Apr 28

Amazing Places On Earth

There are thousands of amazing places on earth. However, do you know where the settlements in the earth’s most amazing. Metro.co.uk news website register there are 10 locations that will keep our eyes wide open. Here is a photo 5 of 10 locations on earth that will make you wonder.

1. Philippine Sea, Aogashima



This photo is a photo of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Philippine Sea. Before becoming the island, once this is a volcano that erupted in the 1780s. The explosion destroyed almost as human populations living there.

50 years later, those who escape back to the island and now there are about 200 villages that inhabit the island.

2. Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha

A remote island in the South Atlantic, to achieve it can only be reached by a boat during a six-day journey from South Africa.

The island is located in the 1,243 miles from Saint Helena, 1,491 from South Africa, and 2,088 from South America (sea). This island has a length of 7 miles and has a peak settlement in Queen Mary with a height of 6765 feet. There are 300 people who all was a farmer.

3. Monemvasia, Greece


A small settlement on the island is hidden behind a large rock wall that face Laconia, Greece. The island is separated from the mainland in 375 BC by an earthquake, and a small road made for easy access to the mainland.

4. Uru Island, Titicaca Puno Lake, Peru and BoliviaUru Island, Titicaca Puno Lake

42 pre-Inca settlement Uru floating in Lake Titicaca Puono made of totora reeds. Reeds should continue to be added to the islands, especially if the bottom starts to rot.

5. The Supai village


The village is occupied by 600 people who are part of the Havasupai tribe, which is the smallest nation in the American Indian. Visitors can only reach it by foot, by donkey, or by helicopter. There is also a cafe in Supai, several shops, huts, post office, school, and a small church.