Aug 16

I Had a Great Night and Gained a Girlfriend, Too

I found myself with a crush on a coworker at work for over a year. I made sure not to approach her outside of a professional capacity because dating coworkers is completely frowned upon where we work. But at some point, we all had to take some clients out on a Platinum Toronto Party Bus and I got to know her even better. That is how I knew that I needed to move beyond the crush stage and actually ask her out. I hoped that she would say yes.

We have some clients from Asia who really love to do things that are unique and thought to be a big part of the American landscape. So, we all brain-stormed different things we thought might be really exciting to our clients at one of our Monday morning meetings. The bus idea was my idea, and I followed that up with suggesting that we should take them out for a southern-style meal beforehand. I knew that this type of food was not the norm in their part of the world, and getting to choose from a menu with fried green tomatoes, catfish, cornbread, sweet tea and so many other delights would be very new for them.

When we took our clients out, three of us in the sales department were in charge of overseeing everything and making sure that everyone had a great time. None of us who are employees were to have more than one or two drinks, and instead, we were told that the night was all about our guests. This meant they could drink as much as they wanted to. I knew that making sure they had dinner beforehand would help them to not overindulge too much during the event on the bus itself. That was the night that I ended up asking my crush out for the first time. She said yes, so I feel like I won over the clients and her that night.