Jun 24

How To Save For Traveling Backpacker in Bangkok Thailand

How To Save For Traveling Backpacker in Bangkok Thailand. For The Tourist Travelers Who Have Limited Budget in Bangkok Thailand.

In addition to careful preparation costs, there are 10 surefire tips to keep in mind while on vacation to Bangkok. These tips will make it easier, and make your traveling in Bangkok to be enjoyable.


Spend a vacation to the neighboring countries such as Thailand, is a very rare thing. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand does save a lot of the beauty of the sights that you must visit while on vacation. While on holiday in the city, you should prepare everything needed, plan the activities carried out and registering the tourist spots to be visited. The Bangkok city tour would not be complete without a ride Tuk Tuk.


Typical vehicle is indeed a very pleasant town, although the actual shape is similar to a three-wheeler. Tuk tuk has an open shape that makes tourists can enjoy views of Bangkok. This vehicle is still a favorite among tourists, though the charge is equal to the taxi. Tips for Bangkok, Thailand when I want to ride a Tuk Tuk should avoid the rise of around tourist spots because the tariff will be much more expensive.

Bangkok has a variety of cultural and culinary for you. There are grand temples, hundreds of years old, a giant sleeping Buddha statue, a building with charming architecture, to the variety of culinary offerings such as Tom Yum. However, there are some things you should consider when exploring the city.

Bangkok is the destination point for sightseeing as it provides a variety of shopping options. Bangkok is also very identical to the temples are scattered in various parts of the city that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Not only that, you will be treated to a variety of culinary delicacies in the corner of the Thai capital. However, before venturing to explore the city of Bangkok, there are many things that must be considered to be more convenient onward travel, cheap and fun. If you want to reduce costs, follow the tips to Bangkok Thailand. Here are 10 Tips to Save Budget Backpacker Bangkok

1. Come during the low season

The right time to come to Bangkok is currently low season, i.e. March until September. At that time Thailand was not a lot of tourists who come, so you can enjoy freely Bangkok.

2. Sailing at Chaopraya River

Using the ship as public transport rather than stuck in traffic on the streets is one of the best ways to enjoy Bangkok. Take a cruise along the Chao Praya River and enjoy the beautiful scenery mixture of old buildings and modern houses, temples, and others. Start the trip from central pier and continues to the north, you will see the famous places such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Grand Palace.

3. Book tickets ahead of time

It is also important to note. By ordering tickets ahead of time, you can get a cheaper ticket. Months from July to September is the high season time in Jakarta, so the price of the aircraft to be expensive. Yet when it was low season in Bangkok were filled with promos cheap hotels there.

4. Eating and drinking juice Healthy

You must really like drinking fresh juice and eat fresh fruit. In Thailand, we are blessed with a tropical climate that is very suitable for growing fruit. Markets in Bangkok are filled with seasonal fruits, so make sure you try it when you are here. Thailand has three seasons and each season has a different fruit.

5. The weather was the best start to the end of November

Bangkok has a climate similar to Indonesia. Well, the best time to visit Bangkok is starting in late November. At that time the weather was sunny and not raining. Thus, around Bangkok will be more exciting.

“October-November is the peak of the rain, towards the end of November the weather is good again,” said Indra explained.

6. Do not be afraid of running out of water and medicine

Bring drinking water is a must when traveling. Do not worry about running out of water and medicines in Bangkok. Why, there are many supermarkets in the streets of Bangkok, to replenish your supplies. Just like in Indonesia, medicines and bottled water available in many supermarkets, such as Seven Eleven provided every 10 meters.

7. Contact the Embassy if you find it difficult

“If in Bangkok, if there are things that are urgent, can contact the embassy, ​​and therefore before walking around make sure you look for info about embassy of your country, be it a telephone number or address of the embassy of your country. Here you can get information Bangkok in full or ask for help in case of trouble, such as a passport lost and others.

8. Following the lighting of a candle procession

There are several Buddhist ceremonies and festivals that you can follow. One of the amazing experiences was following the lighting of a candle procession during the full moon. You also may have heard the full moon party in Thailand – they are celebrated on the same day, but in very different ways! To find out what might festival taking place when you are in town, check the calendar of events.

9. Wear a hat and sunscreen

Bangkok which tends hot weather will make your skin burn. Wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight exposure to the eyes, and wear sunscreen so that the skin is not flammable. This is to make travel more comfortable.

10. Shopping

Chatuchak Market, which is also known as the weekend market. This is a very large market with various shops in it, ranging from restaurants, tattoo shops, pet shop, and much more. Many tourists who come here, but many locals also come here every day for shopping, so this is also the best way to experience the life of local residents.

Additionally, you should make travel plans that matured during a visit to Bangkok. You can pay a visit to Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Khao San Road, Grand Palace, Siam Ocean World, or Lumphini Park. However, you must choose a few sites are adjacent to each other in order to save costs and time. For example, during a visit to the Grand Palace, then you should also visit the Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Selecting hotels in the crowded center will also reduce costs because you’re more likely to visit various tourist attractions in the foot e.g. Central World, Madam Tussauds waxworks museum, The Platinm, Siam Square or MBK. Should also use public transport. In addition to comfortable and cheap, it is also useful to avoid congestion that often occurs in the city of Bangkok.