Apr 13

A Country With A Beautiful Island In The World

There are a few countries have the most beautiful Island in the world that is very worthy for you to visit. The holiday season is getting closer, and that means it’s time You start planning your vacation. While there are many interesting countries in the world that can be visited, I think there’s something to make Your outdoor adventure with an exotic and romantic atmosphere while visiting the island nation.

Take a look at our list, the country with the most beautiful Island in the world that everyone surely must visit at least once in a lifetime.

10. Malta


The world’s most beautiful island nation Malta is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world State further that you can visit and enjoy the beauty Island. The beautiful South European country is located in the Mediterranean Sea has a rich history and culture. There are cliffs of heaven to the portentous to be climbed, amazing temples to explore coves and many wonderful places for diving, actually, there are many interesting things to see and do in Malta and the Islands It has something for everyone. The historical part of Malta’s architecture, the great walled cities and many underground tunnels to explore.

9. Madagascar


The world’s most beautiful archipelago Country located in the lower mainland Africa is indeed only just recovering from a turbulent political condition. Madagascar now looks more open and ready to accept the arrival of world travelers who want to enjoy the country. Anything that makes the most beautiful island nation as Madagascar In the world? Of course, the natural charm of the typical African tropical plant cloaked and exotic animals.

There are many beautiful beaches, grasslands that stretches up to tropical forests. Madagascar is worthy for you visit who like Spider and exotic experience that is challenging.

8. The Philippines

The Island Of Phang Nga Bay

The country’s most beautiful Islands in the world one of the country’s best and most beautiful islands in the world is the Philippines. This is actually a pretty place geographically that is worth a visit any time of the year. The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands and everything is wonderful and unique in its own way.

There are many beautiful sights including the Tubbataha Reef, Mayon volcano, Banaue Rice Terraces, Puerto Galera, Donsol, chocolate and many more. The country also offers many exciting activities for you experience such as diving, climbing, camping, hiking, bird watching and much more.

7. Australia


The country’s most beautiful Islands in the World Australia is an amazing continent. The island State that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. The country is often identified as a diverse country because it has a rich culture, fantastic wildlife, good people and a number of interesting things to see and do, Australia have everything literally. Starting from the spectacular beaches, canyons up to beautiful green forest to be explored,

6. The Maldives


The country’s most beautiful Islands in the world besides the Maldives as one of the beautiful island nation, the country is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is made up of a series of series of ancient coral reefs that grow along the sides of ancient volcanoes. There is the sea with beaches and luxury resorts. If you are looking for the best honeymoon destination, Maldives is perfect for you.

5. Cuba


The country’s most beautiful Islands in the world Unfortunately many people do not visit Cuba lately. But Cuba is an archipelago that offers charming, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches as well as one of the best coral reefs in the world, small shops, and attractions.

The country has a rich history and culture to be explored. And if you like diving or snorkeling, Cuba should be number one on Your list of travel. Cuba is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world State and nearby islands to North America, so why not visit it this year?

4. Fiji


The world’s most beautiful island nation Fiji is a wonderful island that has many surprises for any tourist adventurers. There is one of the four best surfing in the world and many surfing fans travel to Fiji each year to conquer the high waves.

Well, if Your hobby is not surfing, there could be sitting on a white sandy beach or go hiking see stunning waterfalls. Fiji would have been Best to visit the island nation.

3. Japan

JapanI am sure there is no other place on the planet other than Japan. Japan is an archipelago where East met West where You will never feel bored. You’ll enjoy the Ramen, Sushi, experience different cultures, went hiking to the spectacular dunes and don’t forget to visit Tokyo, bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs in Tokyo who is always busy every night of the week. If you are a true shopaholic, Japan is the place that must be visited.

2. Greece

The country’s most beautiful Islands in the world of Greece is a wonderful country, famous for its long history and its beaches are clean. This country consists of 1.400 Islands and small islands but only 169 of the island that actually inhabited. Islands in Greece is the most popular destination is visited especially during the summer months such as the island of Mykonos, the island of Santorini, the island of Crete and the island of Corfu.

If you are recovering the history, there are many archaeological and historical sites that can be visited in Greece with magnificent described the past of the country.

1. Indonesia

raja ampat islands

raja ampat islands

The country’s most beautiful Islands in the world is this World’s most beautiful Archipelago a haven for world travelers. Indonesia has a natural combination of tropical climate. 17,508 Islands that 6,000 of them uninhabited and the third longest coastline in the world after Canada and the European Union. Indonesia is also the Largest archipelago country in the world. The beaches in Bali, where diving in Bunaken, Mount Rinjani in Lombok and various national parks in Sumatra, Komodo island in East Nusa Tenggara is a natural tourist destination in Indonesia.

Indonesia has the richest coral reef areas in the world with over 18% of the world’s coral reefs and more than 3,000 species of fish, 590 species of coral stone, 2,500 mollusks, and 1.500 types of crustaceans. A wealth of marine life found in the 600-point dive that spread from the Western tip of Sumatra Island to the eastern tip of New Guinea.

Raja Ampat of West Papua is the largest marine park in the world. and is known as a location for scuba diving which is good because it has a visibility up to 30 meters during the day. In the Park, you can find at least 1,300 species of fish, 600 types of coral reefs and 700 types of shellfish. Bunaken Island in North Sulawesi has 25 dive spots with a depth up to 1,556 meters. Almost 70% of fish species in the Western Pacific there are in this marine park. Some Famous marine parks In other Indonesia you can explore is in a Marine Park, Wakatobi Karimunjawa, Nusa Penida, Derawan and thousand islands.

Tourist attractions in Indonesia are also supported with a rich cultural heritage that reflects the history and diversity of ethnic dynamic Indonesia with 719 local languages. Recognise Indonesia’s culture by visiting Borobudur and Prambanan Hindu and Buddhist temples in the world, Tana Toraja in Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, Minangkabau and the island of Bali.

Indonesia also has more than 400 volcanoes that 130 of them are still active. Mount Bromo in East Java and Dieng plateau is one of the best places to see the Golden Sunset, Lake Kelimutu three colors in East Nusa Tenggara and the snow cover in the national parks Cartenz, New Guinea.

The most beautiful island nation in this world don’t you miss and we not only can describe. You should really be able to visit it in person, I know these countries seem to fancy, but I strongly believe that every person can visit at least one of the countries these beautiful islands.