Jan 01

10 Preparation Tips For Beginners Hiking

hikingFor those of you who make up the mountain or hiking as a new hobby, here are some important notes that you should prepare before hiking.

1. Prepare the physical

Mountain climbing or hiking is strenuous activity. So that the body is not too surprised by the changes in the body’s metabolism and changes in the environment, then you have to practice physic (read: sport) is more intense than regular days. If you are used to exercising, add a little intensity of your exercise at least 2 weeks prior to hiking. If you rarely exercise, prepare a longer time to adjust the body with physical exercise, such as a month earlier. The longer the period of your physical preparation, the better.

The challenge when going up the mountain is the body’s metabolic changes such as lactic acid buildup that makes the body ache, heart beats faster, and so on. In addition, environmental changes such as changes in oxygen density and a decrease in air temperature due to the altitude, the limited availability of drinking water, etc. add to the challenge of mountain climbers. With more intensive exercise before schedule carried up the mountain, the body will be better prepared to face these challenges. Moreover, mentally you will also be more confident since been preparing physically.

The recommended exercise is exercise warm up before starting exercise to prevent muscle cramps during training, or jogging path with improved mileage every practice, sit-ups, pushup, pump, up and down stairs, and closed with the movement of cooling.

In addition to exercise, diet and sleep patterns should be kept before departing. Not infrequently the mountaineers who have a strong body suddenly cluck when going up the mountain because of the lack of sleep the previous night or not eating so colds. So that when hiking physically stronger and be more able to enjoy being with friends and the beauty of nature, watch your diet and sleep.


2. Preparation of equipment

Preparing the equipment long before hiking schedule should be carried out, at least to make a list of what equipment you need to carry. Buy one at a hiking gear needs to be given a quality mountain climbing equipment is quite expensive and drain the bag if it must be purchased at one time. You can consider buying yourself hiking gear, especially if you have a plan for hiking back.

Another alternative is to rent the equipment. In a lease, make sure you have a down payment and bagging receipts. It is important to avoid fraud on the part of the rental.

Another way to save on the budget is by borrowing from friends / relatives who have the equipment you need. There is no harm in borrowing from friends / relatives, but make sure the person does not use the date when you go up the mountain. So set the date, inform much of the day, and confirm that at least one week before the ride, so that they remember. Even if forced to rent because your friend suddenly cannot lend, the week will be enough to take care of the rental.

3. Preparation of logistics

The necessary calculations are good for logistics. Logistical problems associated with the number of times you eat, how many team members who will participate, and any reasonable menu for consumption on the mountain later. Do not forget to consider cooking utensil according to the menu and did not bother to carry.

Calculations do not need to be too accurate, but earned enough detail so that you do not lack food, or excess food. Lack of food can be fatal while the excess food can make your energy wasted just to carry groceries that proved too much so to be brought down back.

We recommend that each team member brings groceries. First, that the heavy burden that should be taken evenly distributed team. Second, to survive if inadvertently separated from the group.

It is better if everyone on the team to bring snacks to stock up on the way. You are not advisable to dismantle the carrier on the trip because it would inconvenient and slow journey, so prepare space for snacks, especially chocolate and brown sugar as a booster hunger at the same energy enhancer. Can Pocket pants or in small extra pouch in the bag that is easy to open.

4. Preparation of drugs

When hiking, you should always prepare medicines. Drugs are divided into two types, namely general medicine and personalized medicine.

General medicine is a drug that is used for common ailments, such as migraine headaches, cure wounds, fever and flu medicine, bandages, alcohol, and so on. While personalized medicine is a drug used for the disease you are suffering. Suppose you have a history of asthma, then you have to remember to bring their own asthma medication because not you bring to your friend. Other examples such as when it entered the schedule coming months (for women), then should you, the women, prepare yourself pads, anti-pain medication coming months, as well as enhancing drugs blood to prevent anemia. So basically you should be aware of the health of themselves and not depend on others.

5. Preparation Costs

Preparation costs are no less important. Adjust the travel expenses and your income. Do not forget to prepare an emergency fund in case. Do a good calculation in order to drive up the mountain does not plunge you in debt.

6. Mental Preparation

When hiking, mountain climbers sometimes faced with situations beyond desire. Therefore, to avoid frustration and a sense of stress when going up the mountain, you have to prepare mentally. Consider it practice maturation itself to face the real life that sometimes unpredictable.


7. The organization of a permit

If the mountain will be explored is protected mountain state, then make sure that your team had the letter of permission to enter the area of ​​the authorities. And do not forget to ask permission to the people at home, and parents especially if you are still a minor. Permit sounds trivial, but it is very important, especially if there is something that is not desirable, for example, you are separated from the group on the trip. But this is just an example, may not happen to you and the team, Aamiin.

8. Preparation time

The schedule should be prepared early mountain ride. First, so you have more time relieved and not rush in preparing this-and-that (see points 1-7). Second, get used to plan everything more mature. Planning hiking matures earlier and can prevent hiking schedule clashed with other schedules. Set priorities and you can focus on completing the work before the date of the mountain climb. So indirectly schedule can race up the mountain to be more productive. Besides choosing the right time can help determine what’s luggage should be increased or decreased to match the state of the environment in mountain destination.

9. Preparation Team

When novice hiking, activities, avoid hiking alone. Make sure you take at least one or two friends who know the terrain or previous hiking experience, and form a team. Shaping can motivate your team, improve collaboration and socialization, remind each other preparations that need to be done and simplify the preparation process equipment.

In one team, while hiking is done needs to be done as chairman of the division of tasks, pioneer, medical, and sweeper. The team leader is the leader of that decision. We recommend that the team leader is someone who is experienced in the lead, not selfish, and have authority. The team leader can concurrently pioneer, especially if you know the terrain. But if the team leader has not / do not know the terrain, the pioneer is not handed over to the head of the team, but to those who are more experienced, or Sherpa (signpost).

Medical is a member of a team that understands the use of drugs. Common pills should be taken by the medical so that no confusion, searching for drugs when there are sick. But keep in mind that each group member should bring their personal medications, especially for its own sake (as described in point 4).

The sweeper is a member of the team that runs behind, point to ensure that all team members are not separate. Should sweeper highly motivated and able to motivate a friend who moves slowly.

10. Living hiking

Last but not least. One of the reasons you are hiking sure to enjoy the natural beauty of God’s creation. Therefore, you who may be new in hiking activities must live the principles of nature lovers the following, namely: do not take nothing but pictures / photos, do not leave nothing but a trail, and do not choose anything but time.

These three principles should be emphasized on you who do hiking, whatever your main motivation. The second point, for example, is actually very easy. Unfortunately still many mountaineers who do not care so damaging mountain they once enjoyed. In order not to be a mountain climber who do not know yourself, then you should be concerned. Easy to do, is to prepare a large garbage bag to collect waste, especially plastic waste and glass.

Thus, some important tips to be considered by the mountaineers, especially novice mountaineers. Hope it is useful!