Mar 26

Vacation Is Easier With Google’s Feature Destinations

Recently, Google the giant search engine technology, has published a really cool feature on its search engine, a new feature that is named “Destinations on Google”.

Featured Destinations on Google this you can easily get an idea or plan your vacation in just one click. Not just a getaway, but you also get flight information, hotel cheap, when You have to go to the place and also what activities will you do in the getaway. Google makes the feature almost close to reality. But for now you can only enjoy such features on a Google search on Smartphones, this feature serves as a digital travel agent provides information fast, comprehensive, and intuitive. This will help you narrow down where (and when) to travel, combine multiple goals on the trip of your dreams, and let you set the parameters for cost of travel plans vacation so that in accordance with your bags.

Here’s how to use the features of Google On Destinations:Google-Destinations

Open Google on Smartphones

To find your vacation, go to Google on your Smartphone, type search keywords such as “Europe Destinations”. Always use the word “destination” whenever you want to use google’s new feature. You will get a series of information in various cities, presented in order of popularity (the data is determined based on search volume and location data).

The information for each goal, you will find the cheapest week when to travel and the average price of a flight from your current location, along with the cost of an average three star hotel. Certainly with information presented by google’s new feature makes the best way to get the information and the cost of even a proper schedule for the holidays.

Find Your Dream Vacation

To find your Dream Trip, there is a small menu at the top of the destination card which allows you to filter or filter your desired date, budget, or in some cases there are also flowers. Select the “architecture” not “hiking,” for example, the purpose of your vacation to Europe will be shifted from Majorca and Mount Etna to the Amsterdam and Madrid. Click on a particular month and the card will show the week with the most affordable price for traveling within the time period that you specify. For example, you enter a budget of only $ 1000 for a seven-night vacation, then Google will not display in expensive cities like Paris or London.

Once you decide Your holiday destination, you have two options: you can explore to learn more about local highlights, or “plan a journey” by choosing a date, flights, and hotels.

Explore in fashion, the most useful feature is on the part of the journey that was recommended, based on where the tourists will actually go (and in what order) – Google could figure out that by looking at the location data – as anonymous as well as a combination of popular searches.

“Plan A Trip” shows how great Google data. Here, an algorithm to calculate the total cost of your trip, adjust the amount of money directly through the calendar options. It also adjusts the flight options, presenting three or four trips is optimized at the top and the rest are sorted by price. And for hotel options based on your preferences, show you for what you order and according to the date that you want.

Here above is the easiest way to find your best vacation trips with easy Destinations in Google, quickly and with complete information. Of course, features of google still have a lot of weakness, because google displays information based on the data which was owned from the merger of various popular search sites and its search engine. Hopefully this feature will be developed with more accurate and easier again, because this feature is really useful and make it easier for us in seeking a getaway, vacation time, the cost of a vacation and find the hotel that suits your holiday budget. (Source: google blog)