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Dec 07

Traveling to Niagara Falls with Young Children

Niagara Falls1

The natural beauty of Niagara Falls makes it a must-visit stop on everyone’s travel bucket list. If your children are lucky enough to be going in their youth, make sure they get the most out of their visit so they have plenty of remarkable memories of the site. Stay on the Canadian Side Book a …

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Jun 06

Finding the Right Hotel in Las Vegas

las vegas hotel

Many people need a Las Vegas hotel FAQ’S to help them understand what all the city has to offer. If you are planning a trip to this bustling area, be sure to look at a few different hotels before making your mind up. You can discover the best room for your sense of style, your …

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May 24

Cenote Angelita, Underwater River in Mexico

The tree at the under of the sea

Before getting into Cenote Angelita, we must understand the meaning of “Cenote”. The word “Cenote” is derived from the Maya Word D’zonot “” which means “a hole/cave has underground water”. While “Angelita” means “little angel”. So Cenote Angelita means “Cave of the little angel”. The term Cenote was used to refer to an existing hole/cave …

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Mar 18

Visit Lombok And Sumbawa For Your Vacation


Indonesia, an archipelago with many beautiful places. Each region has diverse cultures. Bali is one of the places that are known in all countries, but not the only island of Bali which is owned by Indonesia. Lombok and Sumbawa also have a lot of beauty. Visit Lombok if you vacation in Indonesia.       …

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Mar 10

Erau East Kalimantan Cultural Traditions The Stay Alive

East Kalimantan Cultural2

Erau is an Indonesian cultural tradition that is held every year with activities in the center Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. Erau derived from Kutai, Eroh which means crowded, boisterous, noisy, joyful atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively, boisterous voice in the sense of the many activities of a group of people who have good intent and meaning is …

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Mar 05

Italy Romantic Place


Italy is known for having a lot of beautiful and historic city that is worth a visit for the purpose of tourist attractions in Italy. The trip to the Italian city is best done by train, because driving in Italian cities may be very difficult due to the density of traffic flow in the course. …

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Mar 04


bangka belitung island

Bangka Belitung Island is a young province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bangka is derived from the word vangka that means tin, because there are a lot of tin contained on the island. In addition, Bangka Belitung is very appropriate for tourists who love the natural panorama beach. The beauty of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung …

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Feb 28

6 Tips Save for vacation!

cheap traveling

Vacation indeed be one way to relieve tired of the routine. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and accommodation is often an obstacle to start a vacation plan. Especially if you want to holiday abroad. Vacationing saving Actually Bright Friends do not need to wait for an outing or lottery office to feel the holiday fun. …

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Feb 14

Sightseeing Tour Of Raja Ampat, Papua’s Most Exotic

raja ampat

Raja Ampat is a tourist place in Papua, which has worldwide. Raja Ampat fame as one of the most attractive travel destinations have been documented in the documentary film entitled “Edis Paradise 3? With its premiere in Switzerland. A documentary made by Avant Premiere raised the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in …

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Apr 29

Most Famous Volcanoes In Japan

fuji mountain

Japan Has the country’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji, but in addition to Mount Fuji. Japanese have Mount Fuji mountain besides there are other famous mountains in Japan and is still active. There are 109 active volcanoes in Japan, or about 10 percent of all active volcanoes in the world. And with more than 70 …

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