Sep 03

Visit a Mountain Preserve and Experience the Great Outdoors

When you are planning on visiting the great outdoors, a nature preserve is always an option. There are locations like the Mohonk Mountain House Preserve. Travelers can find a variety of outdoor activities available that are going to be perfect for the entire family when visiting a preserve.


Outdoor Sports

Rock climbing can be an exciting sport to learn. There are many cliffs and overhangs that are going to be exhilarating to explore. You can enjoy the view from atop high mountains in the area. Hiking is another great outdoor opportunity. You can also enjoy mountain biking in the area. There are many places to go skiing in the mountains too. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, visiting a nature preserve can be a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

Environmental Education

While you are visiting a preserve, you can also learn about the environment. There are many programs available for children to learn about the joys of nature. There are even summer camps available for children interested in learning about the environment.

Learn About the Importance of Protecting Animals

A preserve is home to many animals and is a place that makes sure that they are safe and protected. When you visit a preserve, you can find out all sorts of interesting details about how the land is protected as well as the animals.


Look for Animals

When you are in the outdoors you never know what types of animals you may spot. Be sure to look for some of them while you are enjoying a day of hiking or bike riding. Look for eagles, falcons, and hawks during your travels. You can also look for deer, bats, and much more. There is all sorts of wildlife living in a preserve.

Enjoy the Flowers

When you are out in nature, you can see all sort of beautiful flowers blooming throughout the year. You can also see many plants and trees growing wildly in the area. As you go through the preserve, enjoy looking at nature.


When you are visiting a preserve, you can find many picture perfect moments. Take shots of the wildlife or the flowers in the area. With the mountains in the background, your pictures are sure to turn out just right.

If you are wondering what to do on your vacation, a trip to a preserve can be a fun adventure. You never know what might happen when you are exploring the great outdoors. You can enjoy hiking, running, biking, and climbing. The mountains are breathtakingly beautiful any time of the year, so you can always expect to see amazing sights. The fresh air and peaceful surroundings will help you to feel rejuvenated no matter what types of activities you plan on trying out.