beach has black sand is soft. Lots of tourists who spent time there with swimming, sunbathing and diving

Oct 23

The River So Symbol of Love

Taiwan has Love River

Taiwan has Love River. Many traveler couples who enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the banks of the river.

The river length is about 12 km and empties into the Taiwan Strait. Love River splits Kaohsiung City, from Renwu District until it ends at Kaohsiung Port.

Behind her loving name, there is a tragic story that envelopes. Reportedly, once the river was Takao. But in the late 1940s, the name of the Love River became popular after lovers committed suicide in this river. The Love River was used as the official name in 1972.

From the story, the name of Love River deserve pinned because the atmosphere is romantic. After the revitalization of 1979, the river became clean, free of waste, foul smell, let alone trash.

In its development, various facilities for tourists built. Along the banks of this river, there is a wide road that can be used for jogging comfortably, pat the river overgrown with green hills.

Taiwan has Love River

There is also a bike parking lot, chairs at the edge, to the lights. Just sitting around while enjoying the beautiful scenery with the couple was already exciting. From this river, pat enjoys the city landscape reinforced Holy Rosary Cathedral to Kaohsiung Bridge.

You can also down the River of Love by boat. There is a boat rental service for tourists that can be up to 15 people.

As night comes, the atmosphere becomes more romantic with flickering lights. Many cafes are open until night with live music accompanied.

Oct 22

The Romance In France Other Than The Eiffel Tower

Rocamadour village

The atmosphere of the beautiful rolling hills and fresh matter indeed perfect for a romantic getaway. If to France, try to this one!

On holiday with the couple is indeed more fun to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In the Midi-Pyrénées, France, you can come to this village. Rocamadour is a village, it is located on a hill, with a beautiful panorama.

Heading to Rocamadour, the traveler is already presented with a view of the beautiful hills and valleys skipped the flow children of the Dordogne River. Attractions there is also very interesting and it’s a shame to miss.

Many tourists who come to Rocamadour and reach up to the top of the Hill. Because from this view of the village with various angles of natural beauty can be seen perfectly.

The towering cliffs add to the beauty side of one corner of the Midi-Pyrénées. Shady trees grow such as protecting the village with beautiful.

Historic buildings can also be found here. For example, various chapels and castles, which can also be used as religious tourism of the Christian.

At certain moments, a traveler can enjoy the nature of this unique countryside with the air balloon ride.

Travelers can also enjoy various corners of the village with the tourist train. With pay (Euro) 3.5, a traveler can explore a variety of destinations in the countryside.

The countryside also became a pilgrimage destination after ancient tombs found in 1166 who is believed to be the tomb of a Saint Amadour or known as “Zacchaeus”.

In the countryside, a traveler can also enjoy a variety of original culinary and shop France a variety of souvenirs and local souvenirs. Don’t forget to buy cheese and biscuits almonds, gift shop and typical Favorites of Rocamadour.

Oct 21

Don’t Do This In Japan


A vacation to Japan is indeed fun, lots of interesting destinations make a visit. So the holidays you stay well, we recommend that you don’t do this.

Japan is famous for its cultural value. Although already modern all-round, any traditional values remain implanted.

The culture can also be found in the everyday life of the people of Japan. There are some different customs in Japan with other countries, as do the simple things that are considered bad and should be avoided.

As a tourist who was a guest, a traveler should avoid some things below. Collected from various sources, here are things to avoid during the holidays in Japan:

1. Don’t wear footwear inside the House

In fact, when compared to Indonesia, it is not much different. But in Japan, almost all houses enact these habits.

The footwear is used from outside should be replaced with the special slippers inside. This rule also applies in some public places, few schools in Japan also require that their students take off footwear from the outside and replace it when wanting to enter the room.

2. Eating while walking

Japan considers people eat and drink while walking is an inappropriate treatment. Although the vending machine and bought it at the drink in front of him.

Therefore, many of the few roadside eateries that provide fast food. The people of Japan are also accustomed to eating quickly, so finish eating a dish they will immediately leave the place to eat.

3. Give a tip

Many people leave some money on the table to give appreciation to them. However, it is different in Japan.

Give a tip or extra money could mean another in Japan. It could just be the person receiving the money think of it as an insult. Even though the taxi driver refused. Some places already enter the amount of the service charge in the Bill. So, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you give tip and remind its staff members if you’re left behind.

4. Pointing

Some people often use your index finger to give a description of the place. However, do not use it in Japan.

Pointing means rude and disrespectful in Japan. To provide information, simply by speaking or just use your hands.

5. Receiving goods with one hand

When receiving goods from others, people accustomed to Japan to accept it with two hands. With one hand, you are considered to be not appreciated the granting of such person.

Even if in a hurry, the cashier just putting change and bills in a small tray. So customers don’t have to pick it up directly from the cashier.

6. Grab the line

A quick rush and is indeed synonymous with Japan. But that does not mean they often grab the line to make it more quickly.

Discipline is the main value of the implanted person Japan, including lining up. Even in public places who have no line, people accustomed to Japan marched and sequence at first come. Grab the queue is considered very disrespectful actions.

Oct 20

Romantic Venice Japan

Otaru Canal

Not only in Venice to enjoy the romantic canal. In Japan, there is also a funny no less than him. The canal is located in Otaru City, Hokkaido, Japan. This canal became a famous icon for a city that has an area of ​​243.65 square kilometers. Spot tours with beautiful scenery and romantic are known as Otaru Canal.

In ancient times, the Otaru Ungga area or Otaru Canal was the main air route for traffic. The carrier unloading pairs of cassette payloads alternate the channel sound. This place is connected with the Port of Otaru which becomes Hokkaido entrance.

However, the economic pulse in Otaru faded over time. After that, there is a plan to reclaim this water canal. Indigenous people refused and protested. But this action did not work, Otaru canal was originally 40 meters wide reclaimed to 20 meters.

The clean canals and missing antique buildings are the tourist attraction here. Given its history, this canal is polished like the likes of a prominent destination on Hokkaido Island. Along the edge of the air canal lies a rocky pedestrian zone. Results of painters and toys craftsmen hanging out at this location. There is also a missing relief of the history of the Otaru canal.

The buildings around the canal are neat, well maintained and clean. Occasionally you can see the ship through the canal. Antique building located around the canal, functions and tourist facilities. This classic atmosphere is the attraction for this.

Otaru canal can be reached about 1.5 hours using a vehicle from Chitose Airport. Here you can take a boat that follows a stream that reaches 1,140 meters long or walks on the edge of the canal.

Oct 19

4 Items Must Carry When Long Term Traveling

Traveling long-term course requires more preparation. For those of you who want to travel long, here are 4 items you should bring.

Before traveling, travelers often carry many items that are ultimately unused. It was a problem, especially for those who want to travel long with a span of time monthly to yearly.

For that, the traveler must be wise to bring the goods for the smoothness of long-term traveling. Here are some items you must bring:

1. Digital Scales

Digital Scales

One of the scourges of long-term travel is the weight of the swollen suitcase because of the most souvenirs. Though the airline has a maximum weight limit for the suitcase.

One way to outsmart is to bring digital scales. So the traveler can make arrangements or set the suitcase strategy at night before departure day by plane.

Along with the development of the times, the form and variety of digital scales were more concise and easy to carry. So the traveler should not hesitate to buy and bring digital scales.

2. Raincoat

Rain Jacket

Traveling for long-term, meaning you also have to prepare raincoats for anticipation. At least if you bring a raincoat, can anticipate the sudden rain that can come suddenly.

Raincoat is easily found in places that sell mountain equipment, or can also buy online. Choose the appropriate budget and individual taste.

3. Mobile phone wrapper

mobile phone wrapper

Traveling long-term in the digital age, certainly, demands a traveler to greatly keep the phone. Remembering mobile phones is a way to communicate to capture moments.

Therefore, it’s good you bring a cell phone wrapper. Its function, of course, is to protect the phone from water to impact. It would be great if you have a waterproof phone to dust and impact.

4. Drink Bottle

Drink Bottle

Drinking becomes a major requirement of the traveler while traveling. The good news, not a few airports or a number of places that provide free drinking water.

To reduce expenses, you can also bring bottles to drink. Instead of you have to spend money to buy a drink, mending refill refills for free

Some of the above items would be very useful for you who want to travel long distances. Yes, at least can save expenses.

Oct 18

Overnight Sensation Behind the Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison YHA

Fremantle, a small town located at the mouth of the Swan River, Perth, Western Australia presents a range of interesting tourist spots ranging from culinary to visual streets scattered along the walls of the city.

However, there is a tour not to be missed if you visit Fremantle jail visit i.e. in Fremantle. Standing in the middle of Freo, Fremantle, Fremantle prison into the cultural heritage of Australia who became a must-see tourist destination if come to town.

Fremantle prison provides a tour around the prison would spark the adrenaline rush of visitors. How does? The jail which was built since the year 1855 has become a silent witness of all the tragedy, local prisoners. Prison spaces, basement up to the execution room is still arranged neatly in each corner space. However, Fremantle prison is no longer operating since 1991. For those of you who don’t want to miss the unique experience the moment pop over to Fremantle, Fremantle prison now provides a place for the night.

Fremantle Prison YHA

Reported by Dailymail, in 2015, the Government of Australia in Fremantle prison inaugurating a section of the prison for women in transforms as an Inn called the Fremantle Prison YHA. The transformation of any room created in such a way without removing the hallmark of the prison itself. Seen from the wall thickness as well as the trellis that fills every space.

To stay at Fremantle Prison YHA, the visitor can make a booking in advance via the website or book directly on the spot. However, visitors are advised to book via the website related the number of rooms is limited.

Regarding costs, offered from the price listed on the website, visitors can YHA charged A$22- A$179 with different room types. Visitors can choose a variant of rooms from dormitories to the cottage with customizing to your needs.

Fremantle Prison YHA

With these prices, visitors can enjoy amenities that are provided ranging from wifi available in the wifi zone, shared kitchen, to a playroom equipped with a super large chess board. For lodging facilities, visitors are equipped with adequate facilities. For the family room, every room is provided with a private bathroom with amenities. As for dorm rooms, shared bathrooms are provided along the aisles making it easier for visitors to avoid being snatched away.

For a shared kitchen area, every morning from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. pancakes is provided free of charge to visitors. Cookware also provided from the Fremantle Prison YHA so visitors need not be confused if you want to cook.
Right outside the kitchen, hammock and chairs garden available for those of you who like to relax. Table tennis and volleyball courts are also available at the Park next to the prison.

The sensation of the atmosphere at Fremantle Prison YHA will make you feel scared at the same time glad because the experience of sleeping in the prison. When else can you sleep in prison without doing criminal?

Oct 17

Iron Man Comes in Hong Kong Disneyland


For fans of Marvel, the figure of Iron Man must be one of the highlights. Now, the Iron Man fans can enjoy the first Iron Man rides in the world located in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Iron Man Experience, so the name of the vehicle. Although themed superhero and Iron Man, this vehicle can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Visitors have the opportunity to directly meet with Iron Man. You can also try Iron Man armor virtually.

At the end of the rides, you can get an exciting ride on a special Iron Wing Expo that can fly with Iron Man in the Hong Kong sky. You also have the opportunity to see panoramic views of the sophisticated Hong Kong Stark Tower, then fight against the evil forces of Hydra in multicensor attraction.

The planning, design, and development of the Iron Man Experience takes three years. More than 70 animation experts from Hong Kong created this rides. They work together with international animators, and of course Marvel’s team to create world-class rides.

The planning, design, and development of the Iron Man Experience takes three years. Complete with battle simulators, 3D projection, surround sound effects and a variety of other amazing effects.

In Hong Kong Disneyland, you can also enjoy Iron Man themed foods and beverages such as Waffle Iron Man and Iron Man Desserts. This meal is located in the Chef Mickey area, while Iron Man-themed drinks can be found at the resort hotel.

Oct 10

4 Places For Honeymoon

JustMarriedWhether you have just become a couple united in marriage, we wish you a new life. And as a new couple does you plan to celebrate the honeymoon. Choosing the right honeymoon spot becomes a must for a new couple. Included in determining the cost to be able to enjoy the honeymoon without burdening the financial.

Quoting Asiaone, here are 4 cheap vacation spots for a honeymoon:

1. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang located in Laos has an interesting tour. Because some attractions in Laos is a world heritage set by UNESCO. Like Luang Prabang in Laos that is almost similar to Disneyland in Singapore. Moreover, there is a beautiful beach with a Mekong direction. It also has a romantic French restaurant and beautiful temples.

To travel to Laos did not cost too much. Approximately  US$ 300 . To further save money, by ordering two separate flights, one from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Luang Prabang.

2. Ko Lanta, Thailand


As far as a honeymoon destination, Thailand is famous all over the world for its beautiful beaches. The problem is that if you choose the wrong beach location, like Patong Beach, will drain your finances while spending a honeymoon.

Well, for that, Ko Lanta beach is one of the islands with low cost. Being in Southern Thailand will be many tourists who enjoy a relaxing time honeymoon. You can stay in the beach bungalow. And do not find it difficult to find a long stretch of sand and quiet without interference by other tourists.

Ko Lanta is within easy reach of Krabi with cheap flights, where it costs to go and go for 100USD. You can then take a bus to Ko Lanta for your next trip.

3. Dalat, Vietnam

DalatVietnam Valleyoflove

Everyone might think Paris is a city of love, but that’s because they’ve never been to Dalat. One City in the South Central part of Vietnam is filled with French colonial architecture, blessed with the cool weather. Like Genting Highlands place thanks to its height, and has become famous in Vietnam for being a romantic city where people spend their time there

Stay at a lakeside resort and spend your days wandering through the beautiful flower gardens. As well as visiting the Valley of Love which is a favorite place in Vietnam. To go to Dalat for a fee between USD250 to commute by choosing an airplane between Scoot, VietJet Air, and Jetstar.

4. Lijiang, China


Going to China does not necessarily mean jostling in some overcrowded metropolises. Lijiang is one of the many beautiful destinations in China. The city located in Yunnan Province is famous for its beauty. But you also have to choose a time that does not coincide with the Chinese day that will be dense and disrupt your honeymoon.

Not only that, the popular destination here is to stay at the traditional Chinese guesthouse. With views of the well-kept old town. You can also enjoy the magnificent peak of Dragon Snow Mountain. You will soon begin to feel like a character in some Wuxia movies.