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Ghost as a tourism object, in Scotland

Edinburgh castleMany ways to attract tourists in the various regions and countries of the world, among others, to make the characteristic or unique to the area as an attraction. And Scotland also makes the “spirits” or “ghosts” as the topic interesting trips are recommended for tourists. This unique way of marketing is very successful, many appeared haunted castle, which is always a place that wants to be visited by the tourists who are curious. And reportedly said, tourists who visit there really can encounter a number of strange phenomena.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, he is like a window, so that people can watch the entire cultural history of Scotland. Initially Scotland an independent country, however, since in 1707 was defeated by the British, and became part of the commonwealth. The nature of the Scottish nation was warm and friendly.

Edinburgh is divided into two parts old and new town. If we want to see the privilege of Scotland, of course, have to go around to the old town, a brick there will depict the ups and downs of the people who lived there for generations.

Edinburgh city fortress were built in 1751. Since its establishment until before the 18th century, the fortress city of war, and the scars everywhere. To look around the city walls you are subject to the entrance fee of 9.5 pounds sterling equivalent of 15 euro. In the past in the basement of the castle had occurred, supposedly he never confine prisoners of French origin. Inside the castle there is a flute performance, so when watching your cell must be switched off. Approximately two hours after circling the castle, you can go for a moment to the center of Scottish whiskey. There is a demonstrated history of whiskey making process and, in addition, many save wine (wine) quality are provided for tourists to taste or buy it. Admission 8.5 pounds per person.

Spirits roaming in Edinburgh

Spirits roaming in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh there are many legends about mutilation (cutting limbs) murder, a felony offense and spirits, as a result the city was already filled with dense fog is becoming more sinister and frightening. Not a few buildings that shaped black taper in town was lost and disappeared in thick fog arises, just like dark ghosts.

It is said that in the 17-18 century, the bubonic plague invaded Europe, resulting in the city of Edinburgh many died from it. For the sake of controlling the disease state, the local authorities to build a new city and all the people, mainly concentrated in the old city area, they are without being given food and water, and let them die. Since then, “they continue to haunt spirits”.

Not a little hotel in the castle rebuilt advertise yourself “places are visited ghost” orthodox stream, to attract visitors. You can also feel the moment “trip looking for ghosts” here. Five theme “journey to find a ghost” that is designed Mercat Tour travel agency, with illuminated by candlelight in the cellar creepy it would seem very stressful, therefore, for the faint of heart disease, please do not participate.

At the beginning of May last, Edinburgh held a “day ghost”, the diviners or magicians from different regions around the world gathered here, for the exchange of experience through the world of the other. In celebration of “the ghost” that often occurs magical things that cannot be explained scientifically.


Outside there is a plot Glamis castle city flower garden Italy and the Netherlands, the setting is so neat and tidy. Every year between April to October flower garden and the city fortress was opened to the public. Romantic style rounded corner towers Scottish classical style building Scotland and France. Shakespeare inspired by the legends about ghosts here, in one of four play sad. Even citadel also never received famous people are innumerable, and among which the most famous was the Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke Crawford 300 years ago who had the nickname “the tiger”.

Crawford is the former owner of Glamis castle, supposedly said, he liked to play cards with ghosts during a meeting at midnight weekends. In a tomb in the basement of the castle, people often even hear the sound of the slamming ghost card.

The spirits are not only often appeared on the ramparts of the old city, even frequently appeared at the airport. Since the first world war, a lot of the pilots of the team kingdom have become spirits roaming around the airport after a fall in the battlefield. One pilot named Desmond Arthur, experienced a plane accident in 1913 ago around Forfar. The military has said that his spirit began roaming around the airport after the plane incident, he requested the parties to investigate and take decisions wisely. A few years later, the aircraft proved flying still in a stable condition during the incident, and thus a new reputation restored. And a more complete explanation of these stories can be found around the motel near the airport.