Sep 21

Ladies, This Item Mandatory Brought while traveling

traveling women1When backpacking is not possible all the goods can be brought. In fact, though it was arranged by priority level, the backpackers tend to think all that stuff is important and needs to be taken, especially for those who are women.

Laura Walker, a backpacker who has conducted exploration in various countries around the world reveals other things. For the women, think twice to boldly determine an important item or not to carry. Because when you are in a location with minimal facilities, you will realize that there are only a few of the most important things for women who have to carry while traveling.

“Every woman would have the means and know how to package their own luggage. But as a woman, there are some important things that should be taken when traveling, and not so with men, “said Laura, as reported by the Nomadicmatt, Thursday (09/10/2015).

Here are some items that are important to carry when traveling women, according to Laura Walker.

Wet wipes

After realizing that the place you will visit not a fancy place with lots of amenities, wet wipes will be your best friend. “In Kenya the heat and lack of water, I rely on wet wipes to clean the soles of my feet before going to bed,” said Laura. Moreover, wet wipes can clean your minor injuries while in an emergency.

Make-up Glass

Hey ladies, you can leave the hair dryer, make-up bags are large, and other beauty accessories, but you can not leave small objects on this one. Glass make-up has an important and vital role for a woman.

Pillow case

Perhaps many people think it is not too important, but Laura Walker says another. “For me the pillowcase is very important to carry when traveling. I could fill it with my clothes to make a pillow in an emergency. Not only that, I also can fill it with dirty clothes for a while, ‘said Laura.

Nail clipper

For women, appearance is very important. It needs attention is the smallest and nails clean. “I always forget to bring nail clippers when traveling, so I always borrow these things to other people that I meet on the way home,” said Laura. Nail clippers to be important for women, so that when you return from traveling is not a ‘monster coming down from the mountain “.

Make-up Base

Make-up is important for women, but that does not mean you have to carry your makeup bag is great. Bring some of the most important items, such as lip gloss and mascara. Two of these objects for Laura Walker were enough to restore your beautiful aura as a woman.


Despite this debate, Laura firmly assumes one piece jeans must be taken by women when traveling. “For me the jeans are a comfort item. But I do not wear them too often. I just wear it out to dinner, “said Laura.