Mar 29

Bad Habits During The Holidays That Threaten Healthy

healthy traveling coverThe main rule during the holidays is to do activities outside the daily habits. That’s where the joy of the holiday. Absolutely but sometimes for some people outside activities can actually threaten the health habits including life safety. Especially if the easement and excessive, may actually give bad impact.

Here are some activities outside the daily habits during the holidays should be wary:

1. Eating patterns became irregular

One lifestyle change is sleeping late. The result is a late breakfast. Not to mention lazy to get up, lazy out room inn to go to breakfast, or sometimes there is an extreme need to feel better breakfast for relaxing in the room. Though breakfast is an important first nutrient intake in a full day. Besides lack of energy, fatigue, can also cause colds or stomach pain.

On the way there is also a sense of lazy eating and drinking with a variety of reasons. Lazy to eat because there is no good when restaurant meals. Lazy drinking, being lazy urinate on the trip. Yet when the body is very needed vacation trip fluid intake because of fatigue.

All can be overcome with time planning more mature. Importantly, be aware that on the trip will not be the same at home where we can eat well with the menu we want. Yet, this is the joy of the holidays, try the unexpected.

2. Don’t pay attention to hygiene

The name of the holiday, wear T-shirts scent not with luscious scars a little is okay. Lazy bring clothes a lot right? A Dress or dress made of sleep can be used many times. Thrift wears a dried only. The lazy brush your teeth. Eating does not need to wash your hands and a myriad of other important activities carried out lazy during the holidays. Once is okay, but there are times the body off guard because the fatigue can lead to bacteria or viruses are easy to get into our body.

His tips are indeed little we have to sacrifice for the sake of hygiene. The victim’s feelings for fight sense of laziness. For example, when you don’t have the budget to wash clothes, can wash the shirt itself is only a small measure of detergent capital. Buy liquid hand Sanitizer, wet wipes, dry wipes and that cost a lot are cheap too. The bottom line, no matter where we are hygiene is important.

3. Try new things that trigger ‘ too ‘ adrenaline

For the sake of adrenaline, people often forget the same agency alone. Begin to forget the time, forget the ability, to have forgotten as a result. The most important “I can”. After can, certainly proud and delicious taste.

Activity triggers the adrenaline rush is generally good and is good for the body. In addition to enriching the experience also usually related physical activities. So much sweat drain equals sports. However, we must still remember the limits themselves. Not only physical but also psychological. Do not let the activities that you do make you couldn’t sleep well because of the activities of the ex trim you do get carried away in the dream.

If it were physically weak and not fresh, had a congenital disease such as heart disease or asthma, or too creepy, do not be too afraid and ashamed to say “no thanks”. Vacation is not for prestige, but bring happiness and enjoy life. Do not let the holiday fun, but ultimately it pains and torment.