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Aug 26

Unique Restaurants Serve Food Made From `Garbage` Supermarket

Rub og Stub

Latest Data Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in October 2013 calls, one of eight people in the world suffers from hunger. More than 842 million people, or about 12% of the Earth’s population, is chronically malnourished. On the other hand, each year, 2 billion tons of food to be consumed ends up in the trash. …

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Aug 26

3 Cities in World Not Convenient to Visited

Delhi, India

Traveling to other cities had the pleasure and difficulties of its own. Especially if the cities visited is located in another country. By visiting the cities that exist in other countries, one can feel the direct cultural differences, ranging from language, food, and so forth. Some of the things found in those cities may be …

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Aug 25

Enjoy Historic Buildings while Staying at the University of Oxford

Oxford University

You may have aspirations to study at the University of Oxford. Included as one of the oldest universities in the world, and the oldest in England, Oxford has scored a lot of world leaders through quality education that were presented. One of the world leaders who have been educated at university it was Ronald Reagan, …

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Aug 24

Family Tour Accompanied By a Thousands of Dwarves

Gnome Reserve

In family tourism, the location is still beautiful with satisfactory accommodation is an ideal thing. Things to Do Gnome Reserve – translates to “Nature Reserve Dwarfs” – in, North Devon, England, offers it. And with the addition of thousands of dwarves. Located in the countryside between Biderod and Bude, just 11.3 kilometers from the boundary …

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Aug 23

New round Suez Canal

Suez Canal2

Reopened in 1975 after being closed due to the war between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal in August 2014 ago launched an ambitious mission to build a new canal along the 22 miles, which allows shipping can be done in two directions. In 2015, the aspiration is completed, and the Suez Canal can now …

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Aug 15

Family Vacation Destinations in Melbourne


Australia is one of the popular tourist destinations in countries around the world. No wonder tourists visiting this Kangaroo country is increasing from year to year. Modernity, urban planning, and natural beauty offered by the continent that is the main attraction of tourists. As the most livable cities in the world and the second Metropolis …

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Aug 14

Best Destinations Exploring the State Of Kangaroo With Driving Cars


One of the exciting and fun way to spend vacation time in Australia is driving the car. You can venture into many states, enjoying the variety of beautiful natural scenery and diverse. Starting from the coast, the mountains, tea plantations, desert, to the countryside, can be found in Australia. Rules and regulations highways in Australia …

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Aug 13

Most Extreme Water Slides In The World

Summit Plummer

Not many good things resulting from the convergence of water and gravity. Who wants to slip a puddle on the floor of an office lobby or trapped when the rain would go on a date? However, a different story water slide. Not only children, our aged adults were happy with this attraction and come in …

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Aug 12

The reason why tourists reluctant to Visiting Napoli


Not all cities in Italy are a dream destination for tourists. Like Napoli, located in the southern part of Italy, famous for a long time is not recommended place to visit and vacation. As reported by the Businessinsider on Saturday (08/01/2015), which became one of the reasons is Napoli had a bad tour. In addition, …

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Aug 07

This is it The beaches With Sand Gold in the UK

Bantham Beach, Devon

Britain is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. In addition filled with a variety of art Deco buildings, Britain is also famous for its natural scenery, charming, one of which is the view of the beach. Beaches in the UK is famous for its golden sand, but can play the water, you …

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