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Dec 20

5 Extreme and unusual Tours in Indonesia

Climb Mount Semeru, East Java

Indonesia has many spectacular sights and not inferior to other countries. For those of you who like to visit in Indonesia, of course vacation mediocrity is no longer interesting. However, what if we challenge you to try an unusual holiday, such as rock climbing, body surfing, or bungee jumping. Extreme tourism activity that turns out …

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Dec 19

6 Places For Who Likes Adventure

adventure traveling

Traveled to various places you’ve never visited before certainly a challenge. Especially if the many tourist places reviewed in various travel sites. However, it takes special preparation to be able to explore the tourist attractions presents a variety of challenges. Here are some of the tourist spots in the world that are reserved for those …

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Oct 30

The Most Haunted Beaches In The world

Kaupoa Beach In Hawai

The beach is a place that is synonymous with the beauty and joy of its visitors. But who would have thought, besides the beauty of its fine white sand with it there are some beaches that are famous because of the haunted. Starting from America to Singapore, following four the haunted Beach which is famous …

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