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Ranu Kumbolo Heaven Behind Mount Semeru

Ranu Kumbolo Heaven under the Summit Mahamaru


ranu kumboloRANU Kumbolo is a freshwater lake located in the jurisdiction of the Government of Lumajang, East Java province, located in the mountains, at the foot of Tengger Semeru. The Lake has an area of about 15 hectares.

For nature lovers and backpackers, Ranu Kumbolo is a place that is not foreign anymore. Because it is the transit point for those who will continue the journey to climb the Summit of Mount Semeru Mahameru which is the highest peak on the island of Java.

The discharge water is never the less, ranu kumbolo always gets attention from hikers to set up tent/camping in this place.

There is a unique behind the beauty of ranu kumbolo, i.e. when the sun began to rise between the two pieces of green hills that appear slowly and make eye care we cannot refuse to enjoy it.

Not to mention the atmosphere of the Lake when the mist began to fall in the afternoon, combined with truly panoramic views of Lake water could not be unspoken. When night falls we will be presented with the constellations of the Milky Way are not necessarily able to take a look at the time we were in big cities because of the glare of light is so bright city lights.

Next to it there is a Hill named “Hill of Love” which supposedly if we climb to the hill to imagine those we love with no turning back then we will be happy with him.

But the higher we climb, the more intense the temptations. Due to the higher, then the view from the hill Ranu Kumbolo will look more beautiful.

In the Lake there are also inscriptions of Majapahit relics and there is also a memorial to those who died at the time of the ascent to the top of the Mahameru.
Access and preparation into Ranu Kumbolo
Mount Semeru is not just any mountain. Mountain at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level located can reach minus 5 degrees at night if the weather is sunny. So we need extra preparation for camping in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park this. It can be seen around the area of plants and ice-covered tent.

Then prepare equipment such as thick, dress/jacket, waterproof, especially those that are also socks and t-shirts, hand, kerpus/cover of the head and ears, and also do not forget to bring a sleeping bag and a tent made of a parasite.

To get to the Ranu Kumbolo you can get off at the terminal or Malang in Probolinggo bus heading for kencong or ambulu and get off at the town or klojen, why is this so? Because it can more quickly access to Senduro.

From the klojen you take a minibus heading to senduro and get off at senduro market. You can rent a jeep hardtoop to post Ranupani the last village at the foot of sumeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and cabin lodging.

You need to know that the climber must do registrars before climbing on the post Ranu Pani. It is intended for security and also the rescue action if there is something about the climber at the time on the trip.

As for the necessary documents before the climb is as follows :

  1. Photocopy of ID CARD 3 pieces
  2. Healthy affidavits from doctors *
* You can create a letter in senduro before heading off to Ranupani.

To reach the Ranu Kumbolo, climbers have to walk down a path for approximately 5-7 hours of post registration Ranu Pani. The local forestry department outposts provide retreat consists of heading 1 to heading 4.