Dec 19

6 Places For Who Likes Adventure

Traveled to various places you’ve never visited before certainly a challenge. Especially if the many tourist places reviewed in various travel sites. However, it takes special preparation to be able to explore the tourist attractions presents a variety of challenges.

Here are some of the tourist spots in the world that are reserved for those who like to be a challenge.

1. The Northwestern Laikipia, Kenya

The Northwestern Laikipia, Kenya

Beautiful, wild, and has not been much explored, that’s a brief overview about Laikipia. This place is the best location in Kenya to witness the wild animal safari. If you are coming alone and for the first time, you are recommended to bring a local guide. In addition to protection, local guides can tell the way, if you get lost.
Many wild animals which can be seen in Laikipia, such as elephants, giraffes, even a lion. Not only that, your journey will also be accompanied by the melodious chirping birds. Because the Laikipia also becomes habitat for hundreds of species of birds endemic to Kenya.

2. Macquire Island, sub-Antarctic Islands

Macquire Island, sub-Antarctic Islands

Situated between New Zealand and the Antarctica, the island is filled with ice all year long and be a native habitat for a flock of animals of rare species are endangered. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, Macquire Island into a unique place for those who love travelling adventure.

3. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Located on the East coast of Greenland, a place that has not been much touched this secluded, and barely affected with life outside. It is not without cause, because the sea is all around this place would freeze during the 9 months of the year, so that this region becomes difficult to access.
Nevertheless, Ittoqqortoormiit offers panoramic views of the charming inhabitants of the House. A row of colourful houses interspersed snow covering the roads as thick as 6 feet, make you’re forced to use the ski-mobiles for transportation.

4. The Kungsleden, Sweden

The Kungsleden, Sweden

The Kungsleden was the remnants of the wilderness that existed in Western Europe. Nicknamed King Trail, the area that became a tourist location for those who love adventure tourism has amazing natural beauty untouched.
If you like a real challenge, you need to take the route on foot through the Sarek National Park. Because in this place you will find a variety of challenges that certainly you’ve never faced before.

5. The Gobi desert. Mongolian

The Gobi desert. Mongolian

Gobi in the local language is defined with the ‘ not watery area “. With extreme temperatures, the Gobi desert in Mongolia is a barren Rocky pasture, and by some people who’ve been dubbed the “unforgiving environment”. Stay in a typical home, and feel the unique experience far away from civilization.

6. The Derweze, Turkmenistan

The Derweze, Turkmenistan

Deep in the barren desert of Central Asia, you’ll find “the door leading to hell”. Natural gas crater continues to burn throughout the year become a spellbinding scenery. If you are lovers of adventure tourism, this region becomes a suitable place for you to visit. To see the beauty of the eternal flame of the crater, you are advised to come in the evening.