Mar 01

The Mystery of HELLTOWN In Ohio, United States

helltownA variety of spooky stories envelop Helltown village located in Boston, Ohio. Following the existence of empty houses that were released by the local government because the area will be used as the National Park of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Helltown village dating from 1806 and grew to 1974. But the City Government is planning to make a national park in this area. To realize the plan, a number of houses in the village, bought the City Government. Furthermore, the houses to be destroyed. But some of the empty houses still stand to this day, has also carried out the demolition. The village of death and the existence of buildings without occupants makes the atmosphere of the village is creepy. There are many legends and stories of haunted envelop Helltown. The most popular is a Boston area cemetery located in the area.

Boston Mills bridge

Many people who claim to see ghosts sightings in the area. There is also a bridge to Boston Mills. A number of motorists traveling on the bridge often heard young children cry. Other haunted locations in Helltown are the way Stanford Road dubbed “road to hell” because of the perceived path of death because the derivative is a sharp and steep hill. In addition to the ghost story, the area is also often believed to be used as a location by a number of certain sects do a strange ritual. A number of citizens who travel in the region claiming to never try stopped by a black hooded figure blocking the way blocking the road. Helltown is also believed to be the hiding place of the patients of a mental hospital. They often explore the forest at night to search for survivors. That is a favorite of tourists who come to it is the Stanford Road. The usual way it is dubbed ‘ The Highway to Hell. ‘ In the myths and legends of Helltown, the street is a steep hill and the sharp derivatives that led to the barricade, also known as ‘ The End of the World ‘.


Appeared many rumors myths surrounding this land. There is a Presbyterian Church that supposedly built by the devil, because there is the decoration of the cross upside down. Some are saying that there is the wreckage of a bus which was believed to be haunted. The new story is risen again that the city became the residence of the giant Python snakes that live in a place called Peninsula Python. Not only that, many more spooky stories about the city of the dead. However, all myths were refuted by many parties. For example, the decoration of the cross upside down is mentioned as part of the architecture of the building and not part of heresy. Well, it’s haunted bus believed to be simply a temporary occupancy of the family whose house was being repaired. But many people also do not believe it, because this unusual incident happened there. Others say that in the city of the dead was still celebrating the ‘ day of the Pythons ‘ in honor of the ancestors of the giant snakes are believed to live in the forest.