Aug 04

Burma, Beauty State With The Golden Temple

When you set foot in the land of ‘magic’, Burma, you will be enchanted by the colors of life there. Take 5 years to 8 trips, senior photographer David Heath perpetuates the Asian country nicknamed the land of golden temples through photographs are beautiful.

beauty burma1

Beautiful and Friendly Burma

For David, to immerse themselves into the rhythm and culture of the village who have never visited the west previously was a very amazing experience. “I never met with people who are generous, funny, tough, smart, friendly and open as their” he said as reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday (24/07/2015).

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Photographs by David present in his book entitled “Burma: An Enchanted Spirit”. 248 pages thick book is focused on giving homage to the souls he met during his travels there. Many of the people he photographed pictures never before.

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David is now 50 years old. Initially he worked as a businessman. Receive camera in 1980, he then dreamed of becoming a photographer. He suggested that each photographer finds a “place” yourself and for David, it is Myanmar.

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For travelers, David recommends Chart city as a place worth visiting time is in Myanmar.