Feb 28

6 Tips Save for vacation!

cheap travelingVacation indeed be one way to relieve tired of the routine. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and accommodation is often an obstacle to start a vacation plan. Especially if you want to holiday abroad.

Vacationing saving Actually Bright Friends do not need to wait for an outing or lottery office to feel the holiday fun. It is not difficult to plan a trip alone. With careful planning you do not need to bother with your budget. Let Birght Friends, consider the following tips frugal traveling!

1. First thing first: Saving!

Bright holiday destination Wherever and whenever goings Friends, saving is first and foremost thing you should do. Try to make special savings for this one thing, set aside a month for example, 10% of revenue. After that, if you already know will go anywhere for vacation, you do not need to shell out more money to buy a ticket and other accommodation because it has its own budget. Discipline is the key to troubleshooting this first, do not forget to save!

2. Research, research and research

Research would be important before planning a vacation. Do not hesitate to ask your friends who have often traveling to various places. Bright Friends also can search for information via travel sites, such as the lonely planet or a travel blog. That way you can get an idea of ​​how much it costs to be prepared. Next, calculate the estimated cost of travel to a complete vacation destination. For example, the budget to go around Southeast Asia would be different from the budget to enjoy the beauty of cherry country. Focus yourself to look for cheap accommodation, places to stay economical and affordable tourist areas.

3. Book in advance

According to research conducted by the US Travel and Tourism Industry, 24% chose the book in advance aka ordered from long ago as a way in order to economize while traveling. Typically, ticket, hotel room and even tour packages cheaper if bought earlier than the close-close. Another advantage you will not run out of tickets or run out of places to stay.

4. Search promos

Currently, many airlines to travel agents who often provide holiday promo at low prices. Starting from the free seats, a family pack, up to the price of one price for 2 people. For those of you who want to find a cheap promo, diligent open flying sites, follow twitter traveler like postcards or just check a site devoted to providing cheap travel package information like Wego. This is often done by Daniel who often plan traveling through the promotion of the economically priced airline.

5. Convenient and inexpensive

Forget staying in hotels when they want to holiday-efficient manner. Choose a place to stay backpacker style, as in hostels, homes of local residents to sleep on buses and trains. Choose a place to stay cheap and comfortable as did Daniel when traveling to Manila who choose to stay home residents through couchsurfing site assistance. Besides friends for bags, you can also get info about your vacation spot directly over the local population. In addition to price, comfort is the main thing. So, before hiring, check out testimonials or reviews from others. No need to rent a luxury room anyway, when even your vacation will not be much in the room, is not it?

6. Last thing traveling on the list: shopping!

Difficult to deny the shopping has become one of the to-do list when going on vacation to a place. In addition to buying presents for relatives at home, have a distinctive local souvenir as a keepsake as the main reason. However, what often happens is shopping in the early days of vacation. The result, not until the last day, you have to downsize in order to survive more before returning home, shopping activities on the list should be your last. The goal is to save pocket money, and you will not be burdened with too much luggage when I had moved around a place to stay.