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Mar 04


bangka belitung island

Bangka Belitung Island is a young province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bangka is derived from the word vangka that means tin, because there are a lot of tin contained on the island. In addition, Bangka Belitung is very appropriate for tourists who love the natural panorama beach. The beauty of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung …

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May 05

San Alfonso Del Mar, the largest Pool In The World

San Alfonso Del Mar

San Alfonso Del Mar is the largest pool in the world. San Alfonso Del Mar itself is located in the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, in the town of Algarrobo, Chile. Or, about 60 miles or 100 km from the capital city of Santiago. If seen from afar, this pool is unlike man-made ponds in …

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Mar 30

Kuta Beach: From A Village Become World Tourism Destination


Originality Kuta is just a quiet village with beautiful waves far from the buzz of the crowd. But now Kuta has become the destination of foreign tourists are very popular in the world. Visited by tourists who want to enjoy the nautical tourism. This is where you can swim, surf, or sunbathe on the beautiful …

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Mar 08

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park: Panorama Spectacular Volcano and Desert


Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers an area of ​​800 square kilometers located in East Java. For anyone who has a love of volcanic atmosphere, a visit to the park is a must. This park is the largest volcanic region in the province of East Java. Visit this park and see the plumes of smoke …

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Mar 03

Ijen Crater: Natural Beauty of Traditional Sulfur miners

Ijen Crater

This is one of Indonesia’s natural beauty charm outstanding and have led many tourists from various countries. This is where you can see an amazing wide crater lake along the blue flame of sulfur at night. In addition to being a tourist destination hiking, Ijen Crater is also a traditional sulfur mining areas up and …

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Mar 01

Place Of Interest in East Java Indonesia

East Java

East Java, including the most populated areas in Java. This province has a unique charm that tour will entice you to visit. East Java is very rich in various places of your vacation alternative. Attractiveness or existing tourist destinations include: nature tourism, beach tourism, mountain tours, shopping tours, educational tours, art tours, cultural tours, marine …

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Feb 23

Palau; One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World

Palau island

Tourist destination this time is Palau, an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, 500 km east of the Philippines. Koror is the capital of the country, located on the island of Koror which houses around 17 235 (90%) of the population Palau. The city is connected by several bridges with other cities. Palau consists …

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Feb 21

Ghost as a tourism object, in Scotland

Edinburgh castle

Many ways to attract tourists in the various regions and countries of the world, among others, to make the characteristic or unique to the area as an attraction. And Scotland also makes the “spirits” or “ghosts” as the topic interesting trips are recommended for tourists. This unique way of marketing is very successful, many appeared …

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Jan 03

10 Travelling Destination In Europe With Minimum Budget


Europe is the continent’s most expensive for foreign tourists. However, there are few cities in Europe that is very affordable in terms of budget. The website of USA Today analyses the cost of staying in hotels, meals, airfare, and tourism attractions in cities that are affordable for the working class. In those cities, travellers can …

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