Aug 16

A Different Kind of Clown

One of my nephews turned 6 recently and had a birthday party. I volunteered to be the entertainment for the party. The boy’s parents wanted to hire a clown for the party, but I told them that I could do just as good of a job as any clown, only with more style. I didn’t follow the typical stereotypical model of a clown that walks around in big shoes, tacky clothes, and a multicolored wig. I rented a limo from Paradise Toronto Limo, which served as my clown car. I pulled one of my old suits out of the closet, got a red bow tie, and painted my face to become the gentleman clown.

My version of the clown had an attitude similar to a snooty rich man with a British accent. I arrived at the party in the limo, which caused the kids at the party to go into a frenzy of excitement. When I stepped out of the car in my clown outfit, the kids started laughing, which is exactly what I wanted. I began my act like a clown usually would, but instead of juggling balls and bowling pins, I was be juggling large fake diamonds and wads of cash. One of the kids asked me if I could make something out of balloons, and I made a limo.

The kids loved the act, especially when I gave them prizes. I gave the birthday boy a special present that he would never forget. It was a gift wrapped box that when opened would send fake money flying through the air. As soon as he opened it, the cash flew everywhere, and all the kids scrambled for it. At the bottom of the box was a string with a note attached, telling the recipient to pull it. Once pulled, a hidden compartment was revealed containing $200, which made my nephew’s eyes go wide..