Oct 30

The Most Haunted Beaches In The world

The beach is a place that is synonymous with the beauty and joy of its visitors. But who would have thought, besides the beauty of its fine white sand with it there are some beaches that are famous because of the haunted.

Starting from America to Singapore, following four the haunted Beach which is famous in the world.

1. Kaupoa Beach In Hawai

Kaupoa Beach In Hawai

Kaupoa beach located on the island Molokai, Hawaii. Kaupoa itself has the meaning the place of the thieves. In the past when this was still crowded beaches for tourists, the beach being one of the beautiful places where visitors can soak up the Sun and enjoy the summer. But after it was all over, the Kaupoa Beach into the area was not groomed and creepy, because the beach is reportedly haunted.

In Kaupoa Beach area there is a place of entertainment for the kids such as swing, as well as the boards of the instructions that are already damaged and abandoned. In addition, many coconut trees that were already drying up lives of its trunk, and the remnants of the garden sweet still can be found on this beach.

If night comes, visitors are often haunted by feelings of anxiety and fear so enter the area of the beach, let alone many frequent visitors hear the sound of swing kids who moves slowly, either who sat upon him.

2. Dumas Beach in India

Dumas Beach in India

The beach is located 21 kilometers of the Dumas city of Surat, Gujarat, India. By residents around the beach is known for being a very haunted place of cremation for those who have already died. Locals often heard strange voices or whisper when strolling on the beach. Even dogs that live around this beach often barking at night.

There is a suggestion from the local residents not to visit the beach at night, because of the many reports of people missing while taking a walk on the beach at night. But until this news was revealed, there has been no news of the discovery of the missing people.

3. Singapore’s Changi Beach.

Singapore's Changi Beach.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Singapore, Changi beach is a coastal area is known by locals as the resident getaways, fishing up to watch the sunrise and sunset. But who would have thought, behind Changi Beach beauty turned out to keep a terrible bleak story. This beach is also touted as the most haunted place in Asia.

During World War II, Changi Beach used by the armies of Japan as the slaughter area Sook Ching. Thousands of people who are considered anti-Japan tortured and then murdered in this coastal area. In the evening, often heard the sounds of screams and cries. In addition, there are also stories about the pieces of head flying and bodies without heads that walk on water ever seen at this beach.

4. The coast of Moss, California

The coast of Moss, California

Moss beach is located in California, United States. In this area there is a distillery known as the Moss Beach Distillery. This place has a very famous ghost story The Blue Lady. It is said that in the 1930s, there was a married woman named Cayte having an affair with a player piano. Cayte later murdered by an unknown person in this coastal area.

Since then, came the news of the appearance of a ghost who is said to be wandering Cayte find her lover. In addition to the appearance of ghost Cayte, another mystical activity experienced by visitors are books flying, mysterious phone, earrings were missing and appear elsewhere, migration of glass equipment and temperature changes are not uncommon.

That’s four haunted Beach which is famous in the world.