Oct 07

Enjoy the thrill of Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

Tunisia has a unique place in inviting foreign tourists to visit the region. Among them is the Underground House Matmat in Tunisia.

Underground House Matmat in Tunisia

In the village of South Tunisia these locals living in a home in a subway at this location. The reason, many communities who prefer living in a cave to avoid the heat.

It is done by the Berbers of the Matmata. The tribe also live in a small village in southern Tunisia. Underground House is named after Matmata, built on the side of the mountains.

Quoting Amusingplanet, underground House it looks like a cave. In this case, there is open space. Open space serves as a page to relax.

Moreover, the increasingly popular Matmata to visit. The reason this place ever made for a film shooting location Troglodyte House, which serves as a hotel i.e. Hotel Sidi Idriss. As well as being the location of the fabrication of a few Star Wars film series, The Phantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones.