Dec 07

Traveling to Niagara Falls with Young Children

Niagara FallsThe natural beauty of Niagara Falls makes it a must-visit stop on everyone’s travel bucket list. If your children are lucky enough to be going in their youth, make sure they get the most out of their visit so they have plenty of remarkable memories of the site.

Stay on the Canadian Side

Book a stay at Sheraton On The Falls, even if it’s just for the night. You might not think you need more than a day to explore a falls, but this is one of the biggest falls in the world, and an entire culture has sprouted up around it. Kids are going to want to do it all. Give yourself time to rest by planning a two-day excursion and having a hotel room to get back to for naps.

Get Misted

Book a tour on a boat that takes you so close to the falls, you have to wear ponchos or go on the Journey Behind the Falls tour through the bedrock. When it comes to long-term memories, visceral ones last the longest, and you don’t get more tangible when it comes to the falls than feeling it spray on your face.
Ask a tour guide or someone at the front desk of your hotel about the best activities for kids at Niagara Falls. The Canadian side of the falls simply has more to do period, so it’s better to stay there.