Apr 21

The Beauty Of Garut In Indonesia

Garut is one of the areas in Indonesia, located in West Java. In Garut is a lot of wonderful attractions, exotic, enchanting and of course a pity if you do not visit to Garut in order to spend time with loved ones. Some of these attractions are many tourists visit from various regions and even from abroad. Here are some romantic tourist attractions in Garut:

Kampung Sampireun / Sampireun village

sampireun_in_the_West Java_garut

Sampireun Village is located in a mountainous area, you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your spouse, with the atmosphere of the place in a very unique and traditional design creates a stunning beauty, here you can stay in the inn that was built on an artificial lake with the boat transport use, and many other objects contained in this tourist spot.

Sampireun Village is located in Jl Raya Samarang, Kamojang, Samarang, Garut, West Java. A weekend here, you can stay in a bungalow on the edge of the lake.

According to the theme that carried Sunda Sampireun Village, bungalows here are made much like home Sundanese bamboo stilts ‘really’. Fun again, because it is above the lake, almost every bungalow is equipped with a boat. This is where it begins a romantic atmosphere.

Wrapped with the atmosphere of the night and the dim moonlight, hug the idol of the heart on the wooden boat sailing on the lake. Dim candlelight adds your romantic weekend.

Santolo Beach


Romantic tourist attractions, this one have a hidden paradise, this beach is different from other beaches, white sand here, there are very beautiful and very extensive coral reefs, in addition to the hidden paradise contained in this beach is Cilaut Muaraereun, by boat you can see very beautiful scenery and tranquility culaut muaraereun very amazing.



Bagendit is located Bagendit village, Bayuresmi Garut, West Java. In addition to offering the beauty in it with calm and cool water turns Bagendit also has an interesting history, forming Bagendit name. Here it is suitable for sites with family and other loved ones. The atmosphere is natural and beautiful. Soul and mind becomes calm.