Aug 13

A Party Bus is Much Easier to Get into and out of Than a Stretch Limo

My old knees do not bend like they used to. When my wife and I were married 30 years ago, I was a lot more limber. Time has a way of wearing some parts out. We rented a stretch limo when we got married, but we decided on a party bus for Toronto for our wedding vow renewal service and reception. We wanted to get family and friends together for a special occasion. We figured that everyone would like to participate in our wedding vow renewal. Nothing like an excuse to get together, eh? Well, my wife and I are best friends too. Our vows have been permanent in our minds from the moment we first said them. The renewal of our vows is more of a celebration of our marriage than it is a resigning of a contract!

I was not too keen on crawling into and out of a stretch limo. We tried a couple out as we toured the vehicles of the limo rental company. The party bus, on the other hand, was really nice and comfortable. I can easily go up steps. Going down steps I need to just hang onto a railing. Crawling is out for me at the moment. I am having rehabilitation on my knees to get back range of motion and pain relief. It was not gong to be completed before our wedding vow renewal service. So, the party bus was the way to go. It was like walking into and out of a room. There was no cramped spaces at all. The seating was really comfortable too.

You do not have to be old with bad knees to enjoy having a party bus for your wedding or wedding vow renewal service. They would be great even for prom night for a group of kids. If you are planning on renting a limo, check out the upgrade to a party bus. You may be very well surprised.