Aug 22

Seeing Tradition Whale Catch On Lamalera

lamaleraLamalera is a village, located on the island of Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara, known as the village of whalers. Habits hunt whales in this village have existed since the 17th century. Pope or in the local language known as Baleo can occur anytime during the year, but not all whales to be hunted Lamalera society.

Not all whales could be hunted. Blue whale or Balaenoptera musculus Latin name for example.Whales this type should not be hunted, other than for the sake of preserving the marine mammals are rare, the legend Lamalera respect as animal blue whale ever saved Lembata.


In the tradition of capturing whales, Lamalera people still use the traditional way, by using boats known as peledang. Peledang not executed using a machine, but rather by a flock matros or rower. In one peledang are 4-6 matros led by an interpreter lamafa or stabbing.

Lamalera public knows fishing season known as Lewa. Lewa held each year in May. In the Lewa, Lamalera society, not only capture whales, but also rays and dolphins. However, fishing at the time Lewa is not done on a large scale, and the meat is only consumed alone or bartered for food.

Lamalera has a barter market is opened once a week. In this market, villagers can exchange Lamalera ivory fish has with other foodstuffs. A piece of whale meat, for example, can be exchanged with 15 pieces of corn or a bunch of bananas.