Aug 05

Kolomenskoye, Russia Unique Palace is Made of Wood

KolomenskoyeTsar Alexis Mikhailovich royal power, runs along the right bank of the river Moscow, Russia, from Kolomenskaya up to Kashirskaya station – one of the most popular tourist attractions outside Moscow.

Based on historical records, the kingdom of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich Kolomna consists of refugees who fled the Mongol-Tatar invasion. Later, they built magnificent palaces and covered timber in the 1660s, the palace Kolomenskoye. The palace became a favorite residence of Tsar Alexis and his successors.


AmusingPlanet site launched on Friday (07/24/2015), Kolomenskoye palace once damaged and destroyed at the time of Catherine the Great around the year 1768 that has recently constructed a replica of the building to match its original form.

The palace has 250 rooms, a maze of corridors, also veranda is decorated with carvings and distinctive elements of Russia. Starting from hipped roof, figures from the golden double-headed eagle, and others. Kolomenskoye palace architecture actually made as closely as possible to the original building