Feb 17

Vacation Tips to Hong Kong

Hong KongYou have a planning to Hong Kong this year? There are a number of important things that you need to consider for your trip to the former British colony that has been transformed into one of the world’s financial centers is more exciting.

  • Check the tourist board to obtain information about a fun activity. Offers available are very diverse, including Feng Shui, tai chi, and appreciation of tea, even free fishing trip aboard the typical Chinese screens that have been restored, Duk Ling (bring your passport to prove that you are not local).
  • Use MTR (Mass Transit Railway). Not many cities in the world which has a metro system as efficient, reliable, clean, complete with instructions are easy to understand user (user-friendly) such as the Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong. All signs and maps in Cantonese and English, and six existing railway network is ready to serve you explore all corners of Hong Kong and Kowloon peninsula.
  • Always remember landmarks somewhere. If you are on Hong Kong Island and feel disoriented, remember that it is in northern Victoria Harbour, Kowloon in the south.
  • You can also use the mountains on the island as a benchmark; Central District turned derivative Victoria Peak, the districts in its South -Midlevels and Peak- look down.
  • Antiques. Although the law prohibits any goods mainland China more than 120 years old and out of China, Hong Kong does not follow that rule. You are not breaking the law if brought it to your home for favorite antique treasures.
  • A visit to the tailor. A trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the tailor. Often in a sewing area that is so simple and full of a jumble of fabric, recorded a valued customer of some kind of David Bowie, Kate Moss, Jude Law, and Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Give enough time to get the suit that you want. Usually need six or more days to sew a beautiful coat and quality. There is a saying, be careful, but do not consider the existence of “a 24-hour tailors”. The crafters of the most well-known Hong Kong can create a suit in a day.
  • Eat dim sum. The city is famous for variants dim sum infinite.
  • Eating shark? Hong Kong is a market of about 50% of the world shark trade. Shark soup unusually expensive, is believed by local people to have property to stimulate sexual desire (aphrodisiac), cooked with pectal, spine and tail fins the bottom of the monster. This is not only a moral and environmental issues become problems, taste the soup itself is not very appetizing. Buy soup shark only one event a waste of money in the culinary world.