Jan 05

Explore The Ahe Island In Papua

Back to explore the island of Irian Jaya is endless indeed in addition to the famous tour of the Raja Ampat, Papua has over many wonderful destinations, but also there are many destinations that have not been elucidated that awaits every tourist who wants to try to explore it.

beautiful ahe

The Ahe Island is the one of them, became a very most popular destination of tourist, this place is indeed never deserted tourist because of its natural beauty will be very famous. The natural beauty of Ahe island gives coolness and calmness to any visitors, apart from the natural landscape of the island of Ahe also has marine parks very outstanding.

The Ahe island Have a Traditional art and culture, these are very successful in attracting the attention of tourists to visit tourist sites. Art and cultural attractions featured on Ahe island as well as to help the survival of the local residents as an additional income for them. Each appearance of the artistic culture of the locals is very appreciated by tourists, so it is able to increase the income of local people and the local art and culture activities capable of being tourist attractions that have a close relationship with tourism destinations of the island Ahe.

homestay at ahe

The Ahe island has an area of approximately 300 square meters alone But one of the uniqueness of the island this is the wreck of Ahe old aircraft remains Allied World War 2 who have largely moved to the mainland. The expanse of waters that are decorated coral reefs and other richness biota adds to the beauty of this island. Tourism is managed by local communities under the coordination of Nabire Regency and the Tourism Office of Papua Province.

To reach this place only takes around 20 minutes away from the district capital and 1.5 to 2 hours when departing from the Nabire district capital. The distance travelled is the distance that is close enough to enjoy the small Pearls tourist destinations of Papua (Irian Jaya).