Jan 02

10 Tips For A Cheap Vacation To Europe

europetravelplansTo enter Europe, you need a Schengen Visa which can be administered through the Embassy of one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Luthuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. Remember, the United Kingdom does not include the Schengen, so must apply separately at the United Kingdom’s Embassy. So with one the visa, we can freely get into countries in Europe. The more impatient for immediate avenues to Europe instead?

The following 10 best tips so that your trip to Europe is saved.

1. Research

Plan Your trip properly. Buy a good guidebook such as “Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring”, or ask on the mailing list/forum/acquaintances who’ve been there. Make a travel itinerary in detail so that you can book transportation and lodging are far-away days earlier so it can be priced more cheaply. No need to be too ambitious to visit many cities or countries in a short time because it will be more expensive. Living in the suburbs or in rural areas will be more frugal. The streets in Eastern Europe are cheaper than Western Europe. Budget around € 40 per day in Western Europe, except in Switzerland which is super expensive. Eastern Europe is cheaper, budget around € 30/day, except Russia and Ukraine. This budget enough for accommodation, meals and local transportation ride.

2. Come in the right season

Allow at least 2 weeks. If it is less than it was just wrote only ‘makes tired’ body. Not worth it with the cost of plane tickets. Don’t go to Europe at a time of peak season, June to August when it’s summer so many local people on vacation. Do not also go in the weeks approaching Christmas and new year. In addition to the cornucopia of human beings everywhere, long line, prices bounced up, hard to also get lodging and transportation. The Europeans, especially France and Italy, really appreciate the quality of life. They will be stoic closed shop or hostel to enjoy the holidays with her family.

3. Hunting for the cheapest airline tickets

The largest expenditure in Europe has on prices. Make sure you hunt tickets away the previous day. If you have a Frequent Flyer reward points, take advantage of her by getting a free ticket as close as possible to the destination city. Try to take the open jaw ticket, it means go and return from different countries. For example, go to Frankfurt home from Rome. Thus, when you’ve been to Rome, no longer need to waste time and funds to return to Frankfurt. Flights between cities/countries in Europe shall be attempted. With the rise of low cost airlines, like Ryan Air or Easy Jet, will far save you time and cost compared to a train ride.

4. Stay at the hostel or your friend home

The most cost-efficient stay if there are relatives or friends there. If confident, could also stay for free at the home of a person who can be known to us through couchsurfing.com. But if you want can be a lot of fellow travellers and lazy indebted, stay at the hostel. Cheapest if sleep in the dorm, one room with bunk beds with bathroom amenities. Count the price per bed per night. The message can be via hostel online from websites that feature information about the hostel.

5. Sleep in night train

To cross the countries in Europe, the most effective and efficient train ride. To save on the cost of your stay, take a night to train until the next day so as not to have to pay the residence again. European train cars divided into 3 types with the most expensive to cheapest sequence, i.e. a Sleeper consists of 4 beds in 1 compartment Couchettes, which consists of 6 beds, and a Compartment consisting of 6 people (3-3) in the 1st compartment. When you plan to go to many countries in Western Europe, we recommend that you buy a Eurail Pass in the form of train ticket sign-on to all EU countries. This Canal ticket not valid for European citizenship so not sold there. You could buy at the travel agent or buy online at eurail.com. But if only travelling 3 countries or only in to Eastern Europe alone, it is better to buy the ticket directly at the station.

6. Eat at five feet

Eat at the restaurant obviously expensive, and we have to pay a service charge along with the tip. The solution is better to buy a meal at five feet away. The choice of sausages, burgers, kebabs, crepes, etc., with a large portion. If you want to eat a rather heavy, take advantage of the hostel which provides a package of breakfast or dinner at a bargain price. The price of food and drink at the hostel guaranteed cheaper than outside. Want cheaper again? If the hostel has a kitchen, shop for groceries at the supermarket and then cook at the hostel, such as frozen food, sandwiches, eggs. Eating there is also a trick. Great meal twice a day for 15 days and 6 pm, or 2 pm and 9 pm. Among other things, buy snacks or bread at the supermarket. If loss-averse, take your dry food.

7. Bring Water bottle for drink

A bottle of white water in Europe the price could reach 2 euros. So it’s better to bring a bottle of drinking water in faucets and refill, get in the water fountain or in public toilets. No need to worry, the water can be drunk directly there. Furthermore the white water that’s healthy right?

8. Minimization of admission

Entry monuments, museums, attractions, the price of the ticket is not cheap. Then go to where you really want to go. If you just want to make photos to make the envy of friends, it is better not to have to go up to the Eiffel Tower – simply stand in front of him without paying a ticket. Many activities are free of charge in Europe, for example, walk down the pedestrian and the Canal, hanging out in the plaza, watching buskers, or picnic in a public park. Look for info from the hostel or a fellow traveller of the museum, which is free or even free clubbing sponsored nightclubs. If you have a strong determination to enter all places, tourist destination and staying more than 4 days in a city, buy a ticket sign-on. E.g. Paris or London Sightseeing Pass Pass that includes hundreds of museums, galleries, attractions, free guidebooks, including even the public transport such as the metro and buses.

9. Travel light

So cheap and easy, the luggage aircraft do not more than 15 kg handbag and not more than 7 kg. Most practical carrying backpacks, then a maximum of 10 kg so that baseball mind. Do not carry the most clothing and footwear, suitable season in order not to have to buy it again. Be diligent washing clothes. Bring the detergents of washing clothes by hand 1-2 piece on bathroom because usually all hostels prohibits washing clothes in the washing machine if not the coins. To practice, bring a disposable inner and then discarded. Still feeling mind carrying a backpack? When planning for a day trip to a place, please place items in a locker is provided at the train station. Bring only the essential, such as wallets, cameras, documents, a small cell phone inside the bag.

10. The younger the cheaper

The age was influential with cheap travel in Europe. When you are younger than 25 years old then you will get a discount of 35% for Eurail Pass. If you are still in school, take advantage of the student card. With that card can be up to 50% discount in the museum and other sights. Students are not limited to HIGH SCHOOL only, but also for students S1, S2 and S3. So even though the old, cheap possibility is still there, the origin of the student’s status.