Feb 14

4 Tips To Still Look Pretty When Traveling

women travelingTraveling can free your mind from all the stress and fatigue. More recently, the trend became passable trendy solo traveler in the community. Well, if you want to try to do it this year, consider the following 4 tips to keep looking though a day of strolling to and fro to enjoy the holiday.

1. Drink lots of water

The body continues to move active all day when traveling makes you have to meet the water needs for the body. This is done to keep the skin to stay hydrated and do not look dull because of the sun. Prepare a bottle of mineral water that is designed specifically for a refill, to avoid chemical constituents present in the water bottle in the packaging.

2. Wear sunscreen

Dangers of UV-A and UV-B stalking you all day while outdoor activities during traveling. Therefore, you do not forget this one beauty products, sunscreens. Select that has an SPF of 15 and above, in order to protect the skin of the face and body to the maximum. You will avoid striped skin or redness caused by the scorching sun.

3. Carefully choose foods

Exploring new places not only about buildings and tourist locations, but also about the culinary charms. Well, to avoid allergies that make skin bumps and redness, you should be careful in choosing a snack or main dish repellent hungry. Make sure you choose a shop or restaurant which kept clean, and avoid menus that are prone to cause allergies such as seafood, or paste.

4. Spray insect repellent

You never know how the environmental conditions in each place you visit later when traveling. For that, you need to set up anti-insect spray to prevent small animals wild bite your skin and make it itchy. You certainly do not want the traveling event so annoyed because you have to scratching mosquito bitten feet while exploring the historical sites are already quite old?

That’s 4 traveling tips that may be useful to you.