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Dec 09

How to Encourage Your Kids to Make Their Own Money

mom and kids

Unfortunately, schools no longer teach some important life skills, like balancing a checkbook or how to earn and save money. You can encourage your kids to earn and save their own money by explaining to them the basics and importance of this valuable life skill. And you don’t need a classroom to do it. Explain …

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Sep 15

The Market in Yacht Sales is Very Strong and Should Continue to Thrive


The Market in Yacht Sales is Very Strong and Should Continue to Thrive Even though summer is beginning to wind down with the fall season approaching, activities in the boating world continue to be vibrant. As cooler and more inclement weather creeps its way closer in the north, some boaters are getting their last leisure …

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Aug 16

A Different Kind of Clown


One of my nephews turned 6 recently and had a birthday party. I volunteered to be the entertainment for the party. The boy’s parents wanted to hire a clown for the party, but I told them that I could do just as good of a job as any clown, only with more style. I didn’t …

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Aug 16

Party Bus Rental for Concert

party bus limo

I have decided that I am going to rent a party bus to go to a concert with some friends and my little brother. It is a great concert, or at least, I expect that is going to be a great concert. I haven’t seen this band before but I have always wanted to. We …

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Aug 16

I Had a Great Night and Gained a Girlfriend, Too

night party limo

I found myself with a crush on a coworker at work for over a year. I made sure not to approach her outside of a professional capacity because dating coworkers is completely frowned upon where we work. But at some point, we all had to take some clients out on a Platinum Toronto Party Bus …

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Aug 16

My Great-Grandmother Motivates Her Elderly Friends to Stay Active

My great-grandmother is no wallflower. She is outspoken and very active. You would never be able to guess that she is 85. She recently got online to schedule renting of a party bus at http://platinumpartybustoronto.com to get her and some women who live in the same senior apartment building she lives in to an orchestral …

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Aug 13

A Party Bus is Much Easier to Get into and out of Than a Stretch Limo


My old knees do not bend like they used to. When my wife and I were married 30 years ago, I was a lot more limber. Time has a way of wearing some parts out. We rented a stretch limo when we got married, but we decided on a party bus for Toronto for our …

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Mar 26

Vacation Is Easier With Google’s Feature Destinations

Recently, Google the giant search engine technology, has published a really cool feature on its search engine, a new feature that is named “Destinations on Google”. Featured Destinations on Google this you can easily get an idea or plan your vacation in just one click. Not just a getaway, but you also get flight information, …

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Jan 06

Step By Step To Implementing a Fire Safety Plan On Your Boat


Do you have a response plan in place should a fire break out on your boat? Fire on land is dangerous enough, and you may think it’s actually better to have a fire on a boat; after all, you’re surrounded by water, so it can’t spread. While that may be true, a fire on your …

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