Oct 21

Don’t Do This In Japan


A vacation to Japan is indeed fun, lots of interesting destinations make a visit. So the holidays you stay well, we recommend that you don’t do this.

Japan is famous for its cultural value. Although already modern all-round, any traditional values remain implanted.

The culture can also be found in the everyday life of the people of Japan. There are some different customs in Japan with other countries, as do the simple things that are considered bad and should be avoided.

As a tourist who was a guest, a traveler should avoid some things below. Collected from various sources, here are things to avoid during the holidays in Japan:

1. Don’t wear footwear inside the House

In fact, when compared to Indonesia, it is not much different. But in Japan, almost all houses enact these habits.

The footwear is used from outside should be replaced with the special slippers inside. This rule also applies in some public places, few schools in Japan also require that their students take off footwear from the outside and replace it when wanting to enter the room.

2. Eating while walking

Japan considers people eat and drink while walking is an inappropriate treatment. Although the vending machine and bought it at the drink in front of him.

Therefore, many of the few roadside eateries that provide fast food. The people of Japan are also accustomed to eating quickly, so finish eating a dish they will immediately leave the place to eat.

3. Give a tip

Many people leave some money on the table to give appreciation to them. However, it is different in Japan.

Give a tip or extra money could mean another in Japan. It could just be the person receiving the money think of it as an insult. Even though the taxi driver refused. Some places already enter the amount of the service charge in the Bill. So, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you give tip and remind its staff members if you’re left behind.

4. Pointing

Some people often use your index finger to give a description of the place. However, do not use it in Japan.

Pointing means rude and disrespectful in Japan. To provide information, simply by speaking or just use your hands.

5. Receiving goods with one hand

When receiving goods from others, people accustomed to Japan to accept it with two hands. With one hand, you are considered to be not appreciated the granting of such person.

Even if in a hurry, the cashier just putting change and bills in a small tray. So customers don’t have to pick it up directly from the cashier.

6. Grab the line

A quick rush and is indeed synonymous with Japan. But that does not mean they often grab the line to make it more quickly.

Discipline is the main value of the implanted person Japan, including lining up. Even in public places who have no line, people accustomed to Japan marched and sequence at first come. Grab the queue is considered very disrespectful actions.