Apr 23

Tumpak Sewu waterfall Is a New Tourist Destination

tumpaksewu waterfallTumpakSewu waterfall is a new tourist destination located in the Sidomulyo village, district of Pronojiwo Hill, East of Malang. Because it was new so still a little info-info about this waterfall tour and not much is heard among tourists.

Coban Sewu now began to be discussed and became a local tourist destination. Originally granted by residents about hidden due to fear or worry is not maintained by the Government such as Goa drops.
People are just starting to believe after the Government began to pay attention to natural attractions such as the B-29. Citizens expect the Government in the presence of a new tourist attraction soon do developing.

To get to Coban Sewu we need to go in the monument Lumajang later after the border between Lumajang and Malang about 100 meters before the monument a walkway down to the left of the road if we Lumajang direction. Then we go straight to the river, then the motor is placed in the sand miners hut. The journey continues with a walk along the river about 200 meters, then after that we will find this waterfall.

This place is called Coban Sewu because in terms of the language of the coban means waterfall and sewu means one thousand. Why a thousand because of this waterfall is the flow of water from above is very much along the cliffs. The waterfall is very high to the extent that feels sinister took the photo from the top of the cliff.

Routes that have been mentioned above is to see the falls from above. But if we want to see the falls from the bottom, then we can descend through the Goa Drops which then continued with a walk down the river against the current.
Coban Sewu waterfall tour is different from the others, because it belongs to the extreme which is identical to the adventure. We must down the River, ride down a slippery Cliff full of boulders. Should be especially careful to get through, therefore this tour also arguably extreme tours.

But calm, sacrifice and the journey we will not be in vain, because if it is till we will be treated to a view that is so exotic. The clarity of its water and the place is still up carrion. This waterfall is very suitable for those with photography hobby and adventure.

So don’t forget to stop by the if on Lumajang site, guaranteed not going to lose.

Here’s some tips and suggestions that can be used as a lunchbox before heading Coban Sewu. May be able to help. Of note are as follows:

1. Bring Sandals or shoes pool

It is strongly recommended to wear shoes or sandals with a standard or out from a pool because it would be very useful for going down the steep cliffs and rocky terrain is a very slick mossy rocks.

2. It is advisable to wear the service guide

Don’t ever try to find its own way. Difficult to predict the course and in fact does not exist. Only local people commonly searching through the grass and makes it can be bypassed by tourists.

3. Save and secure electronic device

Electronic tools with plastic wrap and put it in the bag. This is due to us down the river and the wind carrying the rumble interfere grain water splashed against us. So wet so as not to get wet.

4. Bring the rope would be helpful

If it is worth to bring groups of rope because it is more secure.

5. Food and drink

Bring snacks and mineral water, because certainly no salesmen there, because this is still wild.

Prepare your needs in detail.

6. For reference only:
-From Tempeh-Goa ( cave ) Tetes (60 minutes)
-River-down via Goa Tetes (30 minutes)
-River-Coban Sewu (20 minutes)
-Ride the rivers of Goa Tetes (45 minutes)

7. Pay attention to the weather

Make sure you pay attention to the weather before you get there, because it does not allow longer if the weather is overcast and there when it rains? Continue to note the timing of the time, don’t get too down in the afternoon, because it would be dangerous if the day is dark.