Oct 06

5 Cities In Asia With The Most Expensive Cost Of Living

The holiday is the dream of many people. With the culture and the scenery is interesting of course presents its own sensation while on vacation. However, in some countries particularly Asia, often more expensive cost of living.

In fact, the 5 cities in Asia including in 10 cities of the world’s most expensive version of The Economist of the year 2017. Where these five destinations listed as the most expensive city in the top of Paris, New York, and Copenhagen. The following five most expensive cities in Asia as reported by of Skyscanner.

1. Singapore


During the last 4 years, Singapore defends his achievements with tops the list of most expensive cities in the world. Based on the data, Singapore recorded a 20% more expensive than New York and 5% more expensive than Hong Kong. With an area that is only of 718 square kilometers, Singapore has limited natural resources so it has to import many commodities from other countries and making the selling price surged.

As a tourist destination, Singapore has great potential. For accommodation, the price of three or four-star hotels in this area could be even more expensive than five-star hotels in Jakarta. For transportation, it’s good you don’t use a taxi and save on budget holidays in Singapore by utilizing public bus or MRT.

If planning on filling up the holidays with a visit to Universal Studios Singapore, make sure you have prepared a special budget. As the first Universal Studios being built in Southeast Asia, USS noted as one of the top attractions in addition to Asia’s most expensive day tour at the Great Wall of China.

2. Hong Kong


During the last 2 years, Hong Kong in as the world’s second most expensive city. 303 with skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a city which is not only expensive, but also sparkling. According to Oxford Economics, home prices in Hong Kong are listed as the world’s most expensive property prices.

Not much different from Singapore, Hong Kong also sets a high price for accommodation and transportation. The cost of living soared more on moments of the lunar new year. The increase in the number of travelers as much as 14.1% bandwagon effect on this hike.

To get a cheaper price, you can stay in Mongkok area. As for the culinary affair, make sure you have prepared enough budget. Even though it offers a variety of food options, from five feet to restaurants in five-star hotels, the price of food in Hong Kong include high. In comparison, the price of a bottle of wine in Hong Kong is more expensive than the price in New York. Meanwhile, the price of bread in Hong Kong is higher than the price in Copenhagen.

3. Tokyo


As a place of residence, Tokyo was ranked the fourth most expensive city in the world under the Singapore, Hong Kong and Zurich. Whereas as tourist destinations, the cost of traveling in Tokyo (includes lodging, meals, drinks, and entertainment) is the highest in Asia. Taxi fares in Tokyo are the second-highest rate in the world under the taxi fares in Zurich.

If you are a Hunter of delicious food, Tokyo will make you fall in love and at the same time potentially make Your bag of broken hearts. As a side note, Tokyo has more than 160,000 dining and premium restaurants get Michelin Star. If planning on spoiling the tongue and stomach while in Tokyo, you should plan a special budget.

4. Osaka


Not much different from Tokyo, you need to prepare your budget if you want more roads in Osaka. Known as the culinary center of Osaka, promised a more colorful place to eat. The number of places to eat in Osaka city has made the slogan Kuidaore meaning ‘ eat until stuffed ‘. The price of bread in Osaka is more expensive than the price of bread being sold in Sydney.

5. Seoul


Seoul became the last city ranked sixth on the list of most expensive cities in the world. A lot of things to consider when traveling in this place. First, the Inn. Not much different from other expensive cities, hotel prices in Seoul are pleasantly high. If you don’t want to throw millions of dollars per night, stay at the hostel is the best choice.

Second, the food. A lot of food in Seoul who entered into the list of the most expensive foods in the world. The price of wine and Starbucks in Seoul is more expensive compared to the price of similar products in New York.

Third, the clothes. Not much different from Singapore, Seoul sets the high price for fashion products. If planning a vacation while you shop, make sure you have set up a special budget for shopping.