Nov 05

Hunt Whitetail Deer Without the Risk

Whitetail deer hunting

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Whitetail deer hunting season arrives in mid-November when the buck rut is nearly over to ensure does are bred to produce the spring fawn crop. This is also the time when deer are in good condition after a summer of grazing and browsing in the local corn fields. Since the bucks are focused on competing for and breeding the females, they can be relatively easy to harvest. Since the gun deer season begins early on a Saturday morning and extends to sunset on Sunday nine days later, literally thousands of hunters are out with their firearms. This sounds like a dangerous situation, and it is considering fatal accidents happen every year.

The annual deer hunt is not the only way a hunter can bring home some venison for the freezer. Cedar Knoll is one of the best options available for SC deer hunting with 3000 acres of managed low country habitat. The whitetail deer living in the area benefit from supplemental feed to ensure the herd produces the highest quality animals. Hunts are scheduled strategically during prime hunting times with alternate down times. Since only 10 hunters are accepted at one time, their safety and success rate are very good. Cedar Knoll hunters have a 100 percent buck kill rate with 70 percent of the bucks having a 15 inch wide rack with eight points or more.

While hunters traveling to South Carolina for a controlled hunt are focused on bagging a trophy buck, the visit also qualifies as a great vacation. Guests are taken on two hunts each day with the first one scheduled at daybreak. The hunters enjoy a continental breakfast before they are driven to their stand. They will hunt for about three hours before returning to the lodge for a hearty brunch. The hunters are then free to relax a couple hours before returning to their stand another three hours for the afternoon hunt. The day ends with a bountiful dinner and evening activities of their choice.

While traveling to a hunting lodge for a controlled hunt is more expensive than purchasing a license and hunting at home, this experience could be considered a very enjoyable vacation. Three and four-day hunts are available with hunters being allowed to bag two deer each day. This means a hunter could bring home several hundred pounds of venison for the freezer which could make the hunt quite worthwhile.