Dec 09

The Scams That You Should Never Fall For

If you’re under the impression that only “stupid people” fall for scams, think again. Some of the brightest and most educated among us have fallen for scams thanks to slick salespeople and lucrative-sounding promises. To help you guard yourself against predatory scams, here are some common ones to watch out for.

scam alert


Every year, the amount of internet searches for get rid of my timeshare increase. Timeshare salespeople are great at convincing people that their timeshare will be a guaranteed vacation spot that they can visit every year. What they don’t tell prospective investors is that their timeshares will be riddled with blackout dates and hidden fees. If someone ever tries to sell you a property that you can only access during specific times of the year, just walk away.

Pyramid Schemes

Multilevel marketing scams, also known as pyramid schemes, seem to be at an all-time high. Perhaps this is thanks to the rise of social media; it’s easier than ever for pyramid scheme hustlers to recruit salespeople and peddle their wares. If a distant family member or old acquaintance messages you inviting you to take part in a “great business opportunity,” tell them to try someone else. Remember, no one ever got rich selling makeup or leggings on Facebook.

Credit Reports

Every citizen is entitled to a free credit report twice a year. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly common for banks and creditors to offer their customers copies of their credit scores, on-demand and free of charge. If a company tries to sell you a copy of your credit report, decline the offer.

Fraudulent Charities

We all want to be generous and help our fellow man. Sadly, there are a lot of predators who take advantage of our collective good nature. Whenever someone solicits a donation from you, spend a little time researching the charity in question. If it’s difficult to find information about the charity in question, such as press releases or news coverage, politely tell them that you’ll be contributing to a different, more reputable organization with a similar goal.

If you keep this guide in mind, you’ll be less likely to fall for a scam. Remember, even smart people can be susceptible to the sales tactics of slick scammers. Know what to watch out for and you’ll be less likely to fall prey to these types.