Aug 26

3 Cities in World Not Convenient to Visited

Traveling to other cities had the pleasure and difficulties of its own. Especially if the cities visited is located in another country.

By visiting the cities that exist in other countries, one can feel the direct cultural differences, ranging from language, food, and so forth.

Some of the things found in those cities may be very unpleasant. But some other things can make you frustrated.

Problems such as pollution, population density, and other problems of a city might be a consideration for you to no longer visit the city.

Here are the cities in the world with its problems that make people think twice to visit him,

Delhi, India (The Most Dirty)

Delhi, India

By the World Health Organization, the city was declared as the dirtiest city in the world. India’s Center for Science and Development called the level of air pollution in Delhi reached 60 times worse than the level they should be.

Moscow, Russia (City With Traffic Congestion Worst hit)

City With Traffic Congestion Worst hit

Based on data from the Dutch company, maker of GPS, TomTom, the level of congestion in Moscow reached 74%. The figure exceeds the index of the company’s global traffic.

Caracas, Venezuela (The Most Dangerous)


The murder rate in a year in the Venezuelan capital has reached 119 cases per 100,000 population. Venezuela’s political and economic conditions have an impact on the crime rate in the city of 3.2 million people.