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Oct 15

The Best Destination In Egypt

Giza Pyramid

Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and Luxor’s ancient temples that are thousands of years old. Although the sights in Egypt focused than most tourists visit that still leads to a large building along the Nile River, but a trip to …

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Oct 07

7 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Milan

Largest cathedral

Milan is a city that is modern and fun in Italy. Various tourist attractions in Milan attractive historic buildings, standing and waiting for your visit. Wherever your destination, Milan will always offer the beauty of the city. In addition to shopping, many places in Milan which also serves a nice experience and very interesting to …

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Oct 01

Most Popular Places in Venice

Canal Grande

Venice is one of the most mysterious and interesting city in Italy. Venice was built on a lagoon off the coast of northeast Italy, the town has made imagination of visitors stuck for over a thousand years. This city was built on a series of islands are slowly sinking, and the traditional streets in this …

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Sep 23

Fun Place To Visit During The Holidays In New York


Exciting places ranging from dining, Garden to art museums in New York City, United States. From eating in the East Village and walking on top of the Skywalk, the best thing you can do and you see in the city that never sleeps. 1. Red Rooster Uptown is the most visited places of the people …

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Sep 20

The City’s Most Beautiful Architecture In The World

Florence, Italy

Three cities received the title as the city with the most beautiful architecture of the Institute of Modern Architecture in Sydney. Come, see the city anywhere that has the most beautiful architecture in the world, as reported by the Telegraph’s website on Thursday (09/17/2015). Isfahan, Iran The title of the city with beautiful architecture awarded …

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Sep 19

The Bog snorkeling

Bog Snorkeling Championships1

Some time ago, the world’s best athletes gathered somewhere to throw themselves into the swamp. This is not talking about the Olympics, but it talks about the World Bog Snorkeling Championships, which have become a tradition and persist for decades. Bog snorkeling is a sport of diving, it’s just different from diving in general. If …

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Sep 18

Best Travel Destinations For The Eat Lovers

food lovers

No matter wherever you go sightseeing, activities that will never be abandoned and could be one of the most widely done is eat. However, if you are really enjoying real food, it’s time to make travel plans or culinary tour to your liking. Consider the review that was launched from Popsugar, Saturday (07/25/2015), who knows …

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Sep 05

There is a unique beach in Indonesia

beautiful island

Indonesia is an island nation surrounded by the sea. So, I wonder if it has many beautiful beaches. Moreover, in Indonesia there are also unique beaches. Such as beaches with hot water in Tidore. Or beaches with sand that extends 2 km to the sea in the Moluccas. In addition, there’s more uniqueness another beach …

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Aug 27

Close since 2012, Luxury The Rits Paris will Reopens

Luxury The Rits Paris

Closed in 2012 to undergo a major renovation, The Ritz, Paris, will be re-opened. Began in March 2016, the hotel will open a reservation. As reported by Women’s Wear Daily website on Thursday (08/13/2015), the price of the room opened from US $ 985. The 5-star Ritz included as one of the luxurious and legendary …

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Aug 27

Exploring Unique Restaurants in Russia

Twin Stars

A restaurant that is arguably unique, because of the owners to the employees who worked twins. So everything in the restaurant’s brothers, except for the guests. The owner of the restaurant which is located in Moscow, it promises guests a very memorable dining experience. Not because vodka drinks were very good, but because the presence …

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