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Feb 19

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

La Tour Eiffel or the Eiffel Tower is the most prominent building in the city of Paris there is a field Champ de Mars beside the Seine River and is known as a symbol of the French state. The Eiffel Tower was built as a gateway l’Exposition Universelle in 1889, a World’s Fair that coincides …

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Feb 15

Most Mysterious Places and the Exotic World


Our world is full of mysterious places that hide their secrets in the dust existing civilization. Ancient castle, sculpture or porters sacred, hidden land, and a variety of places that deserve more attention than those who love adventure. Let’s begin mysterious adventure from one place to another. 1. The Easter Island, the island is located …

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Feb 12

Brisbane Beautiful City In Queensland


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland state in Australia, which has a population of 1.820 million people with an area of ​​4260 km2. Because of its subtropical climate, natural beauty became very famous in the world, let alone supported by a strong economy and a high standard of living that makes the city of Brisbane …

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Feb 09

Here’s 5 Best Cities for Women

traveling women

If Elizabeth Gilbert in his book Eat, Pray, Love, chose three countries to seek pleasure (Italy), balance (India), and love (Indonesia), Loren Chidoni, editor of Women’s Health magazine selected five best cities for women. According to him, the city has five secrets to be healthy, happy and fit. Generating mood in San Jose, California If …

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Feb 07

Paris Syndrome, You Will Be Shocked At Been To Paris


Most Japanese consider Paris as a romantic city, suave, warm and very friendly, so the city of love has always been the main objectives traveled. Unfortunately, when he arrived in Paris, the shadow was not as expected, as a result every year many Japanese tourists hit Paris Syndrome. The term Paris Syndrome, first appeared in …

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Feb 05

Want Vacation To The Milan? 13 Interesting Places in Milan

Basilica church

There are several things you can do while in Milan without having to spend a lot of money or a penny. Outside dining and transportation costs, the following 13 things presented by a citizen named Ales Bonaccorsi Milan who happened to work at the Scientific Museum when talking with wolipop recently. 1. Duomo This iconic …

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Feb 02

This is Best Island For The Holidays

beautiful island

Do you love the holiday on the island? Of course, you will be covered with a tropical beach scene with soft sand, swaying palm leaves are lined up along the beach. No matter the vast island, or even a small island, you will surely feel like having an incredible place that is away from the …

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Jan 29

This is the 9 location in London Travel Guide

United Kingdom

Many places of interest can be visited in London, England, at no charge. All you need to do is just visit it. Curious? You can visit the following places: 1. Museum of Science (www.sciencemuseum.org.uk) Very informative and entertaining, Science Museum, which has seven floors filled with interactive exhibits. Energy hall, for example, where you can …

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Jan 26

Got Vacation Plans? Top 10 Cities in the World Decent Visited

Eiffel Tower

Lonelyplanet prioritize cultural festivals and sporting events as the main attraction of the Cities that are worth a visit in the coming year. San Francisco is rated as the most worthy place to visit next year, According to the latest Lonely Planet’s list of 10 Cities in the world that must be visited. As one …

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