Jul 09

The War Water in the Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival1Songkran Festival, is an activity that Thai tourists awaited. The Songkran new year white elephant country is enlivened with fun activities, namely war water or wet every April 13-15.

This water war was one of the activities that make Songkran popular in the eyes of the world.

The new Thailand following the international new year January 1 since 1940. However, Songkran remains a holiday in Thailand.

Songkran comes from Sanskrit, samkranti which means ‘Way astrology’. In the past the festival following the date of astrological calculations which at the end of the dry season and fell on the full moon, but now always celebrated on the same date period.

Not only celebrate in Thailand, Songkran is also celebrated citizens of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Tai tribe in Yunnan province, South China.

Songkran Festival2

In the release of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said, in Thailand, Songkran is celebrated the most crowded in Chiang Mai, which could last up to a full week. Currently Songkran, Thais will generally return to their hometown, to see relatives, especially elder people like grandparents and parents.

Songkran celebrations generally begin at home, by sprinkling water on the hands of the parents as a symbol of cleansing themselves in the new year. Then they will clean the holy Buddha in the Temple or Wat, which then will be paraded around town.

After that, the young couple began to splash water on them, until the water wars across the country. Well, here it is the most exciting for tourists.

Sometimes, the water prepared colored to add a festive effect when water is sprayed. Nevertheless, the recommended water is clean water so as not to cause pain.

For tourists, the government provides specific areas partying water, such as in the Silom Road and Khao San Road in Bangkok, and around the Tha Pae Gate and the Ping River in Chiang Mai.