Oct 26

The Place That Must Be Visited In Hong Kong

Hong Kong

If the traveler planning a vacation abroad, Hong Kong could be one of the options. Many places are cool there!

Hong Kong is indeed often known as a shopping paradise. However, actually many exciting destinations that it’s a shame to miss. Starting from a shopping tour, history, and fun attractions there. 5 place summarizes the detikTravel have fun can a traveler to visit if you want to travel to Hong Kong:

1. Sky Terrace 428, The Peak

If a traveler loves to pose and make cool photographs, Sky Terrace 428 could be the choice. From above an altitude of 428 mdpl, a traveler can take pictures with the view of Hong Kong from a height.

Sky Terrace 428 is part of The Peak, the term for Mount Victoria. Many tourists who come here to enjoy the view or just simply take pictures only. As far as the eye can see, is the Hong Kong buildings are cool!

2. the Langham Shopping Mall

Speaking of Hong Kong, it is indeed not far from kata shopping. Create a traveler who loves shopping, Langham Shopping Mall could be one of the options.

Here, there is a wide range of branded goods with cheaper price than Indonesia. Ranging from handbags, clothes, shoes are here. Chinese new year even when the discount can range from 50% and more. Uniquely, here there is an escalator that soars up to 83 m and reaches the 13th floor.

3. Big Buddha

One of the attractions to visit in Hong Kong is a Big Buddha statue. Namely the bronze statue of the Buddha in a sitting position with a height of 34 meters. Big Buddha is located at Po Lin Monastery hidden behind the mountain view area of Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Due to the above height, Big Buddha has a cool view can be seen. The blue sea and the Green Plains of any clearly visible from here. In addition, there is also the village of Wisara Lantau are also obliged to visit.

4. On the Avenue of The Stars

If Hollywood had a Wall of Fame, Hong Kong had the Avenue of The Stars. Eat cetacean tango movie stars or public figure.

If here, artists who scored his hands sure Hong Kong celebrities. In addition, there is also a variety of iconic status in the film, the Director of the statue to the statue of the legendary Jet Lee. At night, a traveler can see performances of the Symphony of The Stars, namely laser light which is cool.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland

The very attractions the mandatory visit is the Hong Kong Disneyland. With a wide range of rides, indoor and outdoor. Not only can catch some rides, a traveler can also be educational tours in Hong Kong Disneyland. Interesting shows are also obliged to watch and it’s a shame to miss. If lucky, the traveler will find characters such as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story to Princess Disney.