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bangka belitung islandBangka Belitung Island is a young province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bangka is derived from the word vangka that means tin, because there are a lot of tin contained on the island. In addition, Bangka Belitung is very appropriate for tourists who love the natural panorama beach. The beauty of the beaches in the Bangka Belitung Island are not inferior to the beaches in Bali as Sanur Beach, Kuta or Seminyak. Here is the following information about Travel Location.

Rambak Beach


Of all the beaches on the island of Bangka, Sungailiat area has the largest collection of beach with views that are not always owned Lai Beach. One of the beaches that should be explored in Sungailiat is Rambak Beach.

The beach is located not far from the city center Sungailiat offers white sand along the 3 km. In some corner of the beach, some rocks towering giants, would make a great photo spot morning. Sunrise is so charming in this place by the reflection of light in the morning behind the beach, produce a perfect stretch of blue sky.

Parai Tenggiri Beach

tenggiri beach

Mackerel Parai Beach is located in the area Sungailiat. Location beach is not so far from the Deputy Amir Airport, approximately 40 miles or taken within one hour by motor vehicle. Currently, Parai Tenggiri Beach’s area designated as a green tourist area as Parai Green Resort which has a great concern to the effort to save the environment by reducing the use of materials that can pollute beaches, such as plastic, as well as planting trees at tourist sites.

Parai Tenggiri Beach is the most popular and exclusive beaches in the Bangka Belitung Island. This beach has already adequate facilities, such as resorts, hotels, outbound facilities, parasailing, and water games. Parai Tenggiri Beach has stunning natural scenery. The beach is quite flat and has gentle waves, white sand with a charming blue sea, combined with giant granite boulders with a variety of unique shapes, scattered on the shoreline, will make the tourists who come increasingly fascinated.

Matras Beach


This beach is located in the village of New Light, Sungailiat, Northeast side of the island of Bangka and is about 40 km from Pangkalpinang or 7 km from the city Sungailiat. Matras Beach not too much exposed, the beach is still clean and natural, with white sand and a variety of rocks on the beach. One advantage of Matras Beach than in the surrounding beach is the small freshwater lake shore. The lake water is very clear and shallow, so it is safe to rinse or just plain water.

Around the beach there are simple but comfortable bungalows. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach with swaying palm trees and the natural river flow, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach


Tanjung Tinggi is located approximately 30 km from the city of Tanjung Pandan. Tanjung Tinggi Beach became very famous since used as a filming location OF Laskar Pelangi. This beach has a specific form of large granite boulders that are scattered on the beach. White sand beaches mixed with the blue sea make tourists feel at home to linger on the beach. Accommodation is sufficed to start their resorts and lodging in coastal areas.

Lengkuas Island


Island of approximately 1 ha is in Sijuk, Belitung, Bangka Belitung. Has a characteristic form hundreds of years old lighthouse, is said to be built by the Dutch in 1882. Travelers are allowed to climb the lighthouse stairs, so that they can enjoy the beautiful white sand beach with blue sea nan Ndari the height of about 50 m. It’s no worry if you are not able to reach the top. On each floor there is a window overlooking the lighthouse in different directions so that the beautiful scenery down there still can be enjoyed or captured by the camera.

For tourists who like sea bathing and snorkelling, we recommend a visit in March – September, when the waves of the sea are calm and friendly. It is not recommended to visit the island of Galangal in December-January. In addition to the rainy season, waves and currents also tend to be large and can be dangerous.

Until 2008, the island was inhabited only a few people Galangal lighthouse keepers, but since the “movie” Laskar Pelangi “takes place in the Bangka Belitung Island, tourists began visiting this island. Bring something to eat and drink enough because there is no shop on the island. Use clean water supplied wisely, because the availability of fresh water on the island is very limited.

The base or Pengkal in Malay means the center or the beginning, referring to the city’s role as the center of the tin mining industry. The small former mining town, has now developed into a commercial center of the island and the port that connects the islands in the vicinity. While the word ‘nut’ leads to this place is overgrown with palm trees.

Located on the east coast of the island of Bangka, Pangkalpinang is the largest city on the island of Bangka once the capital of the province of Bangka Belitung. When you get off the plane in Depati Amir Airport, a warmly sentence “Selamat datang di Serumpun Sebalai Tanah” has welcome you there. This sentence is also the slogan of Bangka Belitung heterogeneous society.

Pangkalpinang offers a beautiful stretch of beach, one of which is Pasir Padi located approximately 7 miles from downtown Pangkalpinang. The beach is also a perfect place to watch the sunrise along the white sand and clear blue sea water. When low tide, you can walk to the Punan Island and frolic in the quiet waters. Not too far from Pasir Padi, about 2.5 miles, you can also visit Tanjung Bunga Beach which is a flat beach decorated with a series of large rock formations.

Pasir Padi Beach


This beach is about 7 km from Pangkalpinang City, the capital of Bangka Belitung Island. Pasir Padi beach is one of the popular beach destination tourist in the Bangka Belitung. Do not be surprised when you set foot on this beach, because the sand beach is shaped like grains of rice. That is why, people Bangka calls this beach with the name Pasir Padi.

Tanjung Bunga Beach


The beach adjacent to the Tanjung Bunga Padi sand beach, the distance is only about 2.5 km. On the way to the ground Tanjung Bunga has a hilly area with a beautiful panoramic view towards the sea. And we can see passenger ships and goods, in and out of the harbor Pangkalbalam.

Tanjung Bunga dominated by reddish rocks. It makes different Pasir Padi beach with yellow sand, and Sampur Beach. At this location fit his site plan will be built TAC TOS (Tanjung Bunga circuit and the town square). Tanjung Bunga Beach location is also very suitable for adventure with nature along the coast and hilly